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🤡 When it comes to gaming superiority, keyboards are one of the most important gaming desktop accessories.

A lot of companies are interested in offering gaming keyboards, so you will find a lot of confusing choices in this area.

Gaming consoles vary greatly in their design and functionality, and companies are constantly developing them.

Criteria for choosing a keyboard that helps you excel in gaming:

Most gaming keyboards work differently from traditional typing keyboards, thanks to their reliance on a physical button-pressing mechanism.

Thus, when you press any button on the keyboard, its mechanics move and the board records that press. Also, each button on these panels works separately from the rest of the buttons.

This differs from typical keyboards, which operate with a plastic membrane located under the buttons that records the presses.

You also feel the pressure distance and force of the mechanical keyboard buttons, meaning that the button resists pressing and you find some resistance from it.

This mechanics makes the board emit a distinctive sound when pressed, similar to the sound of ancient typewriters.

There are three types of pressure mechanics or switches, as their manufacturers call them, namely:

  • Red adapters: They are somewhat silent and do not feel the force of the pressure with them and require a slight force to record the pressure.
  • Blue adapters: They make a loud sound when you press them and they feel the force of pressure you are applying and require you to press them more hard.
  • Structure: It is similar to red transducers in its pitch, but you feel the force of the pressure a little.

The size of the gaming keyboards also varies, as there are some keyboards that give up some buttons that the player may not need.

And you find panels called TKL and it comes with a number of 104 buttons, and you find it without the number buttons on the left side of the panel.

There are also panels much smaller than these and are called 75% or 60% depending on the number of buttons they have and how much space those buttons take up.

Some users prefer to rely on smaller keyboards to save space on their desktop, but of course this does not apply to all users who may prefer larger keyboards especially when using them for long periods of typing.

🤡 Best gaming keyboards:

The list of best gaming keyboards varies with the user and their personal preferences of size and type of adapter the board is using.

But the list we chose today includes a variety of keyboards that all users will like in all fields and preferences.

Logitech G915 Gaming Keyboard:

This panel comes in a slightly smaller size than the rest of the keyboards and a smaller panel height in general, along with the height of the buttons.

It is considered one of the best TKL keyboards that does not have number buttons on the side of the panel.

You can get it in a wireless or wired version as you prefer, and it also comes in black and white and with more than one type of adapter.

Razer BlackWidow lite keyboard:

This panel looks like a very beautiful piece of art through its white color and the lack of RGB lights and its reliance only on white lighting.

It is also a member of the TKL family of small switches and comes with Razer Orange Switches that are slightly silent.

This board comes with a wired version only, you can’t get it with the wireless version, but you can unplug the connection cable if you prefer to carry it easily.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL motherboard:

This plate is characterized by its reliance on optical transducers as well as mechanical in order to make the pressure better and more accurate.

You can also control the distance of the press and the time required for it to respond to you, so you can customize the keyboard as you wish.

The panel comes with a small LED screen at the top of it, and this screen helps in displaying alerts and some other information.

But the board comes at a slightly high price compared to the rest of the boards equipped for games, as you can get it for about $180.

Anne Pro 2 panel 60%

This panel comes with fewer buttons than the usual TKL panels, so its size is slightly smaller.

This panel occupies 60% of your desktop, thus giving you plenty of space to work.

The board mainly uses Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s suitable for anyone who likes to move around a lot or keep their desk tidy.

You can connect it to four computers simultaneously, so it is one of the best gaming keyboards.

Asus ROG Claymore II keyboard

This pad comes with a full number of keys, which means it has the side number buttons in it but with a little surprise.

Through this panel, you can move the number buttons from the right side to the left side as you prefer, or remove them completely if you prefer.

The keyboard uses a blue button type in addition to fast charging and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

However, this tablet has a slightly higher price tag, as it comes in at about $270.

No, I like the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL motherboard! hahaha hahahaha Is there any more?😱

🤡 Yes, there is: Logitech G213 keyboard!

This keyboard is not considered a mechanical keyboard because it uses a membrane under the buttons to record keystrokes.

But the board responds quickly to all kinds of pressures and comes in at about $50 and includes customizable RGB lighting.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 board

HyperX offers a wide range of gaming-oriented accessories, and the company’s accessories are among the top picks in the underdog.

But the Alloy Elite 2 sits atop the company’s keyboards, and it uses RGb lighting throughout the board as well as distinctive mechanical switches for ease of use and responsiveness in gaming.

The board comes in at about $130, which is a reasonable price for gaming consoles.

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