🤡 Okay❗ Now another accessory 🕷 This is the Elgato Wave 1 & 3 Mic ❗i want my voice to be clear hh hhh hh ❗

Review 95: 19.02.2021 at 12:00 pm


🕷 Good moring Joker, how are you? yes, the second device to become a professional blogger, is to have This the Elgato Wave 1 & 3 Mic.

It’s considered the Lite version of the next one I’ll review later in this review from Elgato firm.

It supports 24bit and 48Khz. It doesn’t come with a dedicated Mute button.

There is button comes with the more professional version, the Wave 3 Mic. This mic supports different good features.

The Mic comes with a simple and beautiful design. It also comes with LED light to show the settings of the mic.

The mic comes with a circular base. The base will let you control the angle of the mic easily.

The mic supports a technology called Multilayered Noise Shield. This technology will filter out noises around you before the sensors of the mic picks them up. It also supports convert analogue to digital.

The mic comes with a button in the middle that lets you control the audio level of the mic and speakers. It can also control the audio level of the laptop connected to it.

The mic comes with a USB-C port to connect it to computers and laptops. It also comes with a 3.5mm port to connect headphones to it.

On the top, there’s a virtual button to help mute nmute the audio. In case you want to use mute the audio, one tap on the button will mute it.

Another tap to unmute it. The mic can be used with its Elgato Wave Link app. It is an app that lets you control the level of audio of the mic and device it is connected to.

Wave 1

It also controls the audio level of the game you’re playing or the live broadcast.

The app can be used to make live broadcast in an easy way. The mic can be used for podcasts and many other use cases.

After experimenting with it, it provides excellent and clear audio. The price difference between the first and second generations is 30 USD.

You’ll make an audio test with the first and second gen of the mic, and it’s up to you decide which is better.

This is an audio experiment with the Wave 3 mic. I am 10 cm away from the mic. You can use the app to record audio. It lets you pause the recording.

I am making this experiment to show the differences in audio quality with these mics.

This is a result audio test using the Wave 1 mic Joker:

It’s a little bit cheaper than the first mic. It doesn’t come with features such as Haptic Feedback with the power button.

There are also other features that are not supported. The price difference between them is 30 USD or even 20 USD in some stores. I decided to test both devices to show the audio quality differences between them. You’re the judge.

The distance between me and the mic is the same as before. The Wave 1 mic costs 129 USD, while the Wave 3 costs 158 USD.

Choose the one that suits you the most. Don’t forget the Wave 3 mic is the one that supports Haptic Feedback. If this feature means nothing to you, then the Wave 1 mic would be more suitable for you. But there are pros and cons to these devices.


the audio is excellent, and you won’t need other accessories to prevent picking up unwanted noises. Also the customizability of these mics are excellent, too. You can change the angles how you prefer.

Pro tip:🕷

don’t place the mic away from you. It has to be 15 or 20cm away from you at max. It’s not a problem if the mic appears in the frame, though.


the software isn’t organized and easy to use. You should experiment with these mics before you use to to record.

This will hopefully help you get the best result Joker.

🤡 Thanks, thanks, I’ll buy it, it’s okay, I want to build powerful technical equipment in order to start creating content about cooking and dressing, Stay with me Spider-Man, don’t fly! I want you to review Elgato Livestream hhh hhh hhhh

🕷 Ok Joker, i will be back soon…

🤡 Wait, no, wait… ❗❗❗

Wave 3