🤡 Important secrets you should know about Galaxy Fold 3 5G and Flip 3 5G before buying them💢🤫

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🤡 There are details about these foldable devices that not much people know about. It comes with lots of specs and features, but there are details that you should know about with these devices.

Hi guys, 👋🤡 Peace be upon you all, Before I discuss the Fold or the Flip, let me show you the unboxing process. Opening the box is very easy, The devices are wrapped from all sides, because they also come with external screens. There’s a box under the device that contains the charging cable, And that’s all what’s in the box, There’s no charger or anything else.

Samsung started this initiative with the S21 series, and the reason for it is to protect the environment, Both of these devices don’t come with a charger in the box, There are things that you should know about this Fold device.

I’ll discuss the OS and the S Pen, which brings lots of capabilities to the device. The Z Fold 3 supports the S Pen Fold Edition, And this happens for the first time with the Fold series.

Samsung announced two versions of it S Pen. There’s the S Pen Fold Edition and the Pro version. The Fold Edition price is 40USD and it doesn’t come with the device. It is only compatible with the Fold 3.

The sensitivity of this Pen is very high. It doesn’t damage the screen, which is made from plastic not glass. The Pen offers lots of features. It supports gestures and shortcuts in a great way. You open the Notes app to take notes while watching a YouTube video.

Multitasking with this Pen is great. The S Pen Fold Edition comes with good specs, but it could’ve been better. And that’s why Samsung released the S Pen Pro. It comes 90 USD and it doesn’t come with the device. This Pen is bigger than the Fold’s Pen, and it works with more devices.

There’s a switch button, whee you can switch between using it for the Fold or for other supported devices. You can use it with the Fold and UI better.

This S Pen Pro version supports Air Actions using bluetooth. It doubles the Pen to a remote control. You can take a photo, change between menus, or change slides in apps like PowerPoint. There are a lot of features with this device.

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The Fold is the first device from Samsung to come with an under-the-display camera. The technology Samsung used makes the camera hide when watching content.

🤡 The camera is hidden, but is it really hidden?🤔

Honestly, it doesn’t fully hide, but let me explain. Sometimes, the camera hole is apparent if you focus on it. As long as you’re looking for it, then you’ll find it. If you don’t look for it, then it’ll merge with the content you’re watching, and there won’t be a problem.

While watching content you won’t see it. Lots of companies cooperated with Samsung to support this huge folding screen. Apps will be displayed better and will take advantages of the dimensions of the screen. You can also use it in a computer-like method.

Google apps and apps like Netflix will take advantages of the screen. Microsoft Office, TikTok, Snapchat and other apps are the same. It’s great! 🤩🔥

And because of the huge size of the screen, you’ll enjoy multitasking. You can use up to 4 apps at the same time. The fourth app will be floating, though.

🤡 How to do that?

Pull the side shortcuts bar And drag the app you want to use, Then add the other apps you want to use. For example, you can open Twitter, Youtube and a chatting app at the same time.

The fourth app will be floating. Thus enjoying multitasking. The Z Flip 3 comes with a bigger external screen. It’s now become 1.9. You can use to show the full notifications, more information and widgets. There are also quick settings like adjusting the brightness.

The screen actually offers usability. With the Z Flip 3, you can take selfies using the rear cameras. You can use the external screen and rear cameras to take selfies. All you have to do is to press twice on the power button. And then use the volume rocker to take photos. Pull the screen down to change between the cameras.

Or press on the screen twice to start the timer to take photos. Or swipe to the right to start video recording. It is very intuitive. And when taking a photo of someone else, they’ll be able to see themselves using the external screen.

Using the phone in a computer-like method is also supported here. Basically, last year’s flip brought this feature before the Fold. The common features between both devices. Both devices support water resistant. They don’t support dust resistant, though.

Previous generation and other devices from competitors don’t support water resistant. It was hard because of technical reasons. But Samsung food a solution for it. After years of experimenting, now you can use your device next to a pool. Support water resistant despite the hinges is very good. It was an engineering challenge, and Samsung succeeded in it.

The things users are concerned about with foldable is the device’s toughness. If you the device fell from you and the screen breaks it’d be a huge loss. 🥶🥶🥶🥶 It is a huge investment after all. Users are afraid that these devices will fell from their hands because fo their design. But Samsung confirmed that these devices are 80% tougher than previous generations.

They are tough an durable now. The building material has also been developed. I am not telling you to throw your device to the ground, but they are tougher than before. These devices come with a screen warranty, and the duration of the warranty depends on your country. Both devices support reverse wireless charging with 4.5W.

You can use it to charge your headphones or other devices. Samsung have done a great job this year with the accessories. They offer a number of accessories and covers that enrich your experience with these devices.

🤡 For example the Fold covers offers a dedicated slot for the S Pen for more convenience. The Flip also gets many great looking covers. One of them comes with a ring to hold the device better in your hand. There is also another one with a chain to use it on your neck. The Fold helps with power sharing among many other things. It is great for multitasking.🔥🤩❤

The Flip is also better than the previous generation. The fingerprint sensor is also better based on our experiments with it. But the external screen is the biggest improvement. There are many other things about these devices. These devices are packed with technologies. ❤❤❤❤ It’s great to write on a screen. It’s a great technology with a foldable screen. Support water resistant is also great. There are things that need explanation.

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