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Review 131: 29.08.2021 at 07:00 pm

Joker again! 😅 hi guys, 👋We talked in a previous articles about the Z-Fold 3 5G and Z-Flip 3 5G. I mentioned their most important features and the things you do not know about them. In this new review, I will compare these devices with the previous generation, if any of you would like to buy a previous version of these devices, bearing in mind that these devices It is new and comes with a more powerful processor, the SD888, so the performance will be better, but this does not mean that the SD865 processor is bad, but the new processor is much better and the color combination is different and more beautiful.

😇 Joker, let me start The comparison with the fifth generation Z Flip 3 phone, and I will compare it with the Z Flip 5 fifth generation phone:

The first version, and there is no Z Flip 2 version, Samsung introduced a new naming method, so they unified the number between the Z Flip version and the Z Flip version to become 3 in terms of size and dimensions, the two devices are almost identical, but the new device is smaller A little light and the design for me is the most beautiful.

Both phones come with an internal screen of 6.7 inches, both screens with FHD resolution, and an internal camera of 10 megapixels, and there are two cameras on the back of 12 megapixels, but The screen of the new version supports a frequency of 120 Hz and provides a much nicer experience and better performance thanks to the development of software on the device.

The design is slightly different, The edges are made of aluminum and are not shiny like the last generation. There is a glass cover over the screen and rear cameras. The manufacturing material is 80% stronger than the previous generation, and the device remains luxurious and thin. And the device is beautiful. It supports IPX8, which means it resists water up to three meters, but it does not resist dust. The last generation did not support water resistance and there were fears of using it, There is always a fear of the issue of water with the previous generation.

Let me discuss the external cameras and screen:

There is a glass cover that protects the cameras and the screen, which has become 1 9-inch instead of 1.1-inch, the old screen used to show some texts and alerts, but the new screen now displays many things more clearly and now displays the settings, and you can see for yourself if you want to take a selfie or use it as another screen for filming.

The other last difference is the price., The new generation is cheaper than the generation The old one with a clear difference, the price of the new device is 1066 usd, and the last generation is at 1330 usd, and these are the prices in various currencies, 903 Euros and 1127 Euros. Devices start with a storage capacity of 128 GB.

🤩 Now, I will compare the Z-Fold 3 phone with the second generation Joker:

And I will not compare it with the first generation because there are many differences. The two devices are held in the hand, almost the same. The new version is thinner and smaller, but with a difference that is almost insignificant.

The new version is lighter with a noticeable difference and the edges have become less sharp than the version of the last generation, the screen and the camera The external dimensions have not changed, but the improvement is that the external screen has become at a frequency of 120 Hz.

The design of the rear cameras has changed this time with the new design philosophy, but the performance of the cameras has not changed much and the development is due to software . Despite the good performance, the cameras are not as good as the Ultra phone cameras.

This device is not intended for professional photography It is for business and the internal screen is the same size and dimensions as the last generation. The screen supports a frequency of 120 Hz. The other difference is that the front camera was a 10 megapixel punch-hole style, and now it is hidden with a 4 megapixel camera . It depends on the displayed content.

This version also supports water resistance and without dust resistance, and aluminum has been used An external day is more solid than the previous generation, and thus it has become bearable if it falls from you. The most prominent addition is the support of the new fold for the pen. There are two types of pens, the first for the fold and the other to be used with all the devices supporting the stylus, and they are purchased separately.

The most important point here is the large price difference, which makes The device is closer to users. There is a difference of about 319,93 usd between the last generation and this new generation is better and cheaper by about 300 dollars.

The price of the new device is 1812,66 usd and supports fifth generation networks. The price of the previous generation started from 2132,59 usd. Here we already know that the devices have evolved and the detailed review is very close.

This is the end of the review Joker,see you soon…😍👍

🤡 Very nice, and now, what i buy❓ HHH HHHH HHHH

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