🙊 Instagram copies Club House❗ Tweet sale for two million dollars! Apple offers glasses and lenses❗ China is at the top in technology in 2025 …🕷🕷🕷

09/03/2021 at 02:00 pm


🕷Hello Guys, hi Super Heros! how are you? i bring today new tech news, Apple could enter the Lenses market, not just the glasses market. And what if someone is able to sell a tweet for millions of dollar?

I’ll also discuss the China / USA competition as China announces their plan to control the future of technology. And how the tables have turned and now Huawei isn’t the first in the Chinese market, instead, it is a different company.

Let’s start Guys: Heros?

I’ll talk about China a lot in this news article. But before I discuss China news, let me firs t discuss social media platform news. Instagram is working on a feature similar to Clubhouse.

Through it, users will be able to make voice-enabled chatrooms. But isn’t Instagram a platform for videos and photos?

It is a media platform, but they don’t want to lose their users, and instead, gather more of them. For me, I think if they support this feature, it’d be something good. It is very similar to Twitter’s Spaces. It’s good that you can open a chatroom to discus various things with your followers.

Why not? I think it’d be great!

🕷 There’s also another Chinese company that is trying to support a Clubhouse-like feature, and it is TikTok.

TikTok users will be able to establish voice chat rooms with their followers.

Xiaomi is also working on a similar feature to Clubhouse. The app will be available on Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi devices will get the app to extend it with users.

Clubhouse will be of the most copied apps in the history of app technology. The app was introduced last year in April. And since the start of the year, some famous people appeared on the app and it gave it a boost of popularity.

All other social media platforms have copied/are going to copy the app. The app owners’ dream could chatter because of this. BTW, Facebook is also working on a similar feature.

Twitter is testing a feature that’s been requested for so long now. It is the ability undo sending a tweet. Users demanded an edit button to edit tweets.

Sometimes you make a grammatical mistake, And sometimes, this affect the meaning of the tweet or adds a different meaning. Twitter is studying adding an Undo button.

This button will replace the edit button. It won’t be like Instagram’s edit button. When the content is edited on instagram, This is to inform users that the content has been edited.

This feature will arrive to Twitter this year. According to the information we’ve got, users can undo sending a tweet 30 seconds before it’s sent.

Let’s wait and see how the final feature will be like.

For the first time in years, a Chinese companies manages to pass Huawei to be number one. This company is Oppo, and they’ve become number one in January in China.

🐱 This is unprecedented and wasn’t expected!

🕷 Usually Chinese companies compete for the second, third and other places. It is known that the first seat is always for Huawei. It is clear that what Huawei is facing since 2019 with the US has reflected on their sales. This resulted on them not being the first in January in China.

Let’s wait for the statistics of the fist quarter, since they’re always more accurate.

Let’s see if this will continue through the quarter after Huawei announces their upcoming P50 device. And of course among other devices such as the Mate X2 and other devices.

Oppo has been also advancing in the region, and we know that they’re headed to be an international company. Good luck to them. There will be an event in 16th of this month. Don’t miss it since there will be great things in it.

Photos of an upcoming Huawei device have been leaked showing a device with a small viewfinder on the back.

This small screen will be similar to a viewfinder. Viewfinder is where you look before taking a photo on an DLSR or mirrorless camera. If it is small in size, it’ll be called viewfinder, if it is big, then it will be called a screen.

This small screen will be available on the back of the device as Huawei has patented it lately. These photos confirm that Huawei is working on a device that will include this technology.

The idea behind it is excellent, since the manufacturer will focus on the rear cameras more than the front facing camera.

The front facing camera will be used for video calls and some tasks, while the rear cameras will be used to take high quality selfies where you can see yourself through the screen.

The rear cameras will be used to take high quality photos and document memories. The front facing camera will be a secondary camera. For me, I think this design would be more practical.

Let’s now discuss the tech war between China and the US. China has announced their plan to be the pioneer in technology and AI by the year 2030. There are also main goals that need to be met by the year 2025 in digital economy and technology produced by China.

The numbers of patents registered by China has exceeded the number of patents by US in the same timeframe. China is in a huge competition with the US to prove their technology prowess and prove how advanced they are. The plan indicates that by the year 2030, China will be the leader in AI.

God protect us. Now, we’ve reached Apple news as Apple is nearing releasing new products, Who like listen the lasten news of Apple here?

🤡 I’m here hhhh hhhhh hhhh Apple

🕷 They stopped selling customized iMac Pro devices on their website.

Through customization, you can build a very powerful iMac Pro. It’s clear that Apple is finally planning on releasing new iMac Pro device.

Hopefully, these devices will come with an Apple Silicon CPU. This means that these devices will be very powerful. It’s also expected that Apple will release new devices in the middle of this month.

There won’t be an event, however, they’ll release them with a press release. I am very excited for a new package of devices from Apple.

This would bring more tech news for this month. Apple also wants to adopt OLED and MiniLED screens with their upcoming devices.

In 2022, they’re supposed to release new MacBook Pro devices with OLED and MiniLED screens. These screens will provide better brightness, and more accurate and enriched colors. It’s also expected that they’ll announce a new 10.9 iPad with a MiniLED screen.

Apple has been conducting tests with these screens. Before finishing Apple news, there’s a timeline of their upcoming AR/VR devices. It’s expected that they’ll release their first AR/VR device this year. And according to leaks, the next AR product will be in 2025.

What’s interesting is that in 2030, they’ll release contact lenses with AR support. Users can wear these lenses and get AR support through them. It might be an ambitious plan, but the tech advancement lately has been rapidly advancing.

The tech advancement is develop year on year unlike what we’re used to since 30 years ago. Moore law where it suggest that a tech leap takes10 years doesn’t apply to our era anymore.

This law has been applied for years now, but it doesn’t apply to our era anymore. The technology advancement has been unprecedented lately since countries are in war to compete with each other over who produces more technologies. Don’t be surprised if a company releases AR lenses.

Also don’t forget the lenses that measure sugar in the blood as it’s been around for almost 5 or 6 years now. But it is only used in medical and military institutions for now. But it could be developed to be available for users.

You should read more about these lenses that measure sugar in the blood through the eyes. It’s fascinating. My God. Mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.

Imagine now that tweets can be sold. There’s a website where you can auction your tweets.

Popular users can now sell and auction their tweets. The tweets will be auctioned. The first tweet on Twitter is not available for sale.

No one expected that a tweet protected by Etherium and blockchain can be sold. Twitter’s founder has auctioned his first tweet.

There were a number of prices offered until it reached up to 2.5 million dollars. This is a price for untagiable tweet. It is a digital product and will be sold for this price if not a higher price is offered.

🐱 I am not sure what’s happening the world. Because of digital life, some people have become wealthy, but the way they’re spending their wealth is surprising.

🕷 😅 Yes Catwoman, not normal! so, See you in upcoming news article, see you soon guys…🕸🕸🕸