🤡 Best Google Play Store Apps This Week🏅

Review 147: 17.12.2021 at 03:00 am

The Google Play Store offers a variety of distinctive applications that provide many uses for a phone and add many features to it.

Hundreds of thousands of apps are released every week on the Google Play Store, and this makes it difficult to access new and featured apps.

We have rounded up the best apps worth trying in the Google Play Store for this week.

Balance Meditation App

This application was awarded as the best application in the Google Play Store for the year 2021 by Google.

Through this application, you can customize meditation exercises to suit you and suit your different needs.

The app does this by asking you for a number of things when you launch it for the first time.

It then provides a convenient guide to your past experience with a set of meditation plans specifically for you.

And you can take advantage of the offer currently in the application to get a free one-year subscription inside it. But you can download the application for free at any time and benefit from it.

Pokemon Unite

Awarded Best Game of 2021 in Google Play Store, this game is a multiplayer game that pits players against each other.

The game distributes users into teams of five players at random, or you can create your own team as you wish.

You can also enjoy the game without being a fan of the Pokemon series, as the game explains everything to new users.

Bird Alone

This game is a quiet game that you can enjoy in your spare time without investing a lot of time in it.

And you can enjoy the game on your own without going into the multiplayer experience on the phone.

The game is about trying to make a new friend with a bird inside the game, and it asks you a variety of pivotal questions about life and death and a lot of complicated matters.


This application aims to teach users the methods of e-marketing and managing various products.

The application presents this information and large topics in the form of small slides that you can read easily.

The application is distinguished by its distinctive design and ease of presentation of many complex topics that need a lot of training.

Speechify app

Speechify reads any text you put in front of it through the phone’s camera, and therefore it converts the typed texts into sounds.

The application has a wide range of voices that you can choose from as you wish, and it supports more than 20 different languages.

And you can control the speed of playing the audio file as you wish and increase or decrease it as you prefer through the clip controls in the application.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine