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đź•· If you are bored of iCloud and having to buy extra spaces whenever you run out of space, You have great solutions, one of which is My Cloud Home. It will benefit you greatly.

Let’s start guys! Western Digital launched My Cloud Home in 2 years, . It is different than My Cloud. This is directed for homes in particular. It has additional features.

All your files on phones, PCs and laptops are all in one place. Every user has their own account. My phone and my wife’s phone will have separate account, Back up will automatically work if activated from the settings.

Let’s take it easy and start from the scratch. The idea is you can buy different sizes. It is available in 3TB, 4TB, 6 TB and 8TB which is what I have here.

There is a DUO version guys, available in 2 hard disks, and Your information for more security, will be copied twice on both disks, Your information will take huge space.

Let’s focus on the Home edition because it is better for home usage. Setting up the device is easy. You will have the card in the box; this card has a special number. It will be the serial number for your home network. If you want to set it up, visit mycloud.come/hello.

You can set up the device on the website. It set up my device, It automatically will start searching for My Cloud on your home network! Make sure that your phone is connected to the same wifi.

Once found, It will ask for the special number on this card to connect to the hard disk. it will go to the next step, will asking you if you want to share you information with us to develop our product!

I personally chose not to and moved to the next step where it asked me to download an app for the phone. All set up! I downloaded the Android app first. Check to download the My Cloud Home version.

Then it will ask you to agree to the policy and set up an account!

Let me explain this. Your My Cloud account will have all your information. It doesn’t matter how many devices you have. You will find all your devices in your account with back ups. We will talk about it later.

đź•· Guys, you have multiple different accounts?

all their information will be stored here once connected to My Cloud, but no one will see the information stored.

Once the account is created, it will start searching for My Cloud, and it will ask for access. Here’s an important point, auto backup. If you want to get rid of iCloud, once I downloaded the app, I automatically enabled auto back up.

The moment I connect to my home wifi, all the videos and photos will be backed up automatically. I don’t need to buy extra iCloud space. I can use this device that can store my stuff forever.

You also have the option to activate the back up using your phone data. I personally didn’t activate this feature.

The backup process started. There are important things here you need to know, First thing is the Activity. It shows the interaction between your phone and the My Cloud!

There is Photos and Files sections. Files is for your files, and photos for quick access to your photos. If you enable this feature, you can see all the photos anywhere in the world if you are connected to the router. If you travel and want to see your pictures, go to your account, and you will find your photos and videos there.

You can indeed watch all your videos wherever you are. I will also talk about the Plex feature! You will always find auto back up activated on the app. There were 5000 files on this phone, and now they are available on the app!

All your photos and videos are backed up here. All accounts will be separated!

If you want someone else to use this My Cloud Home with you, send them an invitation and they can create an account and connect to the My Cloud!

Let’s discuss the services. There are great ones on the app!

You can store your videos and content here, and you can watch it wherever you are in the world! I advice that only one person to use it as it has only one hard disk. it won’t be a better experience once shared.

Google Drive and DropBox back up are also available. You can connect these two services automatically here. Anything that you share with Google Drive or Drop Box will be automatically available here and backed up. you can also connect your Facebook account here too. Any video you post on Facebook will be automatically available here. You can also connect this device to Alexa where if you store music on it, you can ask Alexa to play it!

You first have to enable Alexa skill for Alexa app and enable the the service from My Cloud Home too! Set it up to use this device with Alexa!

I personally chose the 8TB version. It has enough space to store all my things. I also have the DUO version. I bought it from Jareer store.

Let me remind you again. As long as I am connected to the router, I can access all my devices and their content. I can easily set it up and use it smoothly!

When activating auto backup on iPhones, make sure to grant it access so that you can fully back it up!

My Cloud Home is a great solution if you want to get rid of iCloud and backups! It also supports Time Machine on macs and Windows backup on Windows devices.

Here’s some experiences I’ve got; Videos played remotely through the app are played used MP4 codec. It rarely played MKV codec!

Something very important: this device has a USB port to backup your Flash Drives or external hard disks! You can connect them to this port and back them up! It also has a light sensor with three different lights; steady light, breathing light and flashing light!

Every light indicates something different! The steady light means the device is up to date and working properly.

Make sure to read the manual before troubleshooting. Everything is easy and clear. All the problems I faced were solved are reading reading the manual.

This is the end of the review. This is a great device for you. You can connect it to your home router and all of your family can back up their devices on it!

You won’t need other iCloud expenses. Leave the iCloud for your contacts. You can back up your photos and videos on this device! It will be at your home, and you can connect to it wherever you are whatever device you are using.

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