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Review 83: 18.02.2021 at 05:00 pm

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😈 Joker, If you want to take a break on a vacation, take this device with you. Do you remember Palm?

Palm devices used to come with lots of features. But the future of Palm is different. They created a device that is a gateway from technology. It is a smartphone that runs Android. It has its own UI and it comes with apps and Google Assistant. But there is something about this device.

This device will make your smartphone experience very simple away from social media. It has simple features. You won’t watch movies on a 3.3 or browse Twitter with a 1 width screen.

You use this device as a gateway from social media, but still connected to the world. You can use WhatsApp, but this device will not distract you from your surroundings.

Palm have brought us a new perspective with this device. When comparing the 3.3 screen with other devices, it will be shocking. The 3G iPhone has a bigger screen and it is 11 years old.

The resolution on the Palm screen is way better too. This is the size difference between the Pro Max and the Palm screen.

The screen is 3 times bigger than the Palm screen when compared in width.

So, Joker, Let’s talk about the specs and features of this Palm device:

The design of the phone is similar to the design of the XS, but it is smaller in size. The device has a front and back made from glass and an aluminum frame.

The device is also IP68 water and dust resistant. The width is 7.4mm and it weighs 62g.

The screen is LCD 3.3, supports HD and has 445ppi. The rear camera is 12MP and it has an LED flash.

The front facing camera is 8MP. The cameras support beauty mode, panorama mode, and manual mode.

The details and colors of the photos are acceptable. The light is very normal, though.

Your fashion and cooking content with video will be nice on the front facing camera. I am holding the device with two fingers. You can use this device to take photos, videos, but it won’t distract you like smartphones while still being able to record memories. The angle is kind of good.

This is the 12MP rear camera. The front is 8MP. I am still holding the device with 2 fingers.

If you have such a device, no one will think to steal it from you. Yet, this device supports all Google services. It is just a gateway device.

The CPU is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 with 8 cores and 28nm build.

This device is from the entry level. It is not from the mid-range or premium category. The GPU is the Adreno 505.

The device scored 688 points using the single core and 2234 points for multi-core on Geekbench 4.

We tried PUBG on it, and it worked on low settings. The experience wasn’t good. The device is good for light games.

The RAM is 3GB and the onboard storage is 32GB.

🤡 It doesn’t support a Micro SD card no?

😈 Yes Joker, and it only comes with a Nano sim port.

The OS is Android Oreo 8.1 and it supports great shortcuts as you could open apps by drawing the first letter of the app.

The device also supports a similar feature to the 3D Touch on iPhones.

The device also supports Life Mode. This means that when the screen is off, you won’t receive notifications at all. But once the screen is on, you’ll receive notifications. Palm are serious about this feature as they think that enjoying life is more important than carrying a device in your hands. If you’re in a vacation with your family, this device won’t take your from family or surroundings.

The device supports WiFi and Bluetooth but it doesn’t support NFC. This means that you can use apps like Mada Pay. It only comes with a USB-C port.

The device supports unlocking use face recognition, but it is not 3D, it uses the camera. It also supports pattern, pin and other methods.

The device comes with dual speakers, and the sound comes from the top speaker. Compared to the size of the device, the audio is really good. The battery inside is 780mAh, but Palm didn’t say it in their website. It charges from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes, and from 0% to 100% in 68 minutes.

Life Mode makes the battery last for a full day. The device comes in two colors, silver black and silver white. The price of the device is 249 USD on Amazon now!, which is way cheaper than the international price.


the design is modern and attractive, especially with this size. The UI is simple and easy to use. And one of the most important features is that it isolates you from social media.

When you’re in a vacation, you won’t worry about other things and you’ll be connected.


don’t think about making it your main device as it comes with limited specs and features. It might be great for some people, though. If it supported NFC and paying methods, it would’ve been great.

This device could be your getaway device from social media. It comes with really good performance.

😈 By the way, what is your Name Instargram account Joker?

🤡 HAHAHA HAHAHAH HAHAHAH i don’t have any Instagram account, i’m the Joker, all the world know me Man!

hhh i see, Now, The device it is also finally available in many markets Joker. This is my review of this getaway device.

🤡 Do you thin this device is worth it?

😈 It could be great for you. There are other dump devices but you won’t be using a smartphone with limited features that run Android. There’s no device in the market with such specs and features on this device.

Palm could be a great solution for businessmen who want to enjoy a vacation and stay away from worrying that comes with smartphones.

If my colleagues ask for something, I could send it to them using this device, but if it was a smartphone, it’d distract me.

That was my review of the Palm device. see you soon Joker.

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