🤡 I’m cooking Man? And i want make cooking content now, DJI OM4 & POCKET 2❗ Is good for this mission bro❓❓

Review 93: 16.02.2021 at 06:30 pm

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😈 Joker!! Didn’t you tell me that day, you were going to create Fashion content? 🤦‍♂️ Ohh my head!

🤡 why not? Can I create multiple and different content? Tell me, are these devices good for me? 😍

😈 Joker, these devices help in stabilizing. your phone, and the other shoots videos by itself. Let me introduce you to the latest products from DJI. Both of these products are the latest from DJI.

There is the DJI Osmo 4. And there is the enhanced DJI Pocket version 2:

Ok Joker, Let me start with the OM4 stabilizer:


To sum up its experience, it offers it offers high stabalization. It comes with great specs, especially the magnetic ring, which makes it easier to attach your devices. But you should first get used to the ring that attaches t your device permanently.

The device is easy to attach and a control, and it offers high stabalization. also supports different options. It also supports different ports, which is excellent.

In IBIZA Spin Joker 😍

I wished the gimbal supported 360 degree rotation Joker, It doesn’t rotate to a full circle. This is one the faults of the device.

Focusing on the frame doesn’t always work as expected. But hopefully, this could be fixed with a software update.

Let me now discuss the DJI Pocket 2 Joker:

This device helped me a lot while covering events. I used to use while covering events in the US back then we were able to travel. I covered different events with the first version of this device.

I also used different accessories with it, which were very useful to me. The device, by itself, it great, but with the accessories it becomes even better.

But it is a high investment, though. There seems to be a truck passing by. There are a few things with this device that I wished if they were better.

The size of the sensor is small, which might sometimes affect the quality if the videos. There might be a bit of noise of the the focus not working well.

I advise you to connect your phone to it so that you can have a big display and determine if your footage are good or not.

The stabalization on this device is that on other DJI products. But it is still excellent.

Joker, When walking fast, there will be shakiness in the video.

The battery lasts for 2 hours. You’ll probably need a power bank with it. I used to connect the device to a power bank in my pocket using a long cable. It’s also hard to use the integrated screen since it is very small.

This kind of device has benefited me a lot in practicality. It also helped me by not carrying lots of gear with me. Joker, you I don’t need to make high quality videos while covering events.

But Recording 4K videos on this device is excellent and practical. I can also change the mics. Changing the mic would help in the quality of audio from me and my surroundings.

okay, This has been my review of the OM4 and Pocket 2 accessories form DJI. Don’t forget to to pray for me.

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🤡 THANK YOU MY BROTHER FOR THIS SUPER REVIEWS? I’m working about cooking content with this two devices, i’ll send to you some cook videos bro, keep smiling with Joker hhh hhhh hhhh hhhh

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