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Review 111: 19.03.2021 at 07:00 am


🕷 Hi Catwomen! how are you? Let’s get more details about the Linksys AC3900, which gives you a better WiFi coverage at home. yes, fast review with a router that can give you better coverage of WiFi at home!

Let me explain this, these mesh network devices gives you a better coverage, not better receiving enternet. You have to place these devices correctly at home to get the best experience. It doesn’t have anything to do with receiving internet connection.

Let’s start. It is a new router from Linksys. It is easy to use and support dual band technology, which gives you 2 WiFi frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It also supports Intelligent mesh technology, which diagnosis itself to give you better coverage of internet at your home.

It comes with 3 pieces that can be distributed in certain places in your home. The main device must be connected to the modem using an ethernet cable. Then you can setup the router using the app that is available for Android and iOS.

It has a modern design compared to the Velop AC6600. It is smaller in size. Every device has two ethernet ports, on/off button and reset button. The router supports Bluetooth 4.1 and Dual band which gives you 2 frequencies: 2.4GHz with 400mbps speed and 5GHz with 867mbps, It has a quad core CPU with 716MHz frequency. It has 256MB RAM, and it is compatible with Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. You can command Alexa to enable or disable the Guest Network and so on!

These devices can cover up to 3 or 4 rooms. It also depends on the design of your home, though. Setting up is really easy. All you have to do is install the app on your phone, turn on the Bluetooth and follow the instructions. By the way, you have to have a Linksys account to enable the mesh network. The app allows for lots of features like internet speed test, and adding three devices to get the best speeds.

The app also offers parental control, which allows you to adjust the time of using the network, block certain devices, know all the connected devices and enable Guest Network.


it is easy to set up and use. The app offers lots of features and it is available for Android and iOS. Honestly, I should praise the customer support, they are very cooperative.


It doesn’t support all language. Customer support will help you, though. You have to buy 2 or 3 devices if you need lots of coverage. I don’t think lots of people will buy one device unless they want to add to their already 3 set devices.

And what is the latest news quickly❓ 💣💣


🕷 Oooh! 😅😅😅 okay, I’ll discuss two pieces of news; one is true and the other is false. The true and shocking news is about the Note series from Samsung.

Samsung’s CEO confirmed that the company won’t release a new Note device in the second half of this year. We’re used to new Note devices every year from Samsung. But he also confirmed that the Note series won’t be discontinued.

He pointed that the series might continue in 2022. Does this mean that the Note series will be officially discontinued?

No, not at all. Stay with OTTO MAGAZIN I’ll give the news as they arrive. This is the true news, but what is the false news?

There were expectations that there will be an Apple event in 23rd of March. These expectations were neither confirmed nor denied.

Apple was supposed to send invitations to the rumored event in 16th of March. Someone made a fake event card with See You Hair written on it. The background of the invite showed hair trimming machines.

Apple would never do something like that.

Unfortunately, some media outlets and leakers suggested that there would be an event in 23rd of March. It hasn’t been confirmed by Apple until now.

Leaker Jon Prosser mocked those who share the false invitation. God help us. Let’s wait for what’s coming from Apple. And let’s also wait for what’s coming from Samsung too. I’ll discuss their news in the News episodes here on the magazin soon.

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