🤡 Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G❗ After a period of experiment ❗ Buy it or not ❓🙏…

Review 136: 08.10.2021 at 08:00 pm

Hi guys,🤡 there were some concerns about buying a foldable device in the previous years. Their prices were high for most users. And the same time, they lacked lots of important features. Dependency on these devices was 100% ensured. But in the past two years, Samsung have significantly improved their foldable devices. And I believe that now, these devices come with high efficiency. These devices can now meet all the needs with a suitable price.

In this review, I’ll discuss the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G, and I’ll make another review about the Z Fold 3 5G. This device comes with clamshell design from Samsung. It comes with a beautiful design and colors. This is very exciting for me. And the enhancements this devices comes with are worth it.

In this review, I’ll tell you the features, pros and cons of this device, When opened, this device looks similar to most devices in market now. And when folded, it becomes small. You can put in your pocket or bag with causing any problems.

Let me discuss the design:

The design is more developed than the previous version. You can easily distinguish between it and last year’s. The frame of the device is made from aluminum, and come with more edges. There are volume rockers on the side. There’s also the power button which has a fingerprint sensor embedded in it.

The fingerprint sensor offers high responsiveness and is very fast. There’s also the Nano SIM card slot. The lower part of the back is made from Corning Gorilla Glass. There’s also the hinge in the middle with a Samsung logo on it. This hinge can withstand more than 200K opening and closing of the device. This means that you can open and close the device how much you like and the hinge won’t be affected. The top back comes with dual-tone glass.

The black color houses the rear (and front) cameras, and I’ll explain it in a bit. The other part is the 1.9″ Super AMOLED screen. This screen shows you your notifications and you can use it one-handed. It also doubles as a viewfinder. When folded, there’s still a gap in between. But this doesn’t affect the experience at all.

When using a cover with it, you won’t notice the gap. When unfolded, there’s this 6.7″ screen. And with this mode, you’ll be able to use in a basic manner. And it won’t feel different, since this mode is what we’re used to with current devices. It’ll feel normal using it in this manner. And you’ll notice that the build quality of this device is excellent and that the device is tough.

The reason is that Samsung developed the aluminum and glass used with in device. This device withstands more abuse than the previous generation. Samsung also supported IPX8, which is excellent. There’s no problem now using it in wet places or when it rains. And it can withstands cuffs and scratches, which is also great. It feels great using the device when unfolded, but when folded, it is even better. You can use it one-handed with no problems. It’s suitable to use even if you have big hands.

The placement of the buttons are excellent, and you can easily distinguish between the power button and volume rockers. The device is lightweight, and when you put in your pocket, it won’t take a lot of space. Also the device is really beautiful and eye-catching.

And it comes with beautiful coordinated colors. My mother really enjoyed using the first generation of this device. I tried to convince her to use another device, but she liked it so much that she refused to use any other device. And that’s why I’ll get her the new device, too.

This device is great for those who like unique, elegant and beautiful devices. It comes with beautiful colors like this beautiful cream color. There’s also the black, green and lavender colors. I also ordered the white color, which is only available on Samsung website. There’s also the pink color, which is also available only on Samsung website.

I am not sure how Samsung will make this design more beautiful with the next generation. This time, Samsung didn’t use a mid-range CPU in this device.

Instead, they decided to provide it wit the most powerful CPU. The CPU inside is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G. The CPU comes with 8 cores and with 5nm architecture build. It is one of the most powerful CPUs from Qualcomm. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1077 points for the single core and 3054 points for multicores. The device provides smooth and fluid performance. There are no problems with the CPU performance.

The GPU is the Adreno 660, and it provided very good performance. PUBG game started with the highest performance and frames with no problems whatsoever. The CPU inside makes this device support different features, like recording a video with 4K resolution and the 120Hz refresh rate This wasn’t the same with the previous Flip generation. It also supports a secondary screen and 5G networks. You can benefit from 5G if it is available in your region. This CPU makes this device provide excellent capabilities.

Let me now discuss the screens:

One is the foldable screen, the other is the external screen. Let me start with the 6.7″ Samsung Infinity Flex screen. It comes with 2640×1080 resolution with 426ppi density. It supports 120Hz refresh rate. It also supports HDR10+. The brightness reaches 1200NITS and the screen to body ratio is 84%. Which is great for a foldable device. The device supports water resistant.

At first, you’ll notice that the screen is a bit taller than other screens. For me, I didn’t have any problems with it whatsoever, even with different apps. There’s also a punch hole in it to house the front facing camera. The camera isn’t hidden under the display, similar to what the Z Fold 3 come with.

Having an under-the-display front facing camera is great, though. But I don’t think it is needed on the Flip device, at least with this generation. Samsung screens are excellent and provide amazing colors with high resolution. Samsung screens are the best in the market, and they’re excellent to watch content on.

The only problem with these foldable screen is the crease in the middle. Despite the huge technical advancement with these screens, but the crease is still there, and Samsung needs to address it in the future. It might be bothersome at first, but with time you won’t notice it. You actually won’t notice it, and you’ll fall in love with it.

The exterior Super AMOLED screen comes with 1.9″ size and 512×260 resolution. The screen will show you information like the time, battery level, notifications. And you can also use different apps like Music, Weather, recorder and timer with it.

