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đź•· What wrong Joker! hhhh yes, This is going to teach me coding, It can teach me or anyone watching the video coding.
Let’s get familiar with the Photon robot. The idea behind it is to teach coding. The concept of it started in 2018, and I will tell you about its history. This robot comes with a number of apps to teach you coding.

It teaches pro and regular coding, and it is not only for kids. It also can teach you the principles of coding. It will help you transfer the idea of coding t those who want to learn it.

Photon is a robot that teaches kids coding in a gradual and fun way. It is also suitable for adults who want to learn coding. The idea behind it was a kickstarter project. There were lots of fans of the idea, and then it got funded by EU.

Photon is one of the 5 best robots in 2018. It is popular in USA, Europe, Singapore and the Middle East. And it is officially available in DUBAI and middle east.

Photon comes with sensors that helps in interacting with kids to teach them coding. It has a touch sensor, light and sound detection censor, and it also has an additional speaker. It has a a distance and barriers sensor. These sensors enable Photon walk on a precoded line. It has a number of sensors and detectors in it. With the apps that come with it, you can manage it.

You’ll first finish a number of challenges that might take some time, but at the end it will teach you some skills. You can learn how to control the robot and learn how to code. With this coding skills, you can use the app to do more things.

Let’s get familiar with some of these apps. You can connect Photon with your tablet or phone using Bluetooth. It comes with a number of apps. Let me try to explain some of them. Photon robot is a game that teaches kids to think logically and the art of priorities.

Photon Robot

These skills will help kids in their lives. The learning will be with 10 challenges that the kid must pass. Every level consists of 20 challenges.

The result will be users will be pro coders. Photon can be used with a number of children as every child will have their own profile. By the way, after every level, the robot stops working for 100 minutes.

This is to help the kid understand what they’ve received, and also so that they don’t spend a lot of time playing with it. There is another app called Photon Coding. It is basically a training exercise to the kids to revise what they’ve learned in Photon Robot app.

Adults can also use this app to learn how to create. many languages and English are supported and It supports 5 languages. The website and apps of the Photon are still developing. People behind it are working hard to develop it as it has a huge fan community.

This robot could be the entrance for your kid to learn coding in an easy and smooth way. You can keep track of your kid’s progress. Your kids will benefit from it.

And like I said at the beginning of the review, even adults can learn from it. Photon supports lots of Coding languages, like Microsoft, Google, Python and IBM Watson.

Photon comes in two versions, the first one is Home Package version and the second is the education package. There is a third app called Photon Edu specialized for education. Education package comes with a full curriculum to teach coding for students starting from the elementary level up to high school. It includes a number of books for teachers too. It also comes with an interactive rug and a USB dongle where you can use to connect up to 8 Photon robots on one computer.

The Home edition is available at Jareer bookstore and its price is 266 USD, and 240 Euros.

This robot is great for teaching coding and it is made for certain purposes. It is not an entertainment tool. It is meant to be used for education.

The robot is also compatible with a number of devices like the Interactive board and Microsoft Make Code. It supports Java Script, Python, Swift Playground. It also supports Scratch system available in Europe.

The box includes the device itself, a charging cable, instructions and guides to have an enjoyable experience with the Photon. This robot is meant to be used with kids from 5 years up to 99 years. It is not only designed for kids. It is designed for teaching coding. I like the sounds it produces.

Imagine me using this robots and it produces these funny sounds. It is really fun to use. It is also addicting. Imagine how will it be for kids or people interested in learning coding. This is my review of the Photon Robot.

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