😍 Leaks of the upcoming Galaxy S22🎉, IKEA provides you with clean energy to light your homes💡, and Apple Watch 7 leaks⌚! and more…

25.08.21 at 00.00 am

Samsung minimizes their battery size, while Apple are increasing its size. Google removes the charger from the box, and announces a new device. And furniture companies will bring electricity to our homes. But how? I’ll tell you in this review.

Hi guys, Let me remind you to bring your coffee with you.. ☕… The new Flip and Fold devices have just been announced, and now we’re getting leaks about the S22 series, it is great that Samsung names their devices according to the year. S22 will be issued in 2022.

New leaks suggest that this new series will come with smaller battery sizes that the current series. But I guess the software optimization and new the CPU energy saving will compensate the lost capacity.

Lots of users will lash out about the lost capacity of the battery. It is depressing. The last two year’s flagships didn’t come with batteries, but the 5nm CPUs compensated the lost capacity, Imagine a new CPU with a new software optimization and algorithms, it’ll be excellent. 😛

We’ll get great performance, camera performance and great battery life from the S22 series. As long as there are 4000mAh batteries, then there is no need for bigger batteries. The leaks suggested that the new device will come with better and bigger cameras. With a design that follows the same design philosophy. And an under-the-display front facing camera, similar to the new Fold’s. We might also get the same thing with the future Flip devices.

The device is expected to come with the new SD898 CPI and the new Exynos CPU if Samsung chooses to. There’s also a new upcoming device that will be released this year despite the rumors that suggest it won’t be released. It is the new S21 FE. Let’s wait and see when it’ll be released.

In the YouTube poll, the Fold got 72%, while the Flip got 28%, While in Instagram, the Fold got 51% and the Flip got 49%.

Instagram audience prefer the elegance of the Flip design. This is something different with an unexpected result.😍

Let me now discuss the patent that Apple lately registered that might change the way we interact with future MacBooks, It’s probable that the company will ditch the Touch Bar and replace with the Apple Pencil.

🤨 This new patent was received with a lot of fuss among MacBooks lovers. Will the Pencil come in the box? Which I don’t expect. 🙄

How will it be used? Is Apple planning to introduce MacBook with touch screen support? Will the Pencil work with the Touchpad? Or it might continue like the same, and this is just a patent that might be helpful for Apple in the future. Is Apple going to use it for royalties?

If another company did this, the same will be done.😂

Microsoft earns lots of money from Android because of their patents in it. Android pays Microsoft because they use their patents.🤑🤑🤑

A new review guys about mid-range devices is coming tomorrow. The devices are from Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi. There will also be reviews about wireless headphones from Nokia, Belkin and Huawei. This review will be great for those looking to buy a mid-range device and a wireless headphones with an excellent price.

Comment: « what prevents me f rom buying the new Fold is not its price, but the cameras. »

He wishes that the cameras were similar to the Ultra’s.

Another comment: « I wished it came with a 5000mAh battery and 16GB RAM. »

Imagine how much the price will be if the device comes with these features? Samsung will definitely profit, but they’ll also lose thousands of potential buyers, 5000 or 6000mAh battery is too big.

The Ultra cameras increased its thickness significantly, Imagine that happening with the Fold. I think the Fold as it is is amazing.

Question: « Why don’t you review Xiaomi devices?

Xiaomi is officially yet unofficially available in all markets, It’s strange to cooperate with them. I know that they have representatives here and that they have amazing devices. But there’s no contact with them, then what’s the benefit of them being in our countrie?🙄🤨

Comment: « I can’t buy Huawei devices because of the lack of Google support. It’s not practical to use the web version., it’s not practical, and requires multiple steps.

That’s right. Huawei is still facing problems with Google. But they have amazing technologies, and those who are tech savvy will find a way to replace Google services.

Comment: « I think the iPhone’s cameras are better than the Ultra’s, despite the bigger sensors.

There are differences, but iPhone is generally better because of the Deep Fusion technology. If you turn Deep Fusion off, and reduce the Ultra’s cameras to 12MP, the results will be identical.

There are lots of leaks about the upcoming Apple Watch with the new redesign, which we’ve been expecting for a while. The design will be similar to the new iPhone and iPad. What are the changes?

The screen is also expected to be slightly bigger. It’ll come with the UWB chip, which will be great for the Find My ecosystem. We might not see the glucose censor this year, because Apple couldn’t incorporate it. I also expect that one version will come with a fingerprint sensor to increase the safety.

They are going to change the design, why not add a fingerprint sensor? The fingerprint sensor could be similar to what happened with the new iPad Air. At the end, it is a watch, and it’s slower than a smartphone. Especially, Apple Watches.

Let me now discuss a quick news about IKEA, They confirm that the by the year 2030, they’ll be able to 1 billion people to live a better life, but how? 🙃

They’ll provide clean energy houses. In cooperation with other companies, they’ll offer lights that work using wind or solar energy. You can control its performance using a dedicated app. This will help you manage your payments. It’s only currently available in Sweden, and it’ll come to the rest of the world depending on the regulations of each country. Are governmental electric companies in danger in the future?

Google’s Pixel won’t come with a charger in the box, and no one seems to sad about it. I told you that after Apple did, most companies will follow their path and become normalized.

Most companies say it is because of environmental reasons. These companies will save the value of the charger. Chargers’ manufacturers will increase their shipments. The size of the box will also be smaller, which means that can pack more devices in shipment boxes. Google announced the new Pixel 5a with a 6.3″ screen and a 60Gz OLED panel.

They come with a punch hole front facing camera and a FHD screen. They support 5G, come with a great camera and a mid-range CPU, it comes with a 6GB RAM and dual rear cameras: Wide and Ultra Wide.

There’s no need to discuss their performance, because they are amazing. The availability is the problem. It’ll cost $450, which is %50 less than the previous version, and it’ll be available in 26th of August.

Let me now discuss the iPhone 13 leaks. According to leaks, the event will take place in 14th of September, The Pro versions are expected to come with a 1TB storage with higher price. The Pro Max version will come with a 4253mAh. Nearly 700mAh increase compared the current version.

Apple increases the battery size, Samsung decreases it. What’s happening? The latest iPhone updates affect the battery. Lots of users are complaining to me on WhatsApp about it. As it stands out, there won’t be a fingerprint sensor with the iPhone 13 series. We haven’t seen any indication about that.

But what’s nearly confirmed is the Always-On Display support. Also, the notch will be smaller, and the screen will support 120Hz. But what we know is that there will be an Apple event, where they’ll release a number of new devices, I am very excited for the last quarter of this year, This is the end of this news review.

See you soon.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

🕷 CEO of OTTO Magazine