🤡 Google loves robots❗And a phone with a memory of 20 GB❗and Apple returns with a vengeance in its car project…♟

25.11.2021 at 05:00 pm

How do you feel if robots replace you? Imagine you’re surrounded by robots at your work place! This is what’s happening with Google. 😵

ZTE will announce a new smartphone with 20GB of RAM. I am not sure what you can do with it, but let’s wait and see.

Apple car will return with full autonomous support and without a steering wheel.

With the latest Science and Technology news, Make sure you’re bring your best Coffee 🍵 😍 KAUST university will organize the open research week, which will be from 28 November to 22 December The title of the event is: Sustainability: Science for the future. And it’ll host 23 speakers from around the world. Maclren’s Formula 1 team will participate in the event. The event will focus on energy and the environment.

Google has 100 cleaning robots. These robots are still in beta, but Google use them to cleam their offices. These robots can do tasks like cleaning tables, opening doors. It is a great technical advancement, but it might have resulted in some people losing their jobs. But then these robots are fully corroborated, how many people will lose their jobs? How many people outside of Google will lose their jobs when these robots become popular? 🤯🙆‍♂️

Thought, some engineers might be hired to follow and supervise these robots. Robots will replace some jobs. But there are jobs now that weren’t available before. With the technological and mechanical advancements, some jobs have vanished. For sure some people will lose their jobs.

Unfortunately, these people have to develop their skills in another field or they’ll be jobless. Let me know what do you think of robots and the people who will lose their job because of them.

I recently reviewed a new Sony LED TV with 4K and 120Hz support. It has a mid-range price, and it offers high specs but with an affordable price.. 😎

Thor and Luke are Xiaomi’s new smartphones. These devices will be part of the Mix 5 Series from Xiaomi. Leaks suggest that these devices won’t be exclusive for the Chinese market only. At least one of them will be available outside of China. There are a lot of fans who like Xiaomi and their products.

Let me know what Xiaomi devices you like us to make content about. Xiaomi have been doing great lately with their technologies. I am also excited for more cooperation between us and them.

Comment: what’s the latest with Google/Huawei situation?

There’s nothing new about it. It is the same. Huawei has a new approach that they’re considering by letting others use their smartphone designs, which allows them to have Google services. We’re not sure, though. Let’s wait and see. 😈

Honor managed to get Google services back with their Honor 50, and hopefully Huawei will do the same. Huawei has lots of great technologies, and I am excited for new devices with Google services support from them.

ZTE will release the Axon 30, which will come with great specs and features. One of the specs is that it’ll have a 20GB RAM, which is strange. Basically, the device comes with 12GB, but with the Memory Fusion technology, they were able to add another 8GB. Has anyone complained that the memory isn’t enough? 🤔

But we’ll see how having a 20GB RAM will make a difference.

A Mac or Windows laptop with 16GB of RAM offers an amazing performance. But 20GB is strange. There might be a reason for it though. But we’ll wait until we experiment with it.

Comment: I am in a dire need for an app that lets me spy on my kid. I am afraid about him. « I have a Galaxy S9 and my kid has an iPhone ». It would’ve been better if you said « control » or « supervise » my kid instead of spy. It is a bit complicated to do since both of you have different devices with different operating systems.

For me, I think you can adopt an iOS device for better compatibility with your kid’s device. Other than that, it’d be hard to do. For me, I also think managing the router is a great option since it can control the data.

Tips on Twitter are now available on Android devices. Any Twitter use can use this feature, especially content creators. You can use the Pattern platform to get the tips or even through bitcoins. This feature is different than the Ticketed Spaces feature. No one can steal the Bently logo as it retracts inside once someone tries to steal it. The car comes with a tablet that can also be used to raise the logo again.

The new Pixel 6A device’s design have leaked, and it looks similar to the regular Pixel 6. It is the same method like the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5A.

Usually the A version comes with the same design but with Lite specs. And as expected the build quality won’t be same, as the device will be a bit cheaper. It won’t come with a bad build quality, though, but the Pixel 6 will have better materials. I’ll share more details about this device once they’re available.

For me, the Pixel 6 is one of the best Android devices for this year.

Comment: Who would steal the Bently logo?

The logo itself costs 600 USD, and there are many way to steal it. Some users have suggested different methods to steal the logo. No one has the right to steal the logo.

Apple’s car will be finally available in 2025. Apple engineers suggested that the project might take 7 years to be finalized. The project started long time ago, and since then, lots of things happened, one of them is the project manager left to Ford.

The project is now back on track, and the car will be fully autonomous. According to leaks, the car won’t have a steering wheel. Some people say that the car requires an iPad to work. And the iPad will be sold separately. And it requires an Apple Car subscription.

Speaking of cars, some Tesla users have faced a few problems lately. There was a problem in Tesla’s servers which affected some of the services. Some people weren’t able to get in the car and drive it. Imagine paying more than 100K USD for a car that you can’t use because there’s a problem with the company’s servers. There are other manual methods that you can use to get in the car, though.

Imagine where we reach a time that a car company won’t let the car work because you haven’t renewed your subscription . This News review is full of controversy 🤷‍♂️😊. This is the end of this article.

See you soon ❤

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine