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21.02.2021 at 06:00 pm


🕷 Hello Guys, hello Joker, today, you are going to discover a garbage can futuristic, a smart ring, a folding electric skateboard, and other new technological inventions that are at another level and that will blow your mind Joker.

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Ex cables; are a permanent element of our lives, and intersex too, Known as the 100 watt, cord swiss army knife it is a key chain cord compact allowing you to charge multiple devices transfer data as well.

Supports ultra fast bbc cbbc charging up to 100 watts, and fast water charging up to 18 watts, this also means you can charge from phone to phone, and since we not only need our phones on a daily, basis also allows you to charge tablets and laptops, you have no excuse not to buy a bloat ex since, the price of the first units is only 14 dollars. 🕷


SPRAYCARE BAND: I’ve seen all kinds of inventions to disinfect surfaces Joker, but this one seems to me super curious, it is a bracelet that he sprays disinfectant liquid on the surface, that we are going to touch to ensure that is a little. cleaner this accessory is activated with a button, that spray the liquid for three seconds you can spray 40 times in a single, replacement there is no doubt that the raid craft band is quite a device interesting to equip with you, and be used in restaurant work, residence etc.

also has an 80,000 amp battery, when the battery is depleted can also be charged, the spyker bracelet is available for $ 32.

The hu Neck cooler

The hu Neck cooler: is not the best time of year to talk about heat, but this product of sure you are interested in cv, is a verb that is placed on the neck and allows.

cool body temperature by thermoelectric cooling, thanks to the technology, it integrates and its lightness makes, it a device perfect to wear while practicing sports traveling by motorcycle, or any other activity.

the process of cooling the neck is very simple, next color acts as a personal fan, that is carried around the area neck over the shoulders, and constantly releasing fresh air every time.

we need it Joker no? the cooling devices of cuéllar like nicole air, they really work very well, since you can control the intensity of the air and are designed to cool, the area in a few minutes giving a feeling of freshness to the rest of the body.


TOWNEW T1: is a time when there are not only telephones, but also refrigerators, washing kitchens, and even smart wallets, was a matter of time that smart garbage cans also, appeared as every good idea, that foreshadows; the town young is simple a trash can that opens and closes its lid by itself in addition that it seals the bags autonomously when they are full, or when you do not estimate it is necessary to open the box, and start using the new tau is practically one in the same thing.

you just activate the back switch and you’re done its design is simple, with a modern twist and conceived to adapt without problems, to any type of room comes with a rechargeable battery of 2 firm amps, which should last a month or Even more.

TOWNEW T1 is priced at $ 119 and includes a ring with 30 bags and their corresponding charger.


ROCKI, here comes the turn for a small robot dimensions, that is specially prepared to circulate on the floor of your home while you are away, what is the goal to keep your pet distracted, for this it includes cameras to see everything that happens around even at night.

as well as a microphone and a speaker among, its virtues it is worth highlighting the possibility to offer sweets periodically or will of his master of This way you will be able to maintain contact with the pet even if you spend hours outside.

Home its operation can be managed through an intuitive application available to finish studies, and android in fact you can perform a whole series of actions through remote control, with just use the mobile phone, its price is 199 dollars.


circular smart rain we talk about a smart ring, that has the same virtues as a bracelet activity such as saving control your heart rate, as you sleep each night the steps, that setter takes to this must be added resistance to dust, and water, and also has vibration.

so that to begin with it, offers you a alarm mode will also be activated when you receive any notification, and if you can deactivate this function with a simple gesture with your finger, but also it has an ace up its sleeve that you are going to love.

we talk about dodge the wizard, that includes circular and that will allow you make the most of its circular functionalities, Joker can now book for about 230 USD for about.


an English look is portrait we are before a screen that has the quality of reproduce images inside in three dimensions without the need for no type of special glasses. this invention will have two modes of operation Joker:

the first establishes a functioning without the need to be connected to any other device, and will display up to a thousand pieces of holographic art both preloaded. set your own looping videos to play endlessly on.

secondly, if you connect the device to a computer, you can edit content with the holographic tool, that is incorporated if you want to buy one, you must cratch your pocket and pay $ 250 Joker.


the smallest electric scooters on the market, the poster folds down to the size of a laptop so it can be carried in a bag in a backpack or directly in the hand, thanks to its integrated base made of carbon fiber aluminum and titanium.

the scooter allows you to move maximum speeds of 20 kilometers per hour, and reach a range of up to 20 kilometers on a battery charge using an application to mobile phone available both for android and for them it is possible.

Check the most important data of the scooter such as the battery status load or trip parameters, also allows performance tuning customize the lights and configure the different driving modes, is possible to get a unit of the booster 899 dollars.

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