🤡 I want buy a Apple Watch but it is too expensive for me OTTO! There is a solution❓

Review 89: 15.02.2021 at 08:30 pm

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😈 Joker! alwayes have technology problems heheheheh, wait a minute to think my friend, emmmm look, If you want an Apple Watch but it is too expensive for you, this watch is the alternative. Let’s get to know the AmazFit Bip.

🤡AmazFit Bip❓❓

I found this watch on Amazon with good reviews about it. It is an alternative for smartwatches, especially Apple Watch, as it looks like it. This cheap smartwatch does everything. It is the AmazFit Bip.

Its design is simple, it is lightweight and it looks like Apple Watch and Pebble Time. It also provides great performance. You can change the rubber band that comes with it.

This band withstands heavy work. It has a colored 1.28 screen protected by gorilla glass 3. It supports touch input, and you can swipe through different watch faces.

The screen brightness isn’t automatic. You have to manually adjust it. The brightness is not that much, but compared to its price, it is very suitable. It has a single side button to access menu. You can also map the button to open anything you want with a long press.

You can connect the watch with an Android or iOS devices through its own app. The app has the same name as the watch. The app automatically connects to the watch and shows your steps and heart rate. It can also measure calories and analyze your sleep time.

The app shows these readings in a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If your heart rate reaches high rates, the watch will notify you. You can also start a workout on the screen like running on a treadmill.

You can change the watch face, set an alarm and show the weather. It can also show you notifications, but you can’t respond to them.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t support some languages like Arabic language, even with the latest update.

The watch comes with GPS, GLONASS and a Magnetic field sensors. The watch is also IP68 water and dust resistant. It is suitable for outdoor activities.

😈 Let me ask you a question Joker, do you like such fast reviews where I review a lite version of an expensive product?

🤡 Yes, hhhh hhhh hhhh

The battery is 190mAh, and it is enough for 30 days, sometimes 45 days if you turn off the notifications. This watch is also similar to the Mi Band 3. But the design of this watch makes it a smartwatch. It also has a bigger battery and more sensors.

Joker, Let me tell you the thing that why I decided to review this watch;

Apple Watch price can exceed 1000 USD, while the price of this watch is 67 USD. It is really great considering its capabilities and the battery life. If you don’t care about notifications, but need a watch that calculates your steps, this could be a great choice for you.

😈 I really like this watch, have more question Joker?

🤡 Yes, wait i will ask you today for more devices review hhh hhh hh i will be right back…