😈 What is the best Techniques and Advantages of the Mate 40 Pro!🤔

Blog 48: November 22-2020 at 10:00 pm


This device supports charging with 66w, And the charger comes in the box. It also supports wireless charging with 50w, It comes with a 5nm CPU, With high capabilities and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The design is elegant, especially the black circle on the back that gives the device an elegant look along with the beautiful color, The device comes with all of these technologies, yet, it is oppressed. Yes, it is oppressed. Let me introduce you to the Mate 40 Pro:😈

In this article, I’ll talk about the Mate 40 Pro, This is the most oppressed device in 2020, Because it comes with high capabilities, and I’ll discuss them in this article guys, so your cup coffee☕ and welcome again to this new article.

It doesn’t come with all the services, which I’ll also discuss in this article, First, the Mate 40 Pro comes with the powerful Kirin 9000 from Huawei. It is one of the first CPUs from Huawei that is built on 5nm architecture.

According to Huawei, the CPU comes with more than 15.3 billion transistors. These transistors help with executing processing tasks.

For example, the higher the transistors, the better the processing process will be. This makes the device faster while executing tasks.

The accuracy of this CPU is very high, The CPU comes with 8 cores, and the frequencies of these cores are as follow:

First core comes with 3.13GHz frequency, The second 3 cores come with 2.54GHz frequency, There are also another 4 cores with 2.05GHz frequency.

All of these cores will help provide better performance. The CPU accuracy and efficiency with these cores is supposed to be high, And since comes cores come with less frequency, these cores will help in lessening the power consumption, This will extend the battery life, I’ll talk about the battery later.

It is 4400mAh, which is not small. The GPU is the Mali-G78 with 24 cores. And according to Huawei, it is the first GPU with this number of cores.

We tried the GPU with PUBG game. The games started with high settings and HDR enabled, and the gaming performance was very smooth. We also tried Call of Duty Mobile, and it also worked with high settings and high performance. Each and every app and game we tried started with the highest performance.

The CPU also comes with an NPU. This NPU comes with two big cores and another smaller core. NPU will enable AI, which will also help increase the performance. It’ll also enhance the photography experience, which I’ll also talk about in this article.

It also helps in increasing the life and performance of the battery. The Mate 40 Pro supports 5G. 5G provides higher download and upload speeds.

Software and hardware harmony of the Mate 40 Pro makes the battery last longer. And for the first time, the Mate 40 Pro supports fast charging with 66w. Using Huawei’s Super Charging technology. This technology charges the battery from 0% to 100% in 45 minutes. This technology will also enable fast wireless charging with 50w.

This technology will protect the battery, The device also comes with a smart coil to enable wireless charging This coil uses algorithms to locate the best wireless charging experience, whether horizontally or vertically.

Since I talked a lot about the hardware, let me now discuss the design. The Mate 40 Pro is made from glass with an aluminum frame:

The back is shiny and is mirror-like, It looks like a mirror and reflects rainbow colors. What’s beautiful about it is the circular design that houses the rear cameras.

This circular design was introduced with the Mate 30 Pro. Huawei calls is Space Ring Camera. I wished if ‘Leica’ was replace with ‘Huawei’, bu that’s my personal preference.

The front is occupied by the screen, which Huawei calls Horizon Display. We’ve seen it with the older device, and Huawei keeps developing it.

The screen is curved from all 4 sides. The curviness reaches up to 88 degrees. The device is also IP68 water and dust resistant. Volume rockers are back again, and they’re placed on the right side.

Did you expect that Huawei removed the virtual volume rocker buttons? Never! They’re available on the other side. Huawei gives users options between virtual and physical buttons.

I don’t think there are many devices that come with this technology. The Mate 40 Pro is very special with it. The device comes with 3 rear cameras. There’s also a laser sensor for autofocus. I’ve already reviewed it.

In this ARTICLE, I’ll talk about the Ultra Vision Cine Camera. The camera is 50MP. It is considered a cinematic camera. The sensor of the camera is 1/128, It comes with the RYYP filter (Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue), It is known to capture more light and provide better dynamic range.

It also reduces noise in pictures. This camera will provide saturated and warm colors, with excellent details and quality. Even the videos come with satisfactory details and quality.

The results are very beautiful. There’s another camera in the Mate 40 Pro called Periscopic Telephoto lens. This camera can provide 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom.

Both offer satisfactory results, It also supports up to 50x digital zoom, but the quality degrades since it uses software.

Mmmm, i like my Coffee! i love Coffee and my Work really.😈

The device runs Android 10 with EMIU 10 from Huawei, This UI is known to provide shortcuts. It’s also smooth and we’re used to it in Huawei devices.

And according to Huawei, this UI provide high privacy, And of course you’d want to know whether this device supports Google services or not. I’ll discuss it in this article. But for now, I’ll continue discussing the device itself.

This device supports a feature called Multi-Screen Collaboration.This feature will enable you to connect the device with a Huawei laptop and control the phone from the laptop itself.

You can also easily share files between both devices easily, You can drag files from the phone to laptop and it’ll be copied easily.

The Mate 40 Pro supports two unlocking options, The first option is through using the in-display fingerprint sensor. It offers high responsiveness.

The second is through the 3D sensors next to the front facing camera, and it offers high security. The Mate 40 Pro also supports AI Privacy Protection, which uses AI to protect your privacy. It is supposed to offer high privacy for users.

Let me now move to the apps: The Mate 40 Pro comes with Huawei’s App Gallery. It doesn’t support Google’s Play Store.

The App Gallery is developed by Huawei, and it is the third biggest App Store around the world. The store includes lots of apps such as Snapchat, TikTok and local apps as such Smasco.

Huawei also introduced an app search engine called Petal Search. This engine will enable you to install app from third party stores. Or through the official website of the app itself.

The device comes with the App Gallery Store along with the Petal Search engine. I’ll have to say that this device doesn’t officially support Google services.

And the reason being the problems between China and USA. If you depend on Google services, then you can use the App Gallery, which will be a bit tiring, or you can use other services or even use another device from another company.

But again, Huawei invests a lot in their App Gallery store. They are trying to make their own ecosystem along with their apps.

Let me explain why I said this device is oppressed, Imagine if this device supports Google services! This device would be one of the biggest competitors in all aspects.

The capabilities of this device is indeed required in the device we use. We need high competition, When Huawei struggled in its march towards development, I expect that we, as users, will also be affected.

Huawei used and is bringing us the latest technologies in all of their devices, which means better technologies, better prices in short time.

What’s your opinion of what’s happening with Huawei?

And what do you thin of the details and performance of the Mate 40 Pro?

Voice your opinions in the comment section, I’ve voiced my opinion in this article. 😈 You too voice your opinion.

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