😈 The return of the smallest iPad from Apple❗ Cons and Pros of iPad mini 2021 🙊💥🔥

Review 223: 26.09.2021 at 07:00 pm

😈 We knew that this device was coming, but we’ve waited for a long time for it to arrive. Finally, this is the iPad mini with a new design and better specs. The device comes with specs that makes it one of the options for studying and business. Let’s find out more about this new iPad mini, which is expected to be very popular with the new Pro design.

This is the new iPad mini:

I’ll make a comparison review between this device and the last generation of it. I’ll also make a comparison review between it and other iPads. With these comparisons, we’ll find out which iPad is better for you.

Let me discuss the details of the new iPad mini. This device comes with the same design as the other iPads in the last two years, especially the Pro and Air versions. The device comes with flat edges and nearly an edge to edge screen. It also comes with a top power button with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in it. It also comes with a single rear camera.

There’s also a dedicated place to magnetically connect the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. Compared to the iPad mini 2019 version, the new one is a little bit shorter and a little bit wider.

The device is slim with 6.3mm thickness. And it is a little bit lighter in weight. The new iPad mini come with 4 new colors: grey, purple, rose and starlight. For us, the starlight looks more beige. The device comes with a 8.3″ Liquid Retina screen. It is bigger than the previous generation, which was 7.9.

The new screen offers significantly better colors. The screen resolution is 2266×1488. It supports True Tone technology, which makes it more comfortable for the eyes. The screen size is very good for the tasks expected from it. It is good for gaming, watching content or for work. It is not the best screen on a tablet, but it does its job well. The device can be used with one hand.

The size of the device is elegant. It feels like a phablet that supports 5G, which I’ll discuss later. The device comes with the A15 Bionic CPU with 6 cores and 5nm architecture build. it is the latest version of Apple’s CPUs. The CPU is 40% more powerful than the previous version. It also comes with a 5 core GPU from Apple.

According to Apple, the new GPU is 80% more powerful in photo/video editing, gaming and AR apps. This iPad is directed for gamers, video/photo editors and those who will use it for content watching. Because it comes with a good screen, CPU and GPU. Artists will enjoy using this device a lot.

It comes with a good price, yet it is a good investment for all the tasks this device is capable of doing. But we wouldn’t know how powerful the CPU if we don’t test it. In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1602 points for the single core and 4358 points for multicores. Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other iPads.. This comparison shows you which iPad offers better performance. Check your needs out of this schedule. Capture the screen and share it with others.

The performance is excellent for an iPad with this size from Apple. The new iPad mini runs iPadOS 15, which comes with lots of new features that weren’t supported in previous versions. These features include quick notes, quick translations And merging widgets with apps in the homepage.

I’ll make a review to review iPadOS and iOS. Stay visit your magazine OTTO.

The device comes with machine learning features and ML Cores, which works in the background. These cores recognize photos and handwriting. It also recognizes voice commands, frames in videos among other things. All of these processes are processed on the device without needing the cloud. All the processes will be done using Machine Learning on the device itself.

🤡 Is the camera good for content creating❓😁

For the first tie, this device offers 12MP front facing and rear cameras. The iPhones comes with the same pixel count. The front facing camera supports a wide angle and a feature called Center Stage. This feature allows the camera to track you during meetings. The rear camera supports a dual led flash, which makes the photos better in low light scenarios. It supports recording 4K videos, slow-mo videos and AR. In general, photography on tablets isn’t that important. But Apple provided this iPad with the most important camera features for a tablet. Especially in online meetings.

For example, the camera will track you as you move around the iPad. The device also got new audio features that make the sound better whether on vertical or horizontal. The left and right speakers will work in stereo aspect whether in vertical or horizontal aspects. This iPad offers better security, and this time it comes with a Touch ID embedded in the power button.

For me, I think it is practical, fast and does its job. It doesn’t come with a Face ID, but it doesn’t affect the usability. And the Touch ID is better in the pandemic era, as the Touch ID is more practical. The iPad mini is great for artists as a mobile device.

Having an Apple Pencil second generation supports makes it easier. The Adobe Frisco app is great for artists. There’s also the Adobe Capture app, which offers tools for editors. It supports the camera app and other Apple apps. There’s another called Explain Everything Whiteboard. The app is basically a whiteboard with cool tools where you can add photos and videos with Apple’s AiPlay support.

You can use the AirPlay feature to broadcast the screen of the iPad to an Apple TV device or any screen with AirPlay support. There’s another app called Zinna with great support for the Apple Pencil, stickers and calendars. The idea is that there are lots of apps that support the Apple Pencil now. This makes the usability of the device better than before. These are the apps that we suggest. Let us know what apps you suggest to use with this iPad.

Let me now discuss the additional features:

First thing is the Apple Pencil support. The Apple Pencil works with the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The Apple Pencil is very responsive and charges wirelessly quickly with very low latency. The iPad with the Apple Pencil experience is one of the best in experiences in the market. The device also supports 5G networks. It is a great feature for businessmen/women who might need to make online meetings on the device. Or might want to quickly send or download files. Or for gamers who want to play games with low latency.

There’s also the WiFi version. Evaluate your needs. Not all users require 5G supports. For some users, the WiFi version is enough. The device supports WiFi 6. But to benefit it, you have to use a WiFi 6 router.

The device supports a physical sim and an eSIM. The device replaced the Lightning port with the USB-C port. This port has solved lots of problems. You can charge the device with any USB-C cabe or transfer files from an SSD storage easy. The device supports 5Gbps transfer speeds. According to Apple, the battery lasts for 10 hours with moderate usage. With 5G usage, the battery will drain faster. The box contains instruction manuals, 20W charger, 1m USB-C to USB-C charging cable .

Apple also announced the new Smart Folio covers. These covers come with different colors with new iPad mini design, Older covers don’t work with this new iPad mini.

The price of the device starts from 500 usd 🇺🇸. It comes with 64GB of storage.


the device comes with a new beautiful design. It is similar to the bigger devices. It balances between the new modern design and the perfect weight. Having support for the A15 CPU means that the device will be great for years to come. The CPU offers great performance with extensive usage. It also supports 5G networks. Having support for the USB-C port is also great.


the price is high for an iPad mini. Until now, Apple hasn’t announced a dedicated keyboard for this iPad. Third party companies will surely make keyboards for this iPad. The iPad Air comes with more colors than the iPad mini.

Are we missing something?🙄

To summarize it, the iPad mini offers high efficiency and an excellent investment. I’ll compare this device with the new iPad 9th gen, iPad Air, iPad Pro to know which is better for you. I’ll discuss the efficiency and which is better for you. Let me know what else to include in these comparisons. This is the end of this review. I’ll make lots of content about this new iPad mimi.

See you soon friends….😈

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