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🤡 In this review, I’ll help you choose between two watches, one is popular from Apple, the other is from Huawei and it comes with a better price and build material. Let’s find out which one you should buy. This comparison is based on numbers. Let’s start.

I’ll compare the Huawei Watch 3 Pro and the Apple Watch Series 6. I’ll discuss each point between both of these watches. Keep notes with me as I discuss the features of these watches. Let me remind you to your Coffee.

Let me what other accessories I should compare, Let me start first with the design and screen:

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro comes with a 48mm size. It comes with an elegant rounded design with a frame made from titanium. The screen size is indeed big. It is 1.43. The screen is AMOLED with 466×466 resolution. It also comes with a high 326ppi density. It also supports high brightness that reaches up to 1000NITS. Let me explain these terms. The high brightness help you see the watch under direct sunlight. The high density means the screen will look sharp. The high dimension makes the screen bigger.

Let me now discuss the Apple Watch Series 6:

It comes with 40mm or 44mm size. In this comparison, I’ll use the 44mm version. The screen size of this watch is 1.78. The screen is Retina LTPO OLED. It comes with 448×368 resolution, it also comes with 326ppi density, it is similar to Huawei Watch’s density.

The brightness is also 1000 NITS. Both watches come with excellent screens with high resolution. The ppi density is also the same. One of them is circular, and the other is rectangular. Both of them reach up to 1000 NITS. It is up to your personal preference. As both screens offer the same specs and features. A point goes to each watch, as both come with high resolution and excellent brightness.

Let me now discuss the OS and languages support:

The Huawei Watch runs Harmony OS 2.0 Huawei has brought the AppGallery to the watch, This allows you to directly install apps to the watch without needing the smartphone.

You can install a good number of apps on the Watch, it also comes with lots of watch faces, and you can even install more from the store. The watch supports 100 different exercises, Of them, there are 19 professional indoor and outdoor exercises. There are also 85 customized exercises.

The watch auto detects these exercises, The watch supports GPS to provide accurate data. You can check all the data from the Huawei’s Health App on your smartphone or on the watch itself. The watch supports Arabic language, But it still needs a bit of development, But in general, like the Arabic language is supported and understandable, The watch is compatible with Harmony OS, Android and iOS 9 and above.

The watch supports different gestures. For example, if you receive a phone call, you can pinch your fingers to respond. The watch got a new software update recently. With this new update, you can install more watch faces. The update supports a better experience with the Ultra-Long Battery Life mode. It also supports Spo2 measurements among many other features.

The Apple Watch runs Watch OS 7.0 It is considered a mature OS, and we’re used to it through all of these years. It is not much different than old Apple Watches. It supports lots of features and apps. It also supports different watch faces. It supports a number of exercises. But they are not 100 exercises. It supports exercises auto detection and GPS. You can check the data from the watch or the iPhone.

Apple Watch supports all languages in a great way. But it is only compatible with iOS devices. If your device is Android, then this watch won’t work with it. You can even pair it with an iPad. Both watches have reached a high maturity level when it comes to the OS, whether it is with exercise or apps. Both support different shortcuts and gestures.

The Apple Watch 6 is better when it comes to Arabic support but the Huawei Watch supports different OS compatibility. It also supports hand gestures better than the Apple Watch. There’s another point that I should discuss between both watches.

Let’s now discuss the sensors an health services:

Both watches come with different sensors that track health around the hour. The Huawei watch supports heart-rate tracking, oxygen saturation around the hour and body temperature measurement It also supports sleep tracking. You can check the sleeping statistics from the app or form the watch itself. The Apple Watch supports heart-rate tracking and ECG using the watch’s crown, it also supports oxygen saturation and sleep tracking, it supports measuring decibels and woman’s health. Both watches support NFC, but only the Apple Watch supports payment methods using Apple Pay.

