😻A power bank that charges your laptop, iPad and all your devices❗Zendure X6 ❗

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🕷 Hi Catwoman, how are you today? Oooh Beautiful legs😅! You went to the beach early no? Zendure X6 with its technologies will let you ditch power banks. Power banks are getting better and better. Zendure is known to be a premium power bank company. With this power bank, you will get extra features.

These power banks have 5 ports and the micro USB isn’t one of them. It has a USB-C port and 4 USB ports. It will give you extra functionality in a smart way. I said in the beginning that this power bank will make you ditch some accessories. In the Box there is a USB-C to USB-C cable with a USB adapter.

You can charge all the USB-C phones and the new iPad. You can also charge a laptop. By a laptop I mean Macbooks. If you have a Macbook, you can charge it with the PD port that is able to deliver 45watt. With this port, you can charge your macbook. And in this case, this 2018 Macbook is charging.

When I travel, I take the X6 with me so that I can charge my Macbook with needing the power adapter. In this case, we ditched the Macbook’s power adapter. If you double press on the power button, a light sensor will light the letter H and it will turn to be a hub.

You will be able to use 2 USB-A ports for your flash drives and open it on the computer. You can browse your flash drives directly from the power bank. You can use two USB-A on this hub. You can use two USB ports for charging and the other 2 for using as a hub.

And the USB-C port is used to charge the laptop. You can use the other 2 USB for charging your electronics.

You can enable this feature by double clicking on the power button. Once turned off, you can use the 4 ports to charge your products. You can use the Hub feature to connect your iPhone to your 2018 Macbook. You can use the hun to charge your products and connect to your devices easily. It supports simultaneous charging, meaning you can charge your power bank using the power delivery port and charge your devices at the same time.

There is something else you can do with this power bank. Press on the power button for about 3 seconds, the letter X will appear for slow charging. Why would you need this mode?

You can save the battery while charging your accessories whether being AirPods, smartwatches, bands, headphones etc. WIth this mode, you can save the battery to charge these accessories.

These products don’t need high amperage to charge them. The capacity of this power bank is 20100mAh.

Let’s know other details about this product. The screen doesn’t only tell you the battery life, but also it shows different readings like the X mode and Hub mode. You can use the PD port to charge the power bank and your products.

You can charge the power bank with the cable that comes in the box. The cable is solid and can output 45watt. There are other 4 USB ports. 3 of those ports have Zen+ technology and the 4th have Zen QC 3.0.

If your phone’s SoC is from Qualcomm, then you can quickly charge it with this port. This feature is enabled on the port with the green color. Other ports are blue colored and they feature the Zen+ technology.

These Zen+ ports charges with 5V/2.4A – 12W. The main Zen+ 2.0 QC can deliver either 5v/3A – 18W or 9v/2A – 18W.

PD port can supply 5-20V – 45W, The USB-C 2.0 hub can give 480mbps speeds according to Zendure. These power banks are available in Gento Shop. This is the latest Zendure products. You will find many people talk about it soon. It is a great investment. You won’t take your charger and hub with you anymore and it has 4 charging ports.

When I travel, I use the PD port to charge the power bank and charge my products with the other ports.

In the morning, all your devices will be charged and ready to use. You will save precious weight while you travel by not taking your adapters with you. If you buy this product from Gento shop, you’ll get a 2 year warranty. Prices are in the VD.

Gento Shop always makes offers. This is a review of the X6 power bank from Zendure. These power banks have a new design. It is not traditional. There are many other products with this design.

All of these products have USB-C PD ports. You can charge your products and the power bank itself from it. Zendure started as a kickstarter. Their products have great hardware.

Now, they made this new design with the great hardware and features in this power bank. You can do lots of things using the PD port, especially, with the new mode. I like that they included the cable inside the box. It is a USB-C cable.

You’ll need a charging adapter though. This is the end of this review Catwoman. I hope this review was successfu for you and for our visitors too.

Zendure’s products are a great investment as they last for a long time. Don’t forget your warranty.

🕷 See you later.

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