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🕷 Again Joker! 😜 a big Blogger! These devices will be very helpful for you, more than you imagine. Let me introduce you to these devices from HollyLand Cosmo. This review will be helpful for content creators like you Joker and even for homes. In this review, I’ll explain who needs to stream through HDMI, And those who require sending videos from a point to another. And I’ll explain the basics on why I adopted these devices. And finally, I’ll thoroughly explain these devices in details.

These devices are required in companies, institutions and homes. It’s for those who need to stream 1080p videos from a point to another. The bigger the device is and the more antennas it has, the bigger the radius.

Thus, the better high quality videos you’ll transmit/receive. If you don’t prefer connecting cables to your screens, then these devices will be an excellent choice for you. You won’t have to connect your screens with cables or create a mess with cables altogether.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to connect cables. These devices are great for those who need to broadcast videos through HDMI to devices 50m away from them. Because with HDMI cables, the signal will start to drop after 5m. Sometimes, with wired connection, there would be signal cutting and the videos are not of high quality.

There are other problems, too. That’s why, in production field, we have two options.

First, to use SDI cables, where the signal could reach up to kilometers. Or we use wireless devices. With these devices, we wouldn’t have lots of cables around, It is easier now, and you can use it anywhere to receive excellent signals. Why did I bring these devices form AAB World?

Thanks for them, by the way. They have lots of excellent options. I bought these devices from them. This device has a long range, and I was curious to find out how big the range is.

I can send/receive signals through HDMI and SDI ports. I use the smaller device here in the studio. It covers around 300 square meter.

This device would be great for this range. The range correlates with the size of the device itself. But this device’s range is more than half a kilometer. It is great.

Let me first start reviewing the Hollyland Mars 400:

It’s a set that contains a receiver and transmitter, and can be used for professional video recording and for homes. You can use it instead of using HDMI cables. The price of this device is good as an investment.

This device supports very low latency in signal receiving/sending. It is small in size and you can send videos using it to TVs directly.

You can also connect it to iPads to make sure that the signal is received correctly. The set comes with two devices. A receiver and a transmitter. The weight of the receiver is 189g, and the transmitter weighs 192. They nearly have the same weight. Both come with a small OLED screen.

The screens show all information regarding signal strength, battery and broadcast status. It is very important to know the channel number to differentiate it from other channels. Both devices can be connected using one channel. Don’t do what I did where I forgot the number of the channel. The devices come with a menu button and two buttons for navigation. The screens show the signal, its accuracy and channel number. The maximum radius of the device is 121.92m.

The ports of the transmitter device are: on the right side there’s an on/off button and charging port. The charging port supports from 6v to 16v. This makes the charging process easier.

On the left side, there’s an HDMI In and SDI port. There’s also a USB-C port to help you connect the device to a computer. This port doesn’t charge the device. Both devices can be used to easily show content on 3 different devices.

This means that you can show content on more than one device at the same time. There’s also an app called HollyView, which can be downloaded on iPhone and Android devices.

Using the app, you can connect the devices to show content on your devices. There are lots of control options on the app. The options include recording, taking a photo and zooming. You can also show the scenes in different colors and change the focus.

You can’t, though, use more than one device on iPads. Unfortunately, until now, the app doesn’t support it. It if does, you’d have more options to control the outcome.

Hopefully, they’ll support it in upcoming updates. You can check the company’s website to find out. It’d fix a huge problem for us. The device supports a technology called Channel Scan. It scans for neighboring channels and ignore them when the broadcasting starts.

If there are neighboring channels, it’d affect the quality of the signal. The device will then move to a better channel so that the wireless connection will be excellent. Both devices come with antennas that can be redirected to receive a better signal. Each device come with 2 antennas. They also support broadcasting 1080p@60fps videos.

This won’t affect the content or damage it. The latency is 0.1 second. The frequency is 5GHz and the bandwidth is 20Mhz. But there are pros and cons with these devices.

Pros: 😋

The signal stability is very good. We’ve used these devices with 4 different cameras at the same time. Each camera is connected to a device.

Thankfully, the broadcasting was excellent. You can also connect them to iPads.

Cons: 🤔

The USB-C port doesn’t support charging. This isn’t good for me. But these devices have solved a huge problem for us, since they provide professional signals. The company has lots of other solutions, but I’ve found that this one suits my needs. Evaluate your needs before buying them.

Joker, the price of the device is 561 USD or 470 euros, It is a good investment for content creators. But for homes, evaluate your needs before deciding to buy it.

Let me now discuss the Cosmo 2000 set :

It is the bigger and pricier brother of the previous device, and it can also send signal to a way bigger radius. These are transmitter and receiver devices for professional use.

They support nearly 0 latency with no content compression. They also support high encryption with lots of other capabilities. The set comes with devices: a transmitter and a receiver.

One weighs nearly half a kilo, while the other weighs 315g. Both devices come with a small screen that show information such as frequency, strength of signal, temperature. With continuous use outdoors, the devices will produce heat.

The receiver device comes with mini USB, Stereo In ports on the right side. It also comes with 7v to 36v power port. The more distance the broadcast will be the higher voltage it’ll require.

This is how these devices work. The other side comes with an HDMI In and SDI In ports. It also comes with an SDI Loop Out port. Content creators are familiar with this port. The receiver device comes with on/off button on the right side. It also comes with a 7v to 36v power port, similar to the transmitter device.

On the left side, there’s an HDMI Out and SDI Out ports. There’s also another SDI port, which means you can receive two signals with it. It’s great that you can use HDMI In and HDMI Out ports.

Both devices come with a Fan Blades 13 fans. These fans will cool off the devices to help with continuous usage. Both devices support 360 Binding technology. With this technology, you won’t have to redirect the antennas to connect the device with another device.

This technology will help search for other devices, connect to them and offer excellent signal. The distance of these devices is 609m. It also supports AES-128 encryption.

This technology will offer high encryption that no one can break. The frequency of the devices is between 5.1 to 5.9GHz. The devices automatically adjusts the channels.

The device comes with a menu button and two navigation buttons to help connect devices and start broadcasting. The screen shows the number of channel and video quality. The devices come with a bag that contains lots of accessories, but it doesn’t come with power sources or adapters.

You should use external batteries. Check for the one that suits you the most. I found batteries on Amazon that supports charging with USB-C. You can use these batteries with these devices. The devices come with lots of features, but if you have more advanced questions, you can communicate with the company. Or you can communicate with AAB World to find out more about these devices.

Evaluate your needs. These devices are not suitable for home usage. Rather, it is for professional use and production.

This is the end of this reviews Joker. I bought these devices long time ago. I tested them and found that they are excellent and liked to share them with you bro.

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I used to have problems in production before, and that’s why I adopted these devices. I liked the devices because of the build quality they offer. But Joker is blogger? 🤦‍♂️

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