Samsung will support more apps, too. And you can use it as a viewfinder with the rear camera. You can double click on the power button to open the camera. I’ll discuss it later in this review, but using the cameras with this screen is very tempting. This feature will allow you to take more photos, since it is so easy to do.

This external screen will help you check your notification quickly without having to unfold the device or take quick photos. You can also record an audio note quickly using this screen. The screen has its own settings. My team and I really enjoy using the external screen on this Flip device. Since this screen is small, using it won’t run out the battery, This means longer battery life.

The device runs Android 11 with One UI 3 on top of it. It now runs One UI 3.1.1. One UI is one of the best user interfaces in the market. It is very clear and simple to use. The experience will be nearly the same if you’re a Galaxy user. One of the most distinguishing features of this new UI is the side app bar. It is now available in most Galaxy devices. It also supports split screen with two different apps. There’s no problem if one of the apps doesn’t support working on a split screen. You can change the settings but enabling the Laps option.

All apps then will support working in split mode. Samsung cooperated with more than 100 companies to make their apps work in split mode with the Flip and Fold devices. The device comes with dual rear cameras, both are 12MP, one of them is Wide and the second is Ultra Wide. The details of these cameras are shown on the screen.

The front facing camera is 10MP and it comes with punch hole design. The details are shown on the screen. To sum it up, the cameras provide an excellent performance. And as expected from a premium device from Samsung, the cameras performance is excellent. But they are not super cameras. Don’t compare them with the Ultra cameras. The Ultra comes with different and bigger cameras for different purposes. And that’s not wrong, and there’s a good reason for it.

This device wasn’t designed to have the best technologies possible. This device is balanced with a great design, latest technologies and excellent performance for all users. The hardware and software in this device are excellent, too. They are better than any standard device in the market.

Let me now discuss the photography experience with this device:

The photography experience is similar to any other device in the market, whether with the front or rear cameras. But there’s a different photography method here. You can use the device with L shape. You won’t need anything to stabilize it. It’ll stabilize itself. This includes the rear and front cameras. This mode is called Flex mode, and it is supported with different apps like Google Duo. It’s not a problem if the app you’re using doesn’t support this feature.

You can enforce apps to use this mode by enabling Laps from he settings. You can also use the rear cameras for selfies. This is impossible to do with regular devices. Because you can’t see yourself while taking a shot, so you won’t know if the frame is good or not. With this device, you can see yourself while taking a selfie using the rear camera using the external screen.

This screen will work perfectly with the rear cameras. You can take photos or record videos using the powerful rear cameras and the external screen. Press twice on the power button and the cameras will work.

If you swipe from the bottom to the top, the ultra wide camera will be activated. A swipe from the top to the bottom to return to the wide camera. You can swipe left or right to change from phots to videos. If you tap twice on the screen, you’ll take a photo. This feature is very helpful and takes better photos than the front facing camera This device has refreshed the traditional devices’ market.

This device brings innovation, great apps and different usability. The device also supports different photograph modes, like portrait, night mode and many others.

Samsung have focused on Night Hyper Laps mode. You can take great hyper laps videos without a tripod. And the results will be excellent. The device also comes with additional features. The device supports IPX8 water resistant and can withstand to be submerged under 1m of water for 30 minutes. But it doesn’t support dust resistant, and I understand why. It’s better to stay away from dusty places. The device also supports Dolby Atmos technology.

This technology will provide you with a cinematic surround audio while watching supported content. The audio quality is amazing, too. The device also supports eSIM, where you can use it without a physical SIM card. And since it is a premium device, it also supports 5G.

I have been using this device with a cover, I’ve been charging the accessories a lot. Samsung has made lots of accessories for this Z Flip device. The first accessory is this silicon cover with a ring. This cover will make it easier for you to carry the device by inserting your finger in the ring, it comes with different colors, transparent is one of them. I found the ring to be very helpful while recording snaps. There’s also this leather case. It comes with an elegant design, but it doesn’t have a ring. There’s another silicon cover with a strap. You can use this cover to hang the device on your neck.

There’s another carbon fiber cover called Aramed, which can withstand scorches and cuffs. The device is very beautiful and offers an amazing usability. It is a compact device, whether it is in your hand or pocket. This device revolutionize how you use a smartphone. It has its own style. Samsung was the only company to provide this consistent style with this series. It comes with an excellent screen and cameras.

The device is also costs less than the previous generation, The device is from the Z series, which is one of the premiums. It is true that Samsung has dropped the price, but it is premium.

I wished it supported dust resistant. It would’ve been very helpful in our region, Afric and Middle east hhhhhh, It would be very annoying for those spending time in the desert.

The crease in the middle of the screen could be bothersome for some users. For me, I learned how to live with it, but sometimes I notice it when I use the Excel app.

🙊 But honestly? This device is distinctive. Everyone who saw the device with me was impressed by it. It is not only because it is from Samsung, but also because it has a great design and new technologies.

This is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G from Samsung. There’s also this Z Fold 3 5G device. You have two options. The Flip comes with elegant design, while the Fold is for business and productivity.

Let me know what Samsung could add to this device to make a super device. See you later.😜

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine