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Hello guys, Wear OS rarely comes, especially since it’s not so popular with smartwatch users. Or a follower of the technical field in general.

It is reported that in 2020, the best-selling companies in the field of smart watches were Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit. All of these companies do not use Wear OS. Except for Xiaomi, who uses it on the Mi Watch, but it is so modified that the user does not recognize its presence.

On the other hand, among the top 20 selling smartwatches on Amazon, there is none with Wear OS. And if you didn’t know yet, Wear OS is Google’s smartwatch operating system, i.e. Android for watches.

Google neglects Wear OS:

Google started developing Wear OS with the same mindset as Android. The company wanted to produce an integrated operating system for smartwatches, and then sell it – that is, a license to use it – to hundreds of smartwatch manufacturers, just as it does with Android.

But there was a major difference between Android and its counterpart on watches. Which is that Android benefits from almost monthly updates, great interest from companies and from Google itself, but on the contrary, Google Watch OS has been a victim of severe neglect.

Samsung and Google save the system

And the situation remained this way for many years, until suddenly in the middle of last May, Google announced major updates for Wear OS. Later we learned that these updates are a rebuild of the system in cooperation with Samsung! Where the expertise of Google and Samsung will be integrated into the development stages.

Samsung currently owns the Tizen operating system. It is already used in its smart watches, but the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 next August will come instead with the new system, and as we understand, the system will be redeveloped by the joint efforts of the two companies.

Shape is not everything

Wear OS is good looking, and may be the best looking among the competitors, and a company like Fossil with its many sub-brands makes beautiful looking watches, but it doesn’t achieve the expected success, because what is more important is the performance, not the look.

The user of smart watches usually expects that his watch will give him an acceptable battery life, a good shape of the system, effective use of the screen, and high efficiency in running applications, and these things the system struggled to provide, although they are the basics.

Quite the exception, Apple Watches provide a very unique experience of use, in addition to an excellent form of the system, and actual useful performance such as Fall Detection features, tracking health status and heart rate, or even measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

Do you know who else manages to offer these advantages? It’s Samsung! By relying on its Tizen system, which it has fully developed, and now Google and Samsung will combine their expertise, and the Wear OS system will benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of Tizen, while Samsung watches will begin to take advantage of the Play Store in full! Perhaps this is the only duo capable of facing Apple.

🤡 What is the Features of Noise Isolation Wide Spectrum ❓🤔

iOS 15 included a slew of new features and functions. It strives to improve the user experience in all aspects, including Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum features, and is primarily designed to increase voice performance in order to provide an ideal social communication experience.

These new features demonstrate Apple’s current enthusiasm for audio-related technologies. She is also interested in audio-visual communication.

The significance of which became apparent during the Corona pandemic and while working on the internet.

What is the purpose of the Voice Isolation feature in iOS 15

Voice Isolation, also known as sound isolation in Arabic, is a feature that, as the name implies, isolates sound. Which is likely to occur in the less-than-ideal circumstances in which we typically get calls. Like being stuck in a traffic jam, being surrounded by individuals who are producing noise, or even having someone nearby who is playing an instrument!

This feature isolates all the sounds around you and focuses exclusively on your own voice. We may have seen similar technologies from many companies in the past, but according to what has been done, Apple’s sound insulation feature is the best in terms of effectiveness. Where she was able to completely isolate the sound of a guitar that was being played close to the speaker.

In iOS 15, there’s a new function called Wide Spectrum.

The literal translation of this property’s name is « wide spectrum. » And the first thing that springs to mind when we hear a statement like this is comprehensiveness, which is exactly what this property gives, working in direct opposition to the aforementioned soundproofing.

When you speak into the microphone of your iPhone, instead of separating the sounds surrounding you, it isolates them. On the other hand, it captures all of the noises around you while keeping their purity and clarity. This option could be beneficial if you want to hear your favorite song from the other side on the call, or if you want to send the content of a current meeting.Or even when you’re at a concert!

How can I get the new microphone functions to work❓

You may be wondering how to enable the new microphone features, which include the aforementioned Wide Spectrum and Voice Isolation features, if you are using the current beta version of iOS 15 or if you are reading this post after the stable version has been released for everyone.

And don’t expect us to start listing the steps right now. Apple, on the other hand, has made it incredibly simple to use the new capabilities. All you have to do is go to the “Mic Mode” option or microphone mode, which is accessible straight from the Control Center, and select the desired mode:

The new features are not exclusive to the FaceTime application, as some may believe, especially after seeing the previous image, and they are usable in other applications as well. However, the matter here is entirely up to the application developer, who will have to update his application to support the new features.

for example, the Skype application At the moment it does not support any of the previous technologies.

🤡 Okey, What about Setting and activating the Notifications Summary feature🥵

App developers are well-versed in capturing the interest of users. Because applications profit the most when the user spends as much time as possible with them, every user receives a large number of notifications every day to entice him to use them, an issue that the Notifications Summary feature in iOS 15 aims to solve.

In addition, the user can directly turn off application notifications. However, because this is a critical process for the user, this rarely occurs. Furthermore, no one wants to miss out on essential information, therefore turning off notifications is discouraged.

In the most recent iOS 15 version, Apple offers a remedy to this issue. It is currently available in beta, and will be available to everyone in stable conjunction with the unveiling of the new iPhone in September

What is the Notifications Summary feature in iOS 15⁉️🙏

This function saves and sends you notifications in bulk at a predetermined time of day. The user selects the programs for which he or she wants to aggregate their notifications together. In most circumstances, you will select the programs that are most relevant to you. Also, the feature enables you to limit the number of times you receive this bulk notification per day, the default is twice per day.

If you enable this feature, applications will not send alerts to you directly at any time other than the time you select, and if you exclude programs from this summary, their notifications will reach you regularly.

How to use and activate the Notifications Summary feature ❓ 🤪

In the event that you have the iOS 15 beta, or you are reading this article after iOS 15 became publicly available, you can take advantage of the new feature by following these steps:

1: Go to Settings.

2: Head to the Notifications Settings.

3: Go to the Scheduled Summary:….. option

4: Now do the option.

The default time for sending the notification summary is 8 AM and 6 PM, but you can adjust it as you wish from the same section under Settings.

Within the same section, which is Notifications Summary, Choose the applications whose alerts you want to receive silently within the summary in the Apps or Applications area, and the advise here is to put all applications within the summary save for crucial applications like as SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

Now at the time specified by you, you will receive notifications for the applications that you have placed within the notification summary feature, which will arrive silently and unobtrusively, and you can later modify the list, modify the timings or even close the feature completely if you find it does not suit the way you use your phone!

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