🤡 A beast in the games❗ Telo Z21❗ 😱

Review 148: 24.12.2021 at 05:00 pm

This is the new version of the gaming device Telo, it is the Z21. In this new review, I’ll fully review the device to know its capabilities and features.

Hi guys, This is the predecessor to the Telo device: it is the Telo Games Z21. It offers high gaming performance along with an efficient cooling system. It comes with a screen with up to 165Hz refresh rate. It also comes with a powerful CPU to offer powerful performance.

🤡 In this review, I’ll fully test this device. Let me first start with the build quality:

Most of the device is made from glass. The frame is made from aluminum. The back is slightly curved with a long black line in the middle with a Telo logo in it. There’s also the rear cameras.

The design of the device feels like it is from space. The front of the device is mostly screen with slightly thick bezel on the top to house the front facing camera. The same thing applies to the lower bezel. ZTE lately launched the Red 6S Pro. But in our region, it’ll be the Telo Games Z21.

The device comes with capacitive should buttons with vibration support. The black bar on the back also has a capacitive button, and it’ll be supported with an upcoming software update.

Imagine use a rear capacitive button on the back while gaming. The thickness of the device is 9.5mm. It weighs 215g. It’s a bit heavy, and the reason is because the massive hardware it packs inside. The device feels great in the hand. The device comes with cooling system called Ice 7.0 Multi-Dimensional Cooling System.

One of the core components of the this system is the Vapor Chamber, which uses steam to cool off the device. It also uses graphene, which absorbs heat. The frame of the device is made from Aviation Grade aluminum, which is light and tough.

The aluminum also withstands heat. It also has a cooling fan inside with 20,000 RPM. You can control the fan from the settings of the device. The device cools itself well, even while charging.

And it comes with powerful specs. It comes with SD888+ CPU with 8 cores and 5nm architecture build. The device supports 5G, and it comes with the Adreno 660 GPU.

Let me now discuss the tests:

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1174 points for the single core and 3475 points for multicores. the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

🤡 Let me now if I should it compare this device with another one from vivo or Samsung.

PUBG game started with the smooth settings and 90fps. It scored between 87 to 91 frames per second, which is excellent. With the CoD Mobile game, it scored between 86 to 90 fps with medium settings.

The smoothness was high, but the graphics weren’t. The frames of the game can be done by the game developers not the device itself. With the upcoming updates, this device will score more frames.

Asphalt 9 game started with high smoothness and it scored between 57 to 60 fps. Minecraft started with the high settings and scored 122 fps. Aldo’s Adventure game started with high settings and scored 123 fps.

Having support for 120Hz and 165Hz depends on the games’ developers. With time, these games will get updates to support higher frame rates. The device offers a dedicated game mode called Game Assistant to let you know the frequency of the CP Uand GPU. It also supports different gaming modes like the Performance Mode and the Infinite Mode.

The Infinite mode will offer the highest performance, but the battery will run out quickly. You can also open mini version of some apps like Chrome, TikTok and others while playing games. There’s another mode that allows you to turn on the fans and change the screen’s refresh rate with lots of customization. There’s also a side button that once you press, the Red Magic mode will start.

This mode is only for gaming, and it’ll show the games installed on the device with customization for the fans. It’ll also show the time and battery percentage. This mode, when enabled, will silence notifications and let you stay away from social media apps. This mode allows you to add plug-ins to games. The mode will notify you if you spend a lot of time gaming. I advise you to be balanced.

The mode blocks internet from other activities to get the best internet speed possible while gaming. The battery inside the device is 5050mAh. The device supports fast charging with 66W, but the charger is sold separately. The device comes with a 30W charger in the box with Nubia Quick Charger support.

After experimenting with it, the battery was charged to 62% in 30 minutes. The screen is 6.8″ AMOLED panel with FHD+ resolution. The screen’s aspect ratio is 20:9, and it provides 100% DCI-P colors. This means that it supports lots of colors. The screen’s brightness is 700 NITS.

The screen supports protecting eyes from harmful blue rays. The screen offers saturated and beautiful colors with deep blacks since it supports high brightness. The screen is great for daily usage, outdoor usage and content watching. The device doesn’t feel like it is a gaming device. It looks like a normal device, but with gaming specs.

The screen’s refresh rate is 165Hz and the touch sensitivity is 720Hz. Which is a huge number. High refresh rate means the screen is build and smooth. While touch sensitivity offers high touch responsiveness. This means that it is great for games that require low latency.

The device comes with a front facing camera and triple rear cameras, and they are as follows: The main camera is the Wide 64MP. The second is the Ultra Wide 8MP with 120 degrees of view.

The third camera is the 2MP Macro lens. The front facing camera is 8MP. The main camera performs well in withdrawing light and offers good details. The colors are sometime cold, other times warm. But in general, the performance is satisfactory. The Ultra Wide camera offers 120 degrees of view.

In general, the colors were a bit warm in most circumstances. In general, the results are satisfactory. The Macro lens offers variable results. You need to stabilize the device to take photos, but hopefully, with the upcoming software update, it’ll be better. Portrait photos were very good. The isolation won’t disappoint you.

In general, the performance is satisfactory. The cameras record 4K@60fps videos. The results were good. The stabilization was satisfactory, especially with the mode enabled. The front facing camera offers acceptable results. But there’s a bit of skin smoothness even when the feature is tuned off. There was no isolation in portrait photos, but I except it’ll be fixed with a software update.

The RAM is 12GB and the storage is 128GB. It supports 2 SIM cards, and unfortunately, it doesn’t support external SD card. The device runs Android with Telo OS V4.5 The UI is simple and carries Telo DNA design, which we’ve seen with the previous Telo Legion device.

The UI fully supports Google services. The device supports bluetooth 5.1 and the latest WiFi 6e. But this WiFi requires to have a supported router to fully work. The device supports NFC, which allows you to store and use your credit card for payments such as STC Pay. The device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The sensor offers high responsiveness. The sensor also measure heart rate. It is a great feature, and I expect more devices will support it. The device comes with sterol speakers with DTS X Ultra support. The audio produced by the device is high and pure. But the bass is low, and in general it is satisfactory.

The box contains a clear cover, charging cable and the fast charger. By the way, the device supports the 3.5mm headphones jack. Which is a great feature if you don’t use bluetooth headphones. Wireless headphones suffer from low latency, which could affect the gaming experience.

Wired headphones offer better performance than wireless headphones, especially with gaming. The device will be officially available in our region.

Pros: 😍

The device comes with high building material with a cool design meant for gamers. The screen’s refresh rate and touch sensitivity are high. The device offers high performance in gaming and heavy work. The cooling system and fan will help stabilize the performance.

Cons: 🤡

The portrait mode with the front facing camera doesn’t work well. But it could be fixed with a software update. It is great that it supports 66W fast charging. But the charger that comes in the box is only 30W.

You need to invest more to get the 66W charger. Not having support for and SD card is disappointing, so you should get a bigger storage. Telo continues to make new devices. This is a new device from them with lots of support. The company is officially available in our region, and they make lots of activities.

This is the end of this review guys. Let me know what you think of this device. Let me know with which device should I compare it with.

See you later.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine

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