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Review 255: 05.12.2021 at 09:00 pm

Many games have introduced the idea of ​​hacking computers and security barriers in their world, but Midnight Protocol is about hacking computers without any other game inside or around it.

As a result, you can fulfill your dream of becoming one of the famous hackers who appeared in old movies. The game allows you to control your character without touching the mouse and using the keyboard only.

Midnight Protocol was released last October for all computers and its various operating systems.

It is one of the few games that you can try on Mac and Linux systems directly without any emulators.

Midnight Protocol:

The game revolves around a hacker who just got out of prison after being wrongly arrested, and of course you want to take revenge on those who arrested you.

Then you start trying to track down another hacker named Kraken in order to get revenge on him. And you do this by tracking his work on the Internet.

The game explains its story and gives you clues through a series of emails that you find on the computers you hack.

Gameplay and character control:

The game does not have the usual gameplay as we know it, where you control your character in the game via the keyboard only.

And you type all the hacking commands as if you are hacking a real computer via the keyboard in a very professional way.

And you have to learn and master these commands so that you can type them quickly in the game and beat your opponent.

You also face a variety of different challenges in each level within the game, and each challenge represents a security issue that you must overcome such as a timer before the computer shuts down itself or security walls and security applications that prevent you from reaching your goal.

The game offers you help in the form of a deck of cards that you can use to gain additional abilities. You can buy these cards with the in-game currency.

You also have to master the game quickly and not be scorned, as the game becomes very difficult and fierce as you advance in the levels of the game.

This game is considered one of the games directed towards a specific category of users who like mental challenges and are not afraid of them.

The game also requires a high level of concentration in order to be able to enjoy it and take advantage of its wide world. The game is one of the unique games that we have not seen before in the gaming world.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine