🕷Users have been stolen❗ You are definitely one of them❗🤫🤦‍♂️

05.04.2021 at 07:30 am

🕷 Some of the leaked information contain names, phone numbers, emails, gender, job, city, country and social status. These data leaked in a list that contains 533 million users.

For sure, most of you, including me, are in the list. But what’s the story here? And how can we protect ourselves?

Let me explain the story. For sure you’ve heard of the data leak on Facebook. I am going to explain this for you.

There are steps and measures you can take to stay safe. This include Facebook and all other platforms. Just like Facebook data leaked, data also leaked from Google, YouTube and many other social media platforms.

These platforms also include Snapchat, Instagram and more. You should read this review until the end to know how to be careful.

God protect all of us. In 2020, there was a safety breach on Facebook, and lots of data leaked. Ok, the data leaked, but where is it now?

The data include our phone numbers and other sensitive data. This data is now available online. One of the hackers is selling the data of each country. If you want the data of Saudi users, Egyptian users, Iraq users, then you have to pay.

Let me shock you by the numbers of leaked data in each country. Algeria 11.5 million. Bahrain 1.5 million. Egypt 44.8 million. Iraq 17 million. Jordan 3 million. Kuwait 4.5 million…🤦‍♂️

Lebanon 3 million. Libya 4.2 million. my countries Morocco 19 million. Oman 5 million. Palestine 3.5 million. Qatar 2.5 million. Syria 7 million. Tunisia 40 million. Turkey 20 million. UAE 7 million. And in KSA 29 million.

This means that data of these users such as names, emails, phone numbers, social status and job have leaked. These are the data that has been leaked, including emails.

The question is, how scammers can use it?

These data can be used for ads and scams. Unfortunately, lots of people use these data to scam others. There are two kind of scams that you should expect these days.

First is when/if you receive an email from someone asking you to pay them money. Or they’ll use these data to scam you.

These are direct scams. They don’t require social engineering. You might also receive phone calls or WhatsApp messages of people asking you to give money and so on.

Let me now discuss the more serious scams, which use social engineering.There will be scammers who will have plans to scam you. They want to scam you with as much as they could.

They’ll tell you lots of things that they know about you. They’ll know your phone number, your friends. This data has been given to them from the leaked lists.

They’ll use this data to scam you. Be careful!

There are lots of ways to stay safe. The first is not to trust anyone on the internet. Don’t trust anyone who speaks to you through a screen.

Only trust them if you meet them face to face. You can then evaluate the situation. Scamming will increase this time.It already is there, but it’ll increase, especially with the newly leaked data.

What you should do with Facebook now?

Try to change the data such as passwords of your accounts. Your personal data has leaked. Thus, you should secure your passwords and accounts. Enable 2FA and don’t let anyone scam you.

Let me now tell you about the biggest problem such news article face. Now you know how the avoid being scammed. But this article won’t go viral.

Usually, lies and scams spread fast. But what happens when a warning is issued along with articles that warn users? No one interact with these articles guys!

Everyone wants to have the information. Spread this article guys so that scammers won’t find victims on the internet.

Let’s make the internet safe and secure for us. Technology should bring us closer not the scamming season. God benefit all of us.

🕷 See you on the next reviews guys, and be careful.

Look, iOS is the best at protecting data… 🍏

Technology should bring us closer not the scamming season! i love it! good job bro!