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Review 100: 03.04.2021 at 08:00 pm


🕷 No matter what happens, technology will win in this competition when both of these devices compete. In this 100 Review, I’ll compare the iPhone 12 mini and the S21 from Samsung. Both of these devices compete with each others. The smallest device from Samsung against the smallest device from Apple, where all their devices are expensive.

To start, the prices of both devices are very similar. The Galaxy costs 879 USD. And iPhone 12 Mini has nearly the same price.

🕷 Why would anyone buy a device with smaller screen that doesn’t come with an in-display fingerprint sensor?

🕷 And 2 cameras instead of 3? Why would anyone do that?

🕷 There must be a reason as to why!

Let me start the comparison, where the basis of it are built on numbers. Before I start, your cup coffee:

Let me start with the comparison now, The Galaxy comes with a renewed design to some extent. The front is the same, but the back is made form plastic. The frame is made from aluminum that extends to the whole frame of the device. It also includes the camera’s module to give it a unique look different from all other devices. iPhone comes with the same design for the past three years. But this year, the frame is flat. It gives the device an elegant look.

Some users like it while others don’t. The design is the same as the iPhone 12 but smaller.

Who wins the point?

Both get a point since the design is personal preference, even though I think the Samsung is more complete. The mini is very beautiful and great to be used with one hand. It is suitable for those who don’t require powerful cameras and specs. It is a bit confusing because of the screen size.

Speaking of the screen, let me compare both screens now, The Galaxy comes with a Dynamic AMLED 2X screen with 6.2 size. There’s a huge difference between it and the mini’s screen. The screen resolution is 2400×1080. It comes with 421ppi density. It is also covered with a CGG Victus layer. It supports adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. It supports HDR10+ and 1300 Nits.

There’s absolutely no problem with this screen. It also comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor. But when we know the density of the pixels on the mini we’ll be shocked despite its smaller size. But remember that this screen on the Galaxy support 120Hz while the other only supports 60Hz.

The iPhone comes with an OLED Super Retina XDR screen with 5.4 size. It comes with 2340×1080 resolution. And it supports 476ppi density. 50ppi hight than the Galaxy.

The screen is covered with a ceramic layer that resists scratches. It supports HDR10, but not the + version. But it supports Dolby Vision and 1200 Nits.

Who wins the point?

The screen of the iPhone is excellent, but the Galaxy screen supports more features except for the ppi count. The number of features it supports makes it win the point over the iPhone. The point goes to the Galaxy.

The Galaxy comes with the Exynos 2100 CPU in our region. It comes with 8 cores and 5nm architecture build. The GPU is the Mali-G78 MP14. The iPhone comes with the A14 Bionic CPU with 6 cores and 5nm architecture built. The GPU is 4 cores from Apple, too.

In Geekbench 5, the Galaxy scored 1050 points for the single core and 3390 points for multicores. In Geekbench 5, the iPhone scored 1597 points for the single core and 4137 points for multicores.

The point simply goes to the iPhone. It scored higher numbers in geek bench than the Galaxy. The Galaxy runs Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI 3.1 on top of it. It’ll be updated to One UI 3.2 soon. The UI is very simple, and easy to use. It’s also packed with lots of features, I made a review review about it that explains most of its shortcuts.

The iPhone runs iOS 14. This system makes it similar to Android devices. The OS supports shortcuts, is very secure with lots of capabilities.

Who wins the point?

Your needs should determine which one is best for you. Both systems are excellent and mature. Each device gets a point.

Let me now discuss safe unlocking:

The Galaxy offers lots of ways to unlock your device, It supports face recognition but I don’t advise using it since it doesn’t come with dedicated sensors. It supports in-display fingerprint sensor, passcode and pattern.

It also supports secure folder where you can store your files away from anyone.

And it supprots Knox, which is certified by authorities all over the world. The iPhone supports Face ID, which is very secure. It also supports passcode. And honestly, we’ve been lately using the passcode more than Face ID because of the masks.

Who wins the point?

Face ID is powerful and secure, but the Galaxy supports more methods, thus deservedly winning the point. The Galaxy comes with 12MP main camera, 64MP zoom, 12MP Ultra Wide and 10MP .front facing camera. The iPhone comes with 3 cameras, all of them are 12MP.

The rear cameras are the wide and Ultra wide, both 12MP. These devices are the younger brothers of the Ultra and Pro Max versions. And the cameras perform well compared to their sizes.

Of course there’s a difference in colors and that’s a personal preference. There’s difference between colors, contrast and dynamic range between both devices.

