😈 How did Samsung become stronger than the South Korean president ?! 😱🙊

December 27-2020 at 00:00 am

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Hello guys 😈 , how was yesterday’s celebration! I hope that the New Year 2021 will be better,💪 I think that no one in this planet knows or has not heard the brand name, Samsung, and this is actually for a very simple reason, which is that the company in addition to being successful and its products are everywhere, it supports advertising and marketing Huge value more than the economy of a country like Iceland! But despite this, there are many people who do not know anything about Samsung except that it is a company that makes smartphones or TV screens, but in fact this is a simple part of the Samsung Sea, because there are many secret aspects, Samsung without exaggeration is an imperial working in everything, to the point that The economy of South Korea with all its strength and prestige is in the hands of Samsung, so that if Samsung falls, the entire Korean economy will fall, and there is no company in the world that has a strong influence like Samsung, but before going into the details, your delicious coffee is necessary ☕ for to enjoy with this article by OTTO Magazin, which we will talk about some secrets and the subtleties of Samsung that you may be reading for the first time.😈💥💥💥

On January 26, 1996, the late president of Samsung Group Lee Kun Hee entered a South Korean courtroom with a barn of lawyers, to investigate with him in a Samsung bribery lawsuit for the President of Insane Korea, Roh Tae Woo, with about 2.5 billion won, about 33 million dollars at that time. It is evident that Samsung President’s bribe has already been confirmed, after his almost confession, and the court sentenced him to a very strange ruling, two years suspended prison sentence! 😅😅😅 Then the Samsung chief got out of court, got into his car, and went as if nothing had happened!

In October 1997, Kim Young Sam, President of South Korea, pardoned the president of Samsung, who was not imprisoned in the first place! You can be surprised by the above and say that it is public corruption. In this article, I tell you why the president of Samsung does not benefit his imprisonment! In the year 1969 Lee byung Chul founded Samsung Electronics, after which he established another company called Samsung Electrical and Mechanics, then he founded Samsung Corning to manufacture glass and cathode ray tubes that are used in the manufacture of televisions, then he continued to open companies until he reached 37 companies operating under the name In 1987, the Samsung Group operates in various fields, then he died in November 18, 1987, after suffering from lung cancer, and immediately after his death, the heads of 37 companies affiliated with the Samsung Group met at the company’s headquarters, and voted unanimously to appoint his son Lee Kun Hee as the new chairman of the Samsung Group.

The challenge was big for the new president, especially since Samsung’s electronic products were of average quality, to the point that consumers in the United States of America and the European market were laughing at the product and at those who buy it too, they used to say Sam-suck means disgusting Samsung! 🙊💩, This situation can no longer be tolerated by the new president, and in 1995 he decided to throw and burn all the inferior Samsung electronic products, whose value was close to 50 million dollars! 😱 In a decision that was very courageous on his part, and addressed his workers that day that Samsung’s policy since today is quality and then quality.

Then Samsung underwent a major transformation after this incident, and its products became of high quality. After 3 years of the decision, Samsung produced, in 1998, the first digital television in the world, and during the year 1999 it produced the first smart watch in the world, then during the year 2000 it produced the first phone A mobile phone in the world that works with MP3, this phone made a noise during this time, so much so that Time considered it among the best smartphones that were manufactured from 1923 to 2010 👏👏👏

The important thing is, within 20 years, Samsung has transformed from a company they say should kneel and laugh, to the most successful and strongest electronics company in the world, its sales of cell phones surpassed Apple, and in the market for LCD screens, Samsung is number 1, as Samsung is currently preparing to control alone on 20 % Of the 5G market during the year 2021, do not forget that all the previous talk is only about Samsung Electronics, which is among the 60 subsidiary companies of the Samsung Group, this huge empire operates in various fields, for example, but not limited to, hospitality, Garden design, commerce, fashion, communications, marketing, security services, cannons, aircraft engines, tanks and guns…Etc.

💬But Wait, Tanks and Guns! Are you not exaggerating Man ?! 🤔😤

Absolutely not, 😈 Samsung Group owns a company called Samsung Techwin for the manufacture of tanks, and it also has companies specialized in medical care, insurance, asset management, engineering, construction and food services, as well as companies specializing in education, housing, cinema, cars and military towers, and chemicals. And ships, as well as in funeral services!

💬 I’m tired! 😱

The Samsung Group has become almost controlling the economy of South Korea, which is expected to be the 9th strongest economy in the whole world, to the point that many South Koreans call their country The Republic of Samsung, and are fully aware that the president of the Samsung Group is much stronger than the president of their country. The subsidiary of Samsung alone constitutes 20% of the value of the South Korean stock exchange, and the business of these companies equals the value of 15% of the value of the entire South Korean economy!

Thus, whoever harms Samsung, it harms the economy of an entire country, the structure of the companies of the Samsung Group is managed in an intertwined, intertwined and complex manner, meaning note, for example:

There are 6 companies in the Samsung Group that control 60 other companies, so if only Samsung Electronics’ shares are down by 70%, then Samsung Insurance and Samsung Construction and Trade will declare their bankruptcy, and if Samsung Insurance Company goes bankrupt, then all insurance companies in South Korea will enter into a crisis. Like dominoes that fall on each other in succession, and those who work with Samsung with suppliers, if they lose their jobs, the unemployment rate in South Korea will double! As it will increase from 3.5% to 7.5% and the pension service in the country will lose about 17 billion dollars, in addition to the loss of the government to the value of large taxes that Samsung pays to a state fund, meaning, for example, during the year 2019, Samsung Electronics alone paid 12% From the corporate tax in all of Korea, take the heaviest. If Samsung goes bankrupt, only the suppliers who deal with it will declare their bankruptcy, and the banks that supply them with money, which will not know how to recover their money, will also declare their bankruptcy, and foreign investors after hearing of the crisis, will They flee without any doubt, 🏃‍♂️ … Then South Korea will enter into a stifling economic crisis, meaning that the spirit of the Korean economy is in the hands of Samsung, and this shows you why the South Korean president pardoned the former president of Samsung who died last October, and Who had previously faced a second charge, and this time was the charge of embezzlement, so he was sentenced to three years with a suspended sentence! The same scenario … then a presidential pardon by the South Korean president.🤫😅

Simply, the president of Samsung should not be imprisoned, and since Samsung has experiences and is accustomed to unprofessional behavior, it faced the same problem for the third time in 2017! Samsung was involved in a bribery case with the country’s president, Park Geun Hye, as the president was removed from her position and the court sentenced her to 25 years in prison, while Samsung Vice President Lee Jae Young, who is the grandson of the company’s founder, took a five-year sentence ! 😅😅 After 6 months, the Court of Appeal acquitted him of a group of charges against him, and reduced his sentence from 5 years to two and a half years with a suspended sentence 🙊💥

I will not add a single line, everything has become clear, but I have one question. If you are the place of the South Korean government, will you prosecute and punish the owners of Samsung even if you know the impact of the huge company on the South Korean economy and its connection with its fate, or will the principles be divided as normal ?!😈

See you tomorrow in the next reviews 😈