🤡 JBL QUANTUM 100/200/300❗❗ Worth buying Too ❓❓

Review 102: 06.03.2021 at 02:00 pm


🕷 Good Morning Joker, i’m always glad write this reviews to you and to, my best visitors friends of OTTO Magazin, i’m here just for you bro, where is Harely? hhhhhh, Okay, Let me now discuss the JBL Quantum 100/200/300.

Let me start with the 200 version: since it is the mid-range version and directed to PC gamers.

The headphones comes with a Boom Mic. The headphones has an elegant design and it nearly weighs 250g. It comes with a 3.5mm cable that comes with a PC Splitter cable, to allow you to comment a mic and headphones.

The driver size is 55mm. The mic’s response rate is from 100Hz up to 10KHz. The headphones is compatible with the current and old Xbox devices, PS4 and PS5, Windows computers and Mac devices. It also support Switch devices, phones, VR headsets and is certified by Discord.

The headphones come with a Memory foam for the ear cups. This type of foam offers comfort while using the headphones.

The headphones is also compatible with Windows Sonic Spatial Sound supported on Windows device. This audio system is also supported with Xbox One devices, and it is compatible with these headphones.

There are different versions of these headphones. There’s the Quantum 100, Quantum 200 and Quantum 300 versions:

Compare the prices between them giving that the higher the price the better the audio quality. The lower the price, the less features it supports and lower audio quality.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t offer good quality, on the contracts, all of them offer great experience. Always check your needs. These headphones are not mainly directed to be used with smartphones.

The price is amazing with these categories, especially with headphones from JBL.

I like this headphones Spider-Man! 🥰🥰🥰

Forget about the Joker, Tell me, I want review on Huawei Freelace headphones? I will give it as a gift to my girlfriend, does she deserve? kiss 🤪👄👄

🕷 Oh, Hello harley! I thought I finished my JBL review quickly! But it seems that the technical evening is going on with the Joker family, hahaha

Well my beauty, Let me now discuss the Huawei Freelance Pro headphones, which is the Pro version of the Freelace headphones. The design of the headphones is beautiful and elegant, and similar to the previous version. Both ear pieces are connected with a wire that can be placed on the neck when the user is using them.

The headphones comes with 4 buttons, one of them the on/off button and pair button. The rest are the for the volume, play/pause, answer phone calls and next/previous. The headphones support noice cancellation that uses the external and internal mics.

The driver is 14mm. It supports ambient sound/Awareness mode.

With this mode, you can listen to your surroundings with a single press on the left ear piece. The headphones support low response rate when playing games.

This feature enhances the gaming experience. After experimenting with it, the Noise Cancelation performance was good and the audio quilt was good, too. The same thing applies to phone calls: the audio quality was good.

The headphones support HiPair 1 technology from Huawei to help with quick connecting using the USB-C port. I always advise you to buy headphones from the same manufacturer as your phone. But it works as a bluetooth headphones with other devices.

The app always adds more functionality to the headphones. The battery lasts for 2h hours with Noise Cancelation is turned off. It also lasts for 16 hours when Noise Cancelation is turned on. 5 minute charging will give it 5 hours of usage. It charges through the USB-C port that comes with it.

The headphones costs 106 USD Harley.

The performance of the headphones is very good, and because of its design, it doesn’t require additional cables. It charges using the integrated USB-C port, and you can plug it to your smartphone, preferably a Huawei phone, to charge it.


The app needs revamping. The way it charges isn’t practical, too.

Are you persuaded to buy this device as a gift now?

HHH Not sure yet, what about Infinix Xbuds ❓

🤡 HHHH HHHH HHHH So funny Harley soo funny ❗

🕷 Oooh, yes Joker so funny , but Let me now discuss the Infinix Xbuds.

The design is similar to a capsule. One of the main feature is its price, The box include the headphones and a Micro USB cable. There are ear tips, too. I always advise you to check all the ear tips, because, in some cases, both ears don’t have the same size. okay Harley.

Sometimes, the ear size is different, and what’s important in this case is to get the best audio experience.

The headphones, surprisingly, offer good audio quality. We expected that it’ll offer normal audio quality considering its build quality. But the audio quality was indeed good.

The bass was good, too. The headphones offer good loud audio.

The mic offered acceptable quality in phone calls. The audio in phone calls is can be heard, but it is not loud. The headphones support shortcuts through the integrated button on each pieces of the headphones. These shortcuts include one touch to pause, two touches to call the last dialed number.

Press and hold to rase the volume, 3 touches for next/previous. The headphones support bluetooth 5 and according to them, its battery last for 12 hours. It include the usage of the battery in the case, too.

Speaking of the battery, the headphones come with a Micro USB port. The headphones come with a low price, and it offers unexpected audio quality. The buttons are a bit lousy, and the build material is normal. This has been my review of these devices.

🤡 You are the best Spider-Man❗ really hhhh hhhh hhhh

Okay, i will buy Huawei Freelance Pro headphones hhhh hhhhh this kiss is for you hero 👄👄👄👄👄👄

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