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Let me now discuss Opal C1! 🤔 Most digital video conferencing cameras are not as good as single-lens cameras or even mirrorless cameras. Therefore, the image quality in video chats is not always the best, and some may need to use a professional camera or phone camera.

But the Opal C1 camera changes this idea by using the IMX378 sensor from Sony, which you find in the camera of Pixel phones. Where the camera offers a quality that rivals professional digital cameras in video chats.

Opal C1 camera design:🤪

The camera comes in a very compact design that makes it easy to install on a desktop or laptop screen. You also find with the camera its own mount that you can use with most computer screens.

You can also install the camera on any professional camera holder, as it comes with a convenient place for installation.

The camera relies on two basic colors in its design, either completely black or white with some black points in it. And find a large camera lens in the front of the design and next to it special holes for the microphone for recording sound.

The back of the camera is designed in a distinctive way to help cool its internal components in an attractive way, as it looks like a cooling piece for M.2 hard disks. The camera also has an LED indicator that lights up when the camera is on.

The camera uses a USB C port to connect to computers, and you can find the port on the back of the camera.

Via the camera app if you wish.

The camera also uses an appropriate and good microphone that can record audio clips with high accuracy despite the presence of noise around it.

The camera can process your voice to remove surrounding noise, but you may feel some echo effects in the end result.

Camera app:🤫

The company offers its own app that comes with the camera, and this app currently only works with macOS. But the app is supposed to be officially released for Windows devices next year.

This application is considered one of the strengths of the camera, as it can process the image and produce it with a high quality that competes with mobile phones.

You can also use the application with great ease to modify the specifications of the resulting image through it, where you can change the specifications of the image and tamper with the various effects.

The application includes a feature to isolate the background as found in macOS Monterey systems in order to obtain better quality.

The application offers a set of other features found in Apple devices such as the Center Stage feature, but it is called Face Lock.

And this feature always makes your face in the center of the photo, no matter how far you move or far from the photo.

The company also promises to provide more new features and features for the camera when it officially launches, thanks to the Intel Myriad X processor in the camera.

The Opal C1 is currently $300, but you need to get a special invitation to purchase it.

Also, the camera does not work with Windows systems with all its features, and the company promises to provide it for Windows systems at the official launch.

What do you think of this device?😜

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