🤡 How do i buy products from USA 🇺🇸❓😫

Review 190: 05.07.2021 at 06:00 pm


🇺🇸 Hi guys, how are you today? I still get question about how do I buy products from USA, Especially because the products are available there with better prices. I get questions such as we do I get the shipment and how much is the shipping percentage. And should you have an US address? And what’s the cost after taxes among many other questions.😉

🕷 Let me answer these questions for you, which will save you a lot of time and money. It’ll also make you smart in your choices. And you’ll also have a lifetime discount. Keep watching to find out how.

And of course you’ve seen how many products I review. I’ve been using this service for the past year.The amount of shipments I made with them is huge. But I also a lot of similar services. But with Stackery, I found lots of great features with them.

The year I’ve been using Stackery in was during the pandemic. Things were complicated and difficult back then, but they did their job very well. The latest products that I got were sent to me by Stackery. They’re known for their blue sticking tape.I’ve got this box from Stackery. It includes different products. I’ll tell you about my experience with Stackery. I expect the box to contain lots of products.

🤡 Do you know how they protect the products with the bubble wrap?

The bubble wrap doesn’t add wait, yet it protects the products inside. . . This is their logo.👉

It is part of a bigger international shipping company in USA. The mother company has more than 35 years of experience in this field.

🤡 How do they work? And what can you do to get products from USA?

If you decide to buy from US stores, then there are things that you need to know. One of them is that you should have a US address. If you have an address, the website will send the products to it. And then Stakcery will send you these products with the smallest size possible, thus saving more money.

This will make it the shopping process worth it. Stakcery will provide you with a US address. It is for free with any fees whatsoever. Moreover, the address will be in a state with zero taxes. This will save you 9% of the value of the product.

This is comparisons with shop/shop for example. And they’ll give you an easy to use address and teach you how to use it. You can use this address while buying products from different websites. If you have questions, you can ask it to them and they’ll help you with them.

After you have an address, it’ll be easier for you. This is a tip for you so that when you buy products they don’t become more expensive. Use the calculator found in Stakcery’s website. Use it to add the price, weight to know how much it is going to cost while shipping and with taxes. And this is how you’ll know that you calculate everything very well.

And from the savings you’ll be making you’ll know if you made the right decision or not. When shipping the package to your countrie, ship it for an individual. Don’t ship it under a company or institution name.

I ship them to your company, and the authorities here know. Ship your shipments to individuals, instead. Your things are now in Stakcery’s store along with the prices for the taxes, and you can remove the boxes and bills if you prefer.

All what you have to do is to buy from any website, and the website will send the product to Stakcery. Each time Stakcery receive a product for you, you’ll get a notification and email, and you page on Stakcery will show you all the details. You’ll also find a list of couriers to send the shipment with. For me, I use DHL.

Stakcery will keep you updated with all the details. You’ll also get photos of your package. There’s a notification system for delivery. You’ll get WhatsApp notifications. The website is in English and a others languages, and they have live chat to help customers during work hours. Their website supports Arabic too. very nice!

Let me now tell you something great about Stakcery. When you buy a number of products from different websites, Stakcery will collect them in our shipment. This will save you 80% of the cost. And that’s why I send the products I buy to them, And them send them to me through Stakcery.

Imagine how much would it cost to internationally send each package you buy. But with Stakcery, all the packages will be included in one. The products will be stored for 45 days for free. And after that, you’ll pay minimum fee.

🤡 What happens with commercial shipments that exceed 70k?

They also have a special service from Stakcery, but you’ll have to contact them to get all the details. With Stakcery, you’ll get a 10% lifetime discount.

This has been my review of my experience with Stakcery. You’ll get a great service with them. Stakcery accomplished all the tasks for me very well. Following up with them was also excellent.

🕷 Thanks, Stakcery, and I’ll keep working with them. Evaluate your needs. Check the prices before you buy, ship. This way, your shopping with be great with lots of money savings.

See you soon on the next reviews…😍