🕷If you can’t afford to buy AMG G63❗ here is the answer❗ 🙊🔥🔥🔥

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🕷 Hi guys! Most of car enthusiasts love Mercedes G63 but with a limited budget they can’t afford to buy it, Today’s star is Suzuki Jimny G63 AMG!

A very strange mix! If you can’t afford to buy G63 here is the answer! But Before we start the article… your cup coffee or tea and Let’s start!☕

Now we begin test-driving the extraordinary 2019 Suzuki Jimny, Some quick information about Suzuki Jimny, The car is very old and it has a long history. This is the 4th generation.

A very practical car! It was built to be practical, durable, with cheap parts and low fuel consumption, Its off-road capabilities regarding its size, are excellent.

Suzuki Jimny is offered with 2 engines a 700cc turbocharged and this 1.5 L engine, The car is available with 2 gearboxes: A 4-speed automatic, or a 5-speed manual.

I wish it had more power it would be better for off-roading, But relatively speaking, the car is practical, economical, not that powerful, but it’s strong enough!

We have the second gear shift knob which provides the 2H option ( 2 wheel drive ), the 4H option 4 wheel drive for high speeds, and the 4L when you go on a rough terrain.

It locks the differentials and reduces the gear ratios, so that you can get maximum torque at low rpm, Fast company added a nice feature, this button on my left, it allows you to disengage ABS when you go off-roading.

Just press this button with 4L, and everything is OK! or even 4H as the car is light and small, This car has a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine generating 100hp, Ordinary numbers, nothing special!

But what’s special about this car is its body kit, It has the body of Mercedes G63 AMG.

Honestly, everybody on the streets was taking pictures of the car, Some people even stopped me and asked me if it was for sale, The car is extremely attractive!

Even G63 AMG owners stopped me and asked if the car was for sale, and asked where I modified it.

I’m proud to say that the body kit was fully made in UAE, by an Emirati company Fast Car company.

A specialized workshop…They made this body kit, The body kit includes:

The front bumper, the hood, and the front wheel arches, All are inspired by G-Class design, There is a front guard too.

The headlights are from Jeep Wrangler.

The turn signals on the sides are from G-Class, The side mirrors and side steps are inspired by G-Class design. The exhaust tips are from G-Class on both sides, but only the left ones are functional.

The engine sound is a bit strange! You can recognize it’s a 4-cylinder, The rear-lights are exactly the same as 2019 G-Class lights 100%.

The rear bumper is G-Class’s, The spare tire design, is the same as G-Class, and it has a rear view camera to help you park the car.

They added some features to make it feel like a Mercedes G-Class, The car also has modified gas shock absorbers from Xplorer.

So the car offers a comfortable ride and at the same time , the car has great capabilities for off-roading, The rear wheel arches are also modified, they are bolted not welded, the same design as G-Class, and the rear tailgate also opens like a G-Class.

Let’s have a round of acceleration, because Special Car fans always ask for it, Before you step on it, ! Open the door and close it!

No sound! The ordinary sound! The sound of G-Class doors is missing! and the sound of the central locking is missing too!

Let’s step on it! This is a 100hp car! No power! 60km/h! 70…80…

The road is about to finish and it’s still 90km/h! make it reach 100km/h! 100km/h! Thanks God! we reached 100km/h!

The car powertrain is stock 100hp without any modifications or power increase, The main idea behind modifying this car is to make it special with low budegt, but with a great deal of attraction, that people would take pictures of you.

As if you were driving a Bugatti, or a brand new G-Class, This car can give you that!

including the 18 wheels the same ones used on Mercedes G-Class and a full paint job, because many parts need to be painted.

So they offer a whole paint job when you buy the package, whether you choose to keep the car’s original color or any other color.

Regarding the interior modifications, there is this touch screen, it supports Android Auto and all kinds of smart phones.

This body kit is a bolt-on not welded so that it doesn’t affect your car.

All of its components are high quality original parts made by the company, This car can pass the vehicle test and can be easily registered and licenced, It just needs to have Suzuki logos on it, in order to be licenced.

If you use Mercedes logo it will not be licenced, From a distance, everybody will think it’s a G-Class, But it can be distinguished when you park it beside a G-Class, because it’s much smaller!

The difference is huge! The car is great! The front guard is metal just like Merceds G-Class, A great car!

Very practical, fuel consumption is very low!

OK, there is a lot of plastic inside! But this is a practical car, not a luxury car, I believe Suzuki Jimny is one of the best, practical cars you can buy, Because it’s in high demand.

If you go to the dealer to buy one they will tell you it’s sold out, Make a deposit now, and you may get a car in 1 or 2 years, The car is very successful!

As a juror of the World Car Awards of the year, Suzuki Jimny was chosen as one, of the best cars in the world, for 2018/2019, A very successful car!

Take care!😎 and see you soon on the next reviews guys…

Yes Bro, A very successful car!

An attractive toy! i like this Car, Where is Joker?