🕷😱 Lumina SS 2008 Modified in 2021❗🔥🔥😈

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🕷 Hello guys! Welcome to a new article of Super cars modified, Today’s star, is a 2008 Lumina SS with an extraordinary body kit, The only one in the world with this body kit!🙈

When a doctor modifies a car, the result will be unpredictable, it can be very good or very bad, But the modifications made by the doctor was very creative.

Guys, your cup Coffee, let start our review today, we start the test-drive! You saw the unique body kit, It’s a one-off body kit, A unique mix! The car owner designed it himself from the front to the rear, and he installed it in a friend’s garage.

It took a lot of time to adjust and develop the body kit, before they came up with the final product. The body kit now is properly fitted and the paint job is great too.

The car was modified 3 years ago, and it’s still in a great condition, The body kit included, a new hood, front bumper, rear bumper, and front wheel fenders. it also included the door caps, the rear wheel fenders , and the door scoops, All of this in one complete body kit.

There is also a rear spoiler that was borrowed from a modified Mercedes, but the car’s owner adjusted it, adding his personal touch, So now it looks very different.

He also added some widebody fenders and quarterpanels, so that the car would look wider from the back, It looks really good in the rear-view mirror. The car also looks really good on the streets, it looks like a 1000 hp car, Very wild!

🕷 In my opinion this body kit is really great! with great quality under the hood, The car’s owner didn’t cheep out at all, The car owner has the only mold used to make this body kit, You can’t find it anywhere else. This is a one-off car!

🕷 About the car mechanics…?

It’s a 2008 Lumina SS, The owner bought it from the dealership, So he really cares about it, The engine is a stock 6.0L V8, with air intakes , programming, and a fully modified XFORCE exhaust system.

It can generate about 400hp! We will try it now! OK, it’s not that powerful but 400 hp is good enough! We can easily reach 100 km/h not like the Suzuki!

The exhaust sounds great, The V8 sounds great! American cars in general sound great! The modification job also included, an airlift system. You can adjust the suspension system through this device.

To rise the car or lower it, as you like, An excellent show car! You can lower the car so close to the ground, Of course, you can’t drive it like this, because any speed bump will ruin the whole body kit.

OK, it’s not that hard to install a lift kit! But the suspension system must fit the wheels, when you rise or lower the car, The car has a wide-body kit, It’s so large. and it’s fitted with a modified set of wheels from Heritage, The front wheels size is 20×11 inch.

The rear wheels size is 20×13 inch, Giant wheels! So, adjusting the suspension system to fit the wheels properly, is not an easy task!

There is also an application for smartphones, So that you can use your mobile to rise the car and lower it, The remote control isn’t the only way.

So using the mobile or this device you can have fun, adjusting the ride height from inside or outside the car, The car’s interior modifications included, a custom upholstery for the front and rear seats with custom colors.

The car owner modified it and created his own theme, to add his personal touch, I think he did a good job! OK, it was made locally, but it was professionally carried out.

The modifications also included a great sound system, We can see the speakers up there with 2 subwoofers, But you don’t need to listen to music..Just step on it!

The rear lights were modified, but the catch is on the headlights, The only ones of their kind in the world the car’s owner created them, and he put his name inside them.

And you can change their colors too, and adjust the brightness, You can increase or decrease brightness as you want, and you can pick a different color for each side.You can make the car look like it’s winking.

I loved this feature! Very creative! Hand made world class touches! Very beautiful!

When it was first launched Lumina SS was well received world wide, and especially in US and in the countries of the Middle East for the people who want a 4-door family car with a powerful engine.

But Lumina’s status faded out gradually, Some of you will say : This is an old car, its a 2008 model! Yet, the car’s owner managed to bring back the car’s status with this modification job. It turns heads on the streets!

He took care of itn and made these modifications, to make it different than any other Lumina in the world.

The car wasn’t modified to generate a great deal of horsepower, but it has a very special body kit!

🕷 See you in the soon reviews guys, Today we have learned from an important lesson, that no matter how long your car is, take care of it and modify it, you will find it a supercar.😍🕸🕸🕸

🕷 Another thing guys, do you like the site with Ads or without them? Personally, the site is not profitable, and I do not like ads, but I just wanted to compensate for a little of what I lose from buying the electronic devices that I review with you, as well as transportation and travel expenses to review modified cars, they are very expensive, especially modern devices, your opinion is important to us, if the ads It annoys you, I will remove it! Personally, I do not like it, annoying, hahaha, and as I said, the site is not profitable, its goal is only to help you choose the best electronic devices. See you in the next reviews.

Nice Car Man! but my car is the best hhh hhhh hhhh

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  1. Still rocking the S20 Ultra and it is still great. Feel like since the S20 Ultra, there haven’t been any reason to upgrade. I upgraded from the S10+, and that was noticable. 120hz, 5000mah battery, the great camera, super snappy. And it still performs like that! S20 Ultra will probably be in my pocket for a good while more. Then I am thinking of trying out a Pixel phone.
    Written on my S20 Ultra, I love you ❤️

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