🤡 Facebook’s Sunglasses ❗🕶 🤯🤯

Review 245: 23.11.2021 at 01:00 am

Let me now discuss Facebook’s sunglasses. These sunglasses are really great, it is packed with great capabilities. Facebook cooperation with Ray Ban to introduce this Way-Farer sunglasses is really great. This product is the result of the cooperation between Ray Ban and Facebook.

Both are well-known in the industry. This product reminds us of Snapchat’s Spectacles. But there are great things packed in this sunglasses. The sunglasses cost 299 USD. It comes with 6 different colors. The price might increase or decrease depending on the specs. There are other two models than the Way Farer.

You can buy the product from the official website. But for me, I use S4L website, where they buy it and send it with the bills. It is not an AR, VR or Mixed Reality glasses. It is just a sunglasses with a camera in it, it is very similar to Snapchat’s Spectacles, it comes with dual 5MP cameras.

It comes with a mic and speakers and can record videos. There’s a touch panel on the side of the glasses to help you change the volume or change the content. You’ll need an app called Facebook View to connect the sunglasses to your smartphone.

The app is available on Android and iOS. With this app, you check view the content you’ve captured using the glasses, whether it was a photo or a video. The app also helps you light edit these videos/photos. You can then share the content on all different social media platforms.

After linking the app with the sunglasses, you can give it orders using the Hey Facebook sentence. This will help you record video or take photos, but you can also do that manually using the side button. When the cameras start recording video, there will be a tiny LED flashing with a white color next to the camera.

This will help you understand that the camera is recording. There’s also another red LED flashing inside to let the user know that the camera is recording. What’s great about this glasses is that the videos will be a first-person view videos. The videos will be exactly how you see them in real life. The glasses come with a charging case. The case has a USB-C port, and can charge the battery inside the glasses when placed correctly in the case.

The battery will take from 45 to 1 hour to fully charge. It also lasts for a day or two depending on your usage. This glasses to directed to those who like to document their life and experiences. They look similar to other regular sunglasses. You can also install different specific lenses on it. This makes is a great option. The video quality isn’t the best, but it does its job well.

Pros: 🤪

It looks like a normal sunglasses. The white LED while recording is a great feature for privacy. Charging the glasses in case is a good idea. But linking it to Facebook might not be favorable for most users. Imagine it was from a different company. Would be popular? Would it tempt you to watch this video if it was from a different company?

Let’s be logical. 🤗

Cons: 😪

The video quality isn’t the best, but it could be better with future versions. Do we really need this sunglasses? We might need in specific scenarios. It is great to take private videos of your family. There are specific scenarios where it might be useful. If I was able to change to lenses to specific one, it could be great for me as it would last for days.

But there’s still a privacy concern with it. The battery doesn’t last for the whole day when used extensively, it is great to say the Hey Facebook phrase to start recording a video without using your phone or hands. It is very convenient.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine