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🕷 When the CEO of Apple who manufacture iPhones, which is one of the most expensive phones in the world, appear on Good Morning America TV show, And say consumers want to have the most innovative product available And with that it’s not cheap to do that.

But there is a solution to get a cheaper device. an this review not to criticize Apple or their iPhones. I use iPhones and Apple products and I like them. But for Customers’ awareness, customers have to pay these prices to get new iPhones, and every year, there are new iPhones.

Why am I talking about iPhones?

Because now is the time to buy the new iPhones. It is the time to buy the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12.

Let’s think outside of the box, phones are getting more expensive, an iPhone could reach up to 1600 USD. In UK, it will cost 1500 Pounds.

The price is really huge. If you are buying it as an investment, you are good to go. This phone should last with you many years.

Tim Cook said that people pay 1 USD per day for a new phone. He said that when people want to buy a new iPhone, they buy it from carriers on installments.

Usually, this is one of the options to buy a new phone. But there is another option from what Tim Cook always says « We want to make iPhones for everyone « .

If you go to Apple website now, after the Xs and Xs Max, you will find types of iPhones to buy. iPhone SE / XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, Every device comes with the regualr and Plus version. ​and these versions are available to buy:

They created a new method to buy an iPhone. If you want to buy an iPhone, you have to check your budget and needs (specs and price).

RIP iPhone X. Why? 🤔

You can compare it with other iPhones on their website, but you can’t buy it there. What did they do with it?

They brought the Xs, which is the cheapest.. The thumbnail reads ‘the cheapest iPhone’, what do I mean by that?

I am trying to find you other solutions to get a cheaper iPhone. There is something called second hand, wait a minute, don’t judge. 😁

You can go to any shop and buy a used iPhone so that you can save money. and You can buy a cover and a screen protector to make it more beautiful.

There are reports that prove that some users in UK prefer second hand devices. Chinese also started to abandon US products like Nike and Apple and IKEA.

They now go for local products. There is no local iPhones. Bloomberg’s TicToc confirmed it. There are some US websites that is specialized in second hand devices, Where you can buy it with a cheaper price.

According to the website, you can buy an iPhone 8 with 100 USD. These prices are available on the website.

US market is known for used phones. There are specialized websites who evaluate phones and show what they tested to confirm it is good. There is something called grades. Grade A means it is in a great shape. Grade B means it is a good shape and B+. It is like the phone was in test.

There is a 256GB iPhone 8. Its grade is B+ and its price is 189 USD, Compare the same storage with a new one in your market!

If the seller guarantee it and reset it, then like Tim Cook said, there will be an iPhone for everyone. The right price for everyone mean iPhone could be a choice for you.

I am not talking about other companies, this review is only about iPhones. There are other companies like Samsung Huawei Lenovo and other companies with different prices for different phones.

I am talking about the iPhone that you can buy and won’t cost you 1500 USD.

Check what suits you the best, evaluate your needs and budget and buy the best phone for you and save money guys.

Let me check the worst grade I have. There is the B+ 256 iPhone 11, There some scratches on the screen, but if you get a screen protector, it won’t appear. It has some scratches here and there.

The money you’d save, you’d buy a cover with it and still get spare money.

There is a problem here. Where’s the iPhone X?

Apple decided to remove iPhone X. Why?

iPhone 11 and 12 can be bought from the website, but iPhone X isn’t available. Only XR is available.

Why did the iPhone X disappear?

There is no significant change between the iPhone X and iPhone Xs. There are small difference; customers won’t care about these difference.

So Apple didn’t want to give customers similar devices where customers have to buy the newer version for differences they don’t need.

They have the right to raise and reduce the prices how they want. There aren’t laws to determine prices, but what we can do is to buy what suits us the best.

We shouldn’t buy any newer device. But here in some websites, we buy all new devices.

In other reviews, I would say there are other options, and indeed there are, but looking at the choices with Apple products, there are options to buy devices and save money.

Instead of buying a new device for your son, which could easily break, where also you pay 400 usd, this choice is only 120 usd.

Taxes and shipping not included. You’d buy a phone where you invest a small amount of money and save the rest.

I wish if you find what I said logical to leave us a comment. I hope your purchase decisions have changed and have become more aware.

🕷 Let’s not be like what Tim Cook said, ‘consumers’, Let’s be users instead!

🕷 See you soon guys…

Yes, Our purchase decisions must be changed and have become more aware.💖💖💖

🤡 Look, Whatever it was, i love iPhones bro hhh hhh hhh

Thank you ‘consumers’ oh sorry, Joker! 😏