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Review 94: 19.02.2021 at 00:00 am

Elgato Ring Light

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🕷 Lol, i will tell him, so, This is the Elgato Ring Light Joker, where you can fix the camera of phone in the middle of it. It is a great idea to take excellent well-lit videos.

Let me now discuss the Ring behind me. It’s a huge assist to content creators. I’ll discuss pros, cons and for whom this device is directed. Let’s start Joker:

Ring Light from Elgato is a circular LED light that comes with a base. The base will help you fixate it on any table around you.

Honestly, the base is great and well-built and suits all tables. You an adjust the hight, angles and directions of it easily.

You can also order another stand from Elgato website.There’s another version of this device. This version is circular.

Elgato Ring Light

There’s another version that I use in my home office. It’s the same idea but the design is square. I use two of them to kill shadows and record better videos.

You can fixate the phone or camera using the piece that comes in the box. But you’ll need an external piece to fixate the phone.

Usually, cameras have threads to help them be fixated on different bases. The device comes with different wall outlets suitable for all countries. If your country uses a different wall outlet, then you won’t need an adapter for the device to be plugged in.

You only have to change the outlet, and you’ll be fine Joker.

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The Ring supports up to 2500 lumens. There are two big buttons to let you control the level of light. When both buttons are pressed together, you’ll be able to change the temperature of the colors from cold to warm.

You can also change the color from temperature from 2900K to 7000K. You can also change the color to orange.

White light gives a better stillness and more clarity. Yellow light gives more harmony.

The Ring comes with a special frame that makes light soft on the face. The light distribution won’t be irritating.

Elgato Ring Light

One of the best things about this device is the ring that will form in the eye’s pupil.

This is preferred by content creators, especially those who make a direct connection with viewers.

After experimenting with it, the light is calm and not strong compared to other devices. It also supports a dedicated phone’s app.

Through the app, you can control the light from afar, but we’ve faced problems with connecting it to an iPhone.

The app lets you also receive updates to the Ring itself. These updates enhance the experience through the app, which lets you fully control the device. The app lets you lower or increase the brightness and change the colors.

The main thing this device is used for is to shoot videos. you will Notice how all the features of your face are clear Joker?

The videos will be different depending on the camera in use or the lens.

Notice the ring in my eyes’ pupils. It’s a great features for photographers. The videos will look beautiful. This light will make videos look different.

you will notice the level of light?

The colors can be changed from white to yellow. The colors can be changed depending on your usage.

Over-the-head light is different than front facing lights. Change the angle how you see fit using this ring. The device costs 200 USD, and for me, I think it is great for content creators Joker.

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🕷 The price is normal Joker, Check whether this circular or square design you prefer.


The light is excellent. It distributes light well in a way that doesn’t irritate your eyes.

Controlling it using the app is also an excellent feature.

The base that comes with it is sold and excellent for an office use. This makes it an excellent option.


Sometimes, the app doesn’t work. And it also doesn’t come with extra accessories like a phone handle.

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