Sometimes the iPhone is better, other times, the Galaxy is better. Both shoot videos with 4K but the Galaxy supports 8K. It’s true the 8K is early, but it gives the Galaxy the heads up. Both support night mode with satisfactory results, and come with Ultra Wide cameras and support slo-mo videos. Both devices support different angles that you’ll need in photography.

Hopefully, you won’t regret choosing either one of them.

Let’s now focus on the differences in photography. The Galaxy supports pro mode, where you can edit the results easily. But you’ll need third-party apps with the iPhone. It’s not a bad thing, but it isn’t practical.

The galaxy supports it natively and through third-party apps. You won’t have to download it to use it. The iPhone works better with social media apps when it comes to the camera.

If you’re interested in using social media apps that require cameras, then the iPhone might be better. i was making a video test from the rear cameras of both devices with excellent light: Both shoot 4K@60fps.

after adjust the light. and after turn off the light. Man! there is the difference. There’s a huge difference.

And i was making a video test using the front facing camera on both devices. Is the light good? Which colors do you think is better?

Who wins the point?

Both offer great performance. You won’t regret with either of them. Evaluate your needs. For me I’ll give each one a point.

The Galaxy comes with a 4000mAh batter. It supports 25W charging speed. It supports wireless charging with 15W and reverse wireless charging with 4.5W.

According to different sites, the iPhone comes with 2337mAh battery. It supports 20W fast charging and 7.5W Qi charging. It also supports MagSafe charging with 15W.

According to the numbers and technologies, the Galaxy wins the point. Both devices support 5G in an excellent way.

The Galaxy supports dual SIM cards while the iPhone supports one SIM card and another eSIM. The Galaxy also supports eSIM but it depends on your region. The Galaxy comes with 128GB or 256GB of onboard storage.

The iPhone supports the same with 64GB option too. Both don’t support SD card unfortunately. The Galaxy supports DEX, which turns your device into a computer-like experience when connected to a screen. With it you can do your work easier. It also supports linking to Windows devices.

With it, you can browse your files, make phone calls, and check notifications. This feature is called Link To Windows.

The iPhone supports and amazing ecosystem with iPads and MacBooks.But these devices are from Apple only. You can connect the iPhone to Windows through iTunes to browse files, update the system, but it’s a bit complicated. Many users don’t prefer this method.

Who wins the point?

The only difference is the second SIM card support. The pros and cons are similar. Cons is that they don’t support an external SD card. The point goes to Samsung. my god!

Both support IP68 water and dust resistant. This year, the Galaxy doesn’t support a distinguishable feature like the Ultra with the stylus support.

The iPhone, however, supports MagSafe. It’s basically a magnet that supports different accessories. DO you need it? I have no idea! hhhh

But it is the only difference between them. The Galaxy supports lots of accessories, but they don’t support MagSafe.

The point goes to the iPhone because of it. Though, I am not totally convinced by it. The reason is because it hasn’t been fully adopted. But I could change my mind when/if it becomes fully adopted.

The Galaxy costs 893 usd, and the iPhone costs 879 usd. The price difference is nearly 26 usd in favor of the iPhone. But with this price difference, you get a bigger screen that supports an in-display .fingerprint sensor.

You’ll also get reverse wireless charging and many other features. These features are available in the Galaxy that I’ve already discussed in this review.

Which one is better Guys?

This is the price of the iPhone. And this is the price of the Galaxy.

Both companies are officially available in almost all countries and they offer warranties. The iPhone supports Apple Care while the Galaxy supports 2 years warranty.

How can you choose between them?

This time, I will not give the cheaper device the point. I’ll give each device a point. You know what? I won’t give any device a point.

Let’s think of the iPhone SE second gen. And let’s also think of the A52 from Samsung.

These devices are 400 to 533 usd cheaper than the ones in this review.

Isn’t that unfair? You won’t be paying the extra money to get the best. The difference with the mini is that it comes with a bigger screen. Even the A51 supports 2 SIM cards and an SD card.

What happens with mid-range devices?

I know that companies try to offer more options. But I feel as though that these options are not that great. Let me know which device should I get between the S21 and the new A72 from Samsung.

🕷This is the end of this comparison. The S21 won.💣💣💣 But it doesn’t mean that it is the best. Decided depending on your needs.

Save your money, too. This is my advice to you. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the review by OTTO MAGAZIN.

🕷 Always save your money as I tell you. keep visit us and See you in the upcoming reviews.🕸🕸🕸

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