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Hi Joker, how are you man? 😅 Smart watches have spread among users in all categories. This is due to the advantages and features it offers that facilitate daily life on the one hand, and due to its arrival in different price categories on the other hand.

Some smart watches come at a price comparable to traditional watches from some brands, which often pushes the user to buy a smart watch instead of a traditional watch at the same price.

In addition, smart watches allow the user to receive and respond to communications, as well as follow up on his health and the quality of sleep periods he enjoys, in addition to other features that differ from one watch to another.

And some smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, are so advanced that they can replace smartphones for some. This is because it supports running applications, making calls, and communicating with family and friends, in addition to health features.

In this article, we show you a collection of the best smart watches available today. Which varies in terms of operating systems, manufacturers, and prices as well.

Okey, so what is The best smartwatches of 2021❓ hahaha hahaha 😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳

1 – The seventh generation of the Apple Watch

Apple outperforms all its competitors in the field of smart watches, because of the features that its watch offers, including the feature of tracking the percentage of oxygen in the blood as well as the electrocardiogram feature. In addition, the watch is able to inform the request for help in the event that the user becomes ill.

But the disadvantage of the watch is that its battery life is relatively low, as it works for only eighteen hours per full charge of the battery, and it also comes at a relatively high price of 399 US dollars, and it may also disadvantage that it works with iPhone phones only.

2- Garmin Venu 2 . watch

This watch excels when it comes to tracking the health and sports status of the user. It also comes with a distinctive and round design, unlike the square design of the Apple Watch. The watch also works with iPhones and Android phones, and its battery life is longer. However, one of its drawbacks is the lack of LTE support for connections. It also comes at $399.

3- Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes as one of the best Android smartwatches. This is due to its advent with Wear OS, which is the Android system for smartwatches. This is in light of the presence of many additions and features by Samsung and Google.

The watch offers a round design, along with ECG support and heart rate tracking support, and it also comes with a smart sensor that allows blood pressure to be measured, but this feature is not available in all countries. The watch starts at $319.

4- Apple Watch SE is one of the best smartwatches

The Apple Watch SE comes with a large number of features and features found in the main Apple Watch, but at a low price of only $ 280. It offers good battery life along with ECG and SpO2 support as health benefits. The disadvantage is that it does not support the Always-On Display feature to display the time permanently. In addition to other disadvantages of the Apple Watch.

5 – Fitbit Versa 3 of the prominent smartwatches

The Fitbit Versa 3 is known as one of the best alternatives to Apple Watches for Android users. It comes with personal assistant support from Google and Amazon, along with a rounded design. However, this watch does not support all smart applications and features.

The Fitbit Versa 3, on the other hand, offers longer battery life and comes with a lower price tag of $244.

Other hours

A wide range of other smartwatches are available from companies such as Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, and Realme. These watches come without relying on an integrated operating system such as Wear OS or watchOS. Instead, it relies on a simple system with limited features, but its prices on the other hand can start at only $100.

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