🤡 And A first look at the iPhone 13 / 13 mini❗😁🔥

Review 133: 24.09.2021 at 08:00 am

This is the new iPhone 13, This is the new special color of this year. Have you noticed the design difference? There are differences in design and other specs between this device and the iPhone 12. Let’s find out the difference in this review.

In this review, I’ll discuss the most important new specs in this new device. I’ll also compare it with the previous generation. I’ll also compare it with other competitors and iPhone 6s up until iPhone 13. These comparison will let you know whether it is worth it to upgrade or not. Keep visit OTTO Magazine to know useful content that will help you to make a decision.

Let me now discuss the design:

The device comes with the same Apple design ID, and we could say that it is an edited iPhone 12. The material is excellent; it is made form glass and hard aluminum, according to Apple. The device is IP68 water and dust resistant. Aside from the 5 new colors, there are 3 main differences between the new device and the iPhone 12. The first thing is the that the notch is smaller, and it is apparent. While the technologies inside it are still the same.

Apple says that the Face ID sensors have been improved. Hopefully, these sensors will be gone soon and get replaced with an in-display fingerprint sensor or a side fingerprint sensor. As for now, the notch is still here. The rear cameras are bigger and their layout is different. It is logical and happens with most devices.

Do you want better cameras❓

🤡 No❗😝

😈 There’s then a bigger camera with bigger sensors that withdraw more light. They are now better stabilized, The iPhone 13 will be better than iPhone 12 when it comes to photography.

The iPhone 13 this year has the same technologies as the iPhone 12 Pro version last year. After I conduct more tests, you’ll know what cameras are better. There’s a reason for the layout changes of the rear cameras. It could be because the sensors are bigger or because of a marketing reason.

We’ll find our after I conduct more tests, The photography experience has been enhanced using the main camera app or through pro apps found in the App Store. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram use software instead of hardware. Don’t judge the cameras’ performance based on the photography experience of Snapchat and Instagram.

The new camera system withdraws 47% more light compared to the previous generation. The difference is huge. The new devices comes with an IBIS technology found in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Ultra Wide camera shows better details now. There are more photography options now. You can edit and save your own styles and apply when when needed.

The colors are more saturated now similar to one of the competitors. Cinematic Video is an amazing technology and it is found on all the new iPhone 13 series. The cameras provide more capabilities to this feature. You can record using Dolby Vision HDR with 4K@60fps. Apple says iPhone 13 series is the best to record videos. Apple also said that the Pro versions are for professionals. Content creators agree that iPhones help them with their professional work. This includes Cinematic Video among other features, which are supported with the new A15 Bionic CPU. Apple CPUs are known for their excellent performance. This device along with its CPU is one of the best this year. Let’s wait and see what competitors will offer.

The CPU comes with 6 cores, two of them offer high performance, while the other 4 high efficient. Heavy duties tasks are a breeze with this new A15 Bionic CPU. The device also comes with 4 core GPU and 16 core Neural Engine. The device runs iOS 15. The iOS is available for iPhone 6s and above, and I’ll make content about it.

The OS offers great features that enhances the user experience, and I’ll discuss it later. Stay subscribed. According to Apple, the battery lasts 2 hours more than iPhone 12. While the mini version offers 1.5 hours more than 12 mini.

There are no differences between the iPhone 13 mini and the regular iPhone 13. The device supports 20W charging, and I’ll conduct more tests. I think the speed will change with upcoming software updates. The device supports 5G networks, which are becoming more popular now. The device supports dual eSIMs or one physical SIM card and another eSIM. You can add more eSIMs but only two will be supported. The devices will be available in the market starting from 24 September 2021.

This review is show the differences between this device and the previous version. I’ll make more reviews and comparisons to help you make a decision whether to upgrade or not.

The new color is beautiful and the development is great, but is it worth the upgrade? We’ll find out later. This is the end of this review.

Don’t forget to read the review of the iPhone 13 Pro ad 13 Pro Max. I’ll continue working on more reviews and comparison through this month and the next month so that you can find out more about the latest technologies.

Let me know what other device should I compare the iPhone 13 with. The full review is coming soon.

See you soon guys…

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine