🤡 A fierce and powerful competitor in the middle class!🔥🔥🔥 OnePlus Nord N10 5G❗

Review 138: 23.10.2021 at 08:00 pm

This device is from the mid-range category, and it comes with an excellent performance considering its price, it also comes with a high refresh rate screen, it supports ultra fast charging. And it won’t disappoint in games. Let me introduce you to the OnePlus Nord N10 5G device.

This device supports 5G and the latest technologies that I’ll discuss in this review. It comes with an excellent price, and I’ll tell you about it at the end of this article guys.

Let me first discuss the build quality:

Most of the material of this device are made from plastic. The back is shiny and curved. At the top left, there’s a vertical rectangular that houses the rear cameras. The front is mostly a screen. And it comes with a punch hole that houses the front facing camera located at the top left of the screen.

The screen is protected by a CGG 3 layer. The thickness of the device is 8.95mm, which is logical for this category. The device weighs 190g, and it is comfortable to use with one hand. The device comes with SD 690 CPU with 8 cores and 8nm architecture build. It supports 5G networks. The GPU is the Adreno 619L. These specs mean nothing without being tested with GeekBench 5. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 553 points for the single core and 1715 points for multicores.

This result is considered satisfactory for this CPU. How does the device perform with PUBG game?

The game automatically started with the highest settings and frames. The performance and smoothness were very satisfactory.

In general, PUBG game performance on this device is excellent. Lots of you are waiting for an official availability for OnePlus in more countries. And I’ll tell you about it during this review.

Let me remind you to bring your Coffee if you prefer mid-range devices with budget-friendly price.

The device comes with a 4300mAh battery. It supports charging with 30W using the Warp Charge 30T technology. After experimenting with it, the battery charged from 0% to 66% in 30 minutes only. The device comes with a 6.49″ IPS LCD screen. It comes with FHD+ resolution and 20:9 aspect ratio. It also comes with 405 pixel per inch density.

After experimenting with it, the screen offers saturated and cold colors with satisfactory black levels. The screen does it job whether in surfing the web, gaming or watching content. The screen supports 90Hz refresh rate. This will provide the screen with more fluidity, especially with apps and games that support high refresh rate, This is a great feature, and it is not available in most iPhones.

The device comes with 4 rear cameras. The cameras are as follows: the main one is 64MP with EIS support. The second is the Ultra Wide 8MP camera. The third and fourth are the Macro and Monochrome, and both are 2MP. The front facing camera is 16MP with EIS support.

How do these cameras perform?

The main camera provides good light withdrawal, and the quality and details are satisfactory. The colors are mostly cold in most conditions. In general, the camera does its job well. The Ultra Wide lens provides 119 degrees of view. Its performance is good and satisfactory.

The results of this camera are similar to the results of the main camera. But here, the colors are a bit warmer. This is an example of warm and cold colors. The camera also supports 10x zoom, and the results are normal. The reason is because the camera uses software for zoom instead of a dedicated zoom lens. The Macro lens provides good details, but light withdrawal is normal. I advise you to use more light to get better results.

In portrait photos, the isolation was very good. But it depends on different circumstances. The more light there is in portrait photos, the better the photos will be. The device supports recording videos with 1080p@60fps. After experimenting with it, it provided acceptable quality. And the shakiness of the videos were somehow limited. It also supports recording videos with 4K@30fps. But the video will be a bit shakier than with 1080p resolution. For normal users, 1080p resolution is excellent.

The front facing camera provides satisfactory results with a little bit of skin beautification. Portrait photos are good too, but sometimes the results vary. Let me confirm again, the more light there is with Portrait Photos, the better the results will be. Make sure to face a light source while taking portrait photos. The device comes with a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It supports dual SIM card or one SIM card and another SD card.

The device runs Android 11 with Oxgen OS UI on top of it, which is very similar to stock Android. The UI is simple and easy to use. The UI supports lots of shortcuts, like swiping down with 3 fingers to take a screenshot. Or tapping twice on the screen to wake the device or put it to sleep. You can also double click on the power button to quickly open the camera app.

The OS fully supports Google services, including the Play Store. The device supports bluetooth 5.1 and dual band WiFi. It also supports NFC technology, which enables you to use the device for different payment methods. You can also add an STC Pay card to your digital wallet.

The device comes with rear fingerprint sensor. After experimenting with it, the sensor is very responsive. It supports unlocking using the front facing camera, but I don’t advise using it since it doesn’t use dedicated 3D sensors.

What does the box contain?

The box contains a charging cable and a charger, but it depends on the region. The device costs 330 USD, But if you prefer a more expensive device, then you can check the OnePlus Nord 2 5G device, and it’ll be available soon.

The device comes with a 6.43″ Fluid AMOLED screen. The screen supports 90Hz refresh rate. It comes with 3 rear cameras; the main one is 50MP. The device supports fast charing with 65W. I made a review review about this OnePlus Nord 2 5G device. The device will be available later.

Let me summarize the OnePlus N10 device…😁


It offers satisfactory performance in daily usage and games. It supports fast charging with 30W. The screen is beautiful and offers good performance. Having 5G support with a device that costs 330 USD is excellent.


I wished it supported dual SIM cards and an SD card at the same time. This feature would’ve been very helpful for some users. The build quality could’ve been better, too. But the build quality is good considering the price of the device. The build quality is good, nonetheless.

Hopefully, you like it. This is the end of this review… See you later. Peace be upon you all.😈

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine