🕷The most powerful iPad in the galaxy❗ 😱 the iPad PRO M1🔥🙆‍♂️This review will help you decide whether to buy the new iPad Pro or not❓

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🕷 This review will help you decide whether to buy the new iPad Pro or not. Do you need to pay 2933 usd to get this version that I have, which comes with the advanced specs?

Or do you need to buy the older version of this device?

Let’s start the review, But first, let me remind you to bring your coffee. These review that help you make a decision and save money don’t become very popular.

Let’s start with the review of the iPad Pro 12.9 and 11 devices. The iPad Pro with the M1 CPU comes with the same design as the previous generation. It comes with flat edges and is made from 100% recycled aluminum.

The rear cameras are housed in a square modular on the top left of the device. And of course it comes with a mostly screen front. This screen has been developed, and I’ll discuss it in this review.

The screen is better than the previous screen found on the 12.9 version. And as usual, the front facing camera and sensors are on the top without any notches whatsoever.

The 11 version comes with 5.9 mm thickness. And it weighs less than 1\2 kg. While the 12.9 version comes with 6.4mm thickness and weighs 682g.

The 5G version on both devices have extra 2g. 5G with the iPad has become very important. 5G connectivity offers better speeds. But not all users require a 5G connection. If 5G isn’t supported in your country, then there’s no need to buy it.

The previous generations could be better for you. Let me continue reviewing this powerful iPad. The CPU inside is the M1 from Apple. which we’ve seen before on MacBooks and the Mac mini. And lately, with the new iMac.

This CPU is the most important feature of this device. The CPU comes with 8 cores for processing and 8 cores for graphics. There’s also another 16 cores for Apple Neural Engine. It is a Neural Engine from Apple, which helps with Machine Learning.

This technology will help in enhancing the performance, photography and AI. It’ll also help in reducing the power consumption.

This CPU is 50% better than the A12Z CPU found in the previous generation, according to Apple. The graphics performance is also 40% better. The M1 CPU will be useful with heavy apps.

What are heavy apps, though?🙈

🕷 They are apps such as Photoshop, Literoom, which requires a lot of processing power. There are other video editing apps.

I am not talking about editing HD videos shot with a smartphone. I am talking about 4K videos and other complicated resolutions. Any software that has modeling is a complicated app.

The powerfulness of the CPU will show in these cases. And you’ll notice the difference of performance with the M1 CPU.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1708 points for the single core and 6738 points for multicores. Here’s how the CPU performance is compared with the previous generation.

This shows the difference of performance, which could be important for some users. The previous version could be better for most users. The previous version offers excellent performance, so why spend extra money to get this one?

The MacBook laptop with the M1 CPU is excellent. But an iPad that offers the same performance as a MacBook, then we know that Apple is competing with itself.

Let me make it easier for you to make a decision. If the apps you need are on macOS, then you’ll need a MacBook Air or Pro. These apps won’t be compatible with the new iPad Pro. It could have similar performance, but the MacBook version is better than the iPad version most of the time.

If your apps are found on an iPad Pro, then with the latest updates, these apps can run on MacBook devices with the M1 CPU. iPad apps run on iPadOS. These apps will work perfectly. But the MacBook apps won’t run on the iPad.

This is where it matters. If you need a device that offers high performance, then you should get the MacBook Pro or Air. If you prefer a lighter device that’s easy to mobile, and you don’t require complicated apps, then the iPad is better. Both devices are similar when it comes to price. The performance, however, is very similar.

Let me discuss the gaming experience:

PUBG game started with high settings and HDR enabled. Call of Duty Mobile worked with the highest settings with high efficiency.

You can use the PS4, PS5 controllers and the Xbox series X and 1X controllers, too. This will give gaming another dimension on iPads.

The battery lasts for 10 hours of web browsing and content watching, according to Apple. But with the use of 5G, it’ll be 9 hours. But the numbers could be different depending on your usage.

Your battery started to reach 25%?


🕷 Lower the screen’s brightness and enable the Low Power mode. If you need to do video editing, then that’s when you should plug it to power. This is the 12.9 version. The screen’s resolution is 2732×2048, It comes with 2596 local dimming zones.

This will be applied depending on what’s shown on the screen. The screen is IPS with 264ppi density. Contrast ratio is 1:1000,000, It also supports ProMotion technology.

This technology will offer 120Hz refresh rate. The screen has been hugely developed with this version.

It’ll help pros who require high graphic processing power. The new Mini LED technology has a great effect. You’ll notice it if you look for it.

The difference between this version and the 11 version is this Liquid Retina XDR screen.

According to our tests, the screen offers beautiful saturated colors with deep blacks in dark scenes. The screen uses a technology called Mini LED. The screen’s brightness is 1000 nits and reaches up to 1600 nits with HDR videos and photos.

Nits is the level of brightness the screen can reach in direct sunlight. When using the screen with direct sunlight, you’ll still be able to see it.

The screen won’t be dimmed because of the high brightness form the sun. This is the best accessory you can buy from Apple.

There’s a lot of accessories supported on this device. This accessory works with this version and the previous version. It’s price, though is the biggest problem.

Evaluate your needs before you decide to buy it.

Let me review the accessory for you:

It’s called the Magic Keyboard. It comes with an extra USB-C port. You can use this port to charge the device, You can also connect a USB-C to HMDI cable to it.

You can then use the other port for other things. With this keyboard, you’ll get two USB-C ports. One from the iPad itself, and the other from the keyboard.

I prefer to charge the iPad from the keyboard’s port. And I can then use the iPad’s port to connect it to an external monitor. The thing about this keyboard is that is the angle is limited, but it is still better than previous one. This has a better viewing angle, and you can use it on a desktop easily. But it has a limit. It can’t go all the way back. It doesn’t open more than this.

The keys are great and easy to use.

The touchpad is good and suitable for an iPad. There are other accessories, though, such as the Folio and the second gen Apple Pencil.

You have to use the second gen version, since it only charges from the dedicated area on the side of the iPad. The flat side made this possible.

There are lots of other accessories, whether from Apple or from third party companies. The iPad comes with dual rear cameras. The main camera is 12MP, while the second is the Ultra Wide 10MP camera.

The field of view is 125 degrees. There’s another LiDAR Scanner, which will help with AR and games.But games must support it, first.

Lots of apps have been using the LiDAR Scanner in the past few years. It helps measure sizes and furniture. This is done using the LiDAR Scanner with other apps.

The main camera provides saturated and natural colors with very good details. In general, it offers satisfactory results.

The ultra wide camera offers less saturated colors. But in general, it is a good camera. The cameras can shoot 4K@60fps videos.

The colors are natural and saturated with high stabilization, and in general it does its job. The front facing camera is better than the previous version. It is not wider with 12MP resolution. It offers better selfies photos and videos. It shoots 1080p@60fps videos. It is suitable for video calls.

Apple also introduced a new feature that they focused on a lot during the event, and it is called Center Stage. This feature makes the iPad very suitable for meetings.

The camera will adjust the angle depending on who is in the frame. The angle will be adjusted to include more people in the frame.

If the second object leaves the frame, the camera will go back to focusing on you. This feature is found in Portal devices from Facebook. And it is also available with Sisco Webex for a long time now.

Other companies have adopted it, too. Apple and Sisco cooperate together. The iPad can be unlocked using Face ID. You can also use passcode to unlock it.

The RAM is different depending on the onboard storage. If you buy the 128, 256 or 512GB you’ll get 8GB of RAM. If you buy the 1 or 2TB of storage, you’ll get 16GB of RAM.

This is memory management. Apple doesn’t add extra RAM unless it is needed. This version supports 5G connectivity using Nano SIM card and eSIM. it supports USB-C and USB 4 with Thunderbolt 3 support.

This means that data transfer will be higher and yo can connect the iPad to an external 4K monitor using the right cable. The USB-C port supports 40Gbps data transfer speeds. But you’ll need the right cable to do it. The device runs iPadOS 14.6.

The OS is easy and light and offers excellent features. This OS is designed for iPads. The menus and file management is similar to macOS.

Let’s not also forget the Magic Keyboard, which will turn the iPad into a device similar to MacBooks. The keyboard will offer more features along with the OS.

The device supports bluetooth 5 and dual band WiFi 6. I made thorough reviews about WiFi 6. You won’t benefit from WiFi 6 unless your router supports it. But the device works with all kinds of WiFi connectivity.

The new iPad Pro with the M1 CPU comes with 4 speakers, two at the top and two at the bottom.

After experimenting with it, it offers excellent audio with satisfactory bass. The audio is actually amazing.

Even if you carry the device horizontally or vertically, you’ll still enjoy stereo audio.

The device supports stereo audio depending on the supported apps. Other tablets support it, but because of the size of the device, the speakers are apart from each others, meaning that you’ll enjoy it more.

The device comes with 5 mics that offers satisfactory performance with video calls. It also offers great performance while recording
audio and during meetings.

The box contains the iPad itself, 20W charger and the charging cable. The first thing you should do with the device is to protect your investment.

Protect it with a cover. The device expensive.

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Let’s discuss the prices:

🕷The 11 version starts from 3599 usd. The 12.9 version starts from 1119 usd.

The price increases depending on the specs and 5G support. The higher the specs, the higher the price. This version is the 2TB with 16GB of RAM. It supports WiFi and 5G, and it costs 2933 usd. If you buy the magic keyboard, the price will be similar to a laptop.

This high price is an extended investment. For me, the previous 12.9 version offers me everything I need. Upgrading to the M1 version could be beneficial. It also supports WiFi 6 and 5G.

The device supports stereo audio depending on the supported apps. Other tablets support it, but because of the size of the device, the speakers are apart from each others, meaning that you’ll enjoy it