The Huawei Watch doesn’t support ECG, unlike the Apple Watch. But on the other hand, the Huawei Watch supports measuring body temperature, while the Apple Watch doesn’t. Other than that, both watches support the same thing. In this case, it is up to your personal preference, is the ECG more important for you? Or is it the body temperature?

A point goes to each watch, as both nearly support the same things and usability.

Let’s now discuss the accessories:

As they are very important for watches. You can buy different watch bands for the Huawei watch from Huawei stores. Or you can find it in Huawei’s online store among other stores. As for the Apple Watch, there’s huge accessory market for it, most of which are from third party companies. And there are lots of official accessories from Appel that you can find in their stores.

Let’s discuss water resistant:

Both watches support ATM5. A point goes to each watch.

Let me now discuss the battery:

Which is very important. The Huawei Watch’s battery lasts for up to 5 days using the Smart Mode. While all the health and fitness sensors are working all the time. While with the Ultra-Long Battery Life mode, the battery lasts for 21 days. The watch supports wireless charging, where you can charge it with your phone.

The Apple Watch’s battery lasts for 18 hours with the GPS and sensors enabled. You can charge Huawei Watch while you’re asleep or after you wake up every 4 or 5 days. But with the Apple Watch, you’ll have to charge daily, whether while you’re asleep or after you wake up. The Huawei Watch is better than the Apple Watch when it comes to the battery.

The point deservedly goes to the Huawei Watch. Hopefully, the Apple Watch’s battery one day will last for 3 or 4 days and support wireless charging. With this feature, you won’t have to carry a dedicated charger for the watch as you can charge from your phone.

Let me discuss the price:

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro 48mm costs 532 USD while the Watch 3 costs 426 USD.

The Appel Watch costs 492 USD. There are versions that costs up to 6664 USD depending on the material and band that comes with it. You can check the prices and gifts that come with the Huawei Watch when you pre-order it from their official website The point here goes to the Apple Watch 6.

🤡The Huawei Watch has won this comparison. 🎉🎉🎉😂… it supports more features and better long lasting battery. But both watches come with great features that are very helpful for users.

Let me confirm again that the basis of this comparison is numbers. Sometimes, a device could be very popular, but it doesn’t come with better specs or features. And there are other devices that bring lots of features and specs, yet are not as popular. It is up to you to decide which is better for you. What specs and prices suit you the best?

Let me now give you a short review of the Huawei Watch 3 Pro. The watch is compatible with most operating systems, All you have to do is to install the Health App from Huawei whether on Android or iOS. This way, you can use it with your iPhone if you have one.

The battery of the watch is really great, it lasts rom 5 to 21 days depending on the mode you choose, You can choose between the Smart Mode or the Ultra-Long Battery Life mode. There’s also another Huawei Watch 3. This watch’s battery last for 3 days using the Smart Mode. It also lasts for 14 days using the Ultra-Long Battery Life mode. This means you won’t have to frequently charge it.

The Huawei Watch supports heath tracking. The watch supports heart-rate monitory around the hour using the TruSeen 4.5+. It also supports measuring the body temperature and Spo2 measurement around the hour. It also supports sleep tracking using the Huawei TruSleep technology. It also measure stress. It reminds users to stay active among many other features. It also supports 100 different exercises. It is also part of the Super Device ecosystem, where the watch will help you do things without needing your phone. It supports lots of local apps.

There are apps like Talabat, Jeeny, Rashaqa and many other local apps. There’s also the Petal Maps. But to use the maps, you’ll need a Huawei device. The watch supports receiving phone calls using bluetooth. You can either take a phone call or reject it from the watch itself. You can use it to make MeeTime calls. It supports lots of different watch faces available on the store. It supports static or GIF watch faces. The design of the watch is indeed elegant, as it is made from stainless steel and titanium. It comes with a 1.43″ screen. There’s a crown that helps you navigate between apps. And it supports different watch bands. And here, I decided to review this watch for you in this review.

You can also watch more information about the Apple Watch series 6 by visiting your Tech magazine, OTTO.

Evaluate your needs before making a decisions, see you soon on the next reviews.

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