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The Mi Watch Lite form Xiaomi
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😈 Hello again Joker, Xiaomi’s watch: The Mi Watch Lite form Xiaomi is an economic smartwatch. It comes with a simple and beautiful design with a square screen. It comes with a single button on the right side, and it looks like the Apple Watch 3. The watch weighs 35g. The screen is 1.4 TFT LCD. It comes with a 320×320 resolution.

The screen’s brightness is 350NITS, and it is viewable in direct sunlight. The watch comes with specs we’re used to, such as the heart rate sensor. It also comes with a compass, weather conditions and different watch faces that you can choose from.

The watch is compatible with Android and iOS devices. But we’ve face problems on iOS devices with the notifications, since they don’t arrive. In the watch’s app on iOS, there’s a section about solving the notifications problem. We tried all the steps, but unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Hopefully, it’ll work with a new software update. But other features such as steps count, burned calories and heart rate sensor work perfectly. It also doesn’t support some languages like Arabic. Usually, most wearable devices need time before they support all languages after they’re released.

It could be supported with a software update, but it also it might not come. We didn’t face any problems with notifications on Android devices. But also, some times, notifications didn’t arrive.

Some languages notifications are supported, but the OS itself doesn’t support it. The watch comes with a built-in GPS to help with exercises and to count steps better.

The watch supports different exercises such as running, walking, swimming and biking. It supports ATM5r water resistant. This standard is similar to IPX standard.

ATM5 is for sports. It’ll be suitable for swimming, but let me remind you not to swim with it in salty water.

No matter how good water resistant is, salty water will damage it. The watch comes with 5 different colors: green, dark blue, black, beige and rose.

The box contains the watch and the charger. It costs It’s less than $100 in some local stores.


its price is great and it supports GPS.


The OS doesn’t support some langueges, but it could be, or not, come with a software update.

Hopefully, the notifications problems on iPhones is solved, too.

🤡 iPhones?

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