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Steam store has a large variety of computer games of different genres and categories, and some do not know that the store offers a free set of games to users.

Some companies decide to let users try their games for free while downloading the game, but most games have a payment system inside.

These payments range from seasonal cards to first-hand access to new content or access to unique clothing and weapons.

The game does not directly force you to buy these things or participate in them in a paid way, as you can enjoy the game for free.

The best free games on Steam:

You can access these games through the Steam store on PC. These games may not be free on other stores or platforms.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer:

Halo Infinite is considered one of the most important games of the year, as it was one of the highly anticipated games due to its graphic development and new gameplay.

Microsoft offers the free mode of the game for free to users through the Steam store and the Microsoft Store as well.

You can also access the game completely for free if you subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass service from Microsoft.

And you need to purchase the Season Pass if you want to access and enjoy new content in the game world first.

Destiny 2

The world of Destiny 2 consists of a main game and then a series of expansions coming out introducing new weapons, new regions, and a new part of the story.

You can download the base game for free via Steam, but you have to purchase its expansions later.

The game offers a mixture of RPG and MMO elements from the first person perspective, and is thus a hybrid game that has an always active community.

The game has a very complex and detailed character selection that makes you want to keep playing for as long as possible.


This game is considered one of the oldest first-person shooter games on PC and home platforms.

It is also one of the most popular of these games which has a very large community of players with a lot of various free updates.

You can enjoy the game completely for free, and the game provides a paid version for those who wish to enjoy it with the owners of the paid version only.

The game offers a lot of cosmetic accessories that you can buy in-game for real money, and it relies on these operations for its earnings.

World of warships

Through this game, you can control a large fleet of naval combat ships in order to advance in the game world and win the war.

The game has a complex gameplay system that makes you enjoy its experience for a long time, as you own more than 400 different ships in addition to their developments as well.

You can also play against robotic enemies or other players, and you can form and play teams and enter challenges and tournaments around the world.

Apex Legends

This game belongs to the Battle Royale games such as PUBG or Fortnite, and it is one of the distinctive games that met with great public success when it was first released.

You can download and use the game for free without buying any piece inside, but the game includes a set of cosmetic pieces that you can buy.

The game includes a variety of different characters, with each character offering a different style of play.

Gwent Game:

When The Witcher 3 came out a few years ago, the game managed to dominate the world in a big way and garner many awards.

This prompted the developers to offer a spin-off within the main game, this time for free, under the title Gwent.

Gwent is a free card game in which you get into a wide variety of matches against other players.

Fans of the Witcher universe as well as those who are not completely familiar with this world will like this game as it is a game in its own right.

Brawlhalla Game:

This game belongs to the modern wrestling games that put you a group of characters against each other.

However, this game differs from its category in that it is free and does not contain any special abilities that can be purchased, as only cosmetic purchases are made.

The game has a wide audience of users who love it and is considered one of the best games in the Online Brawler category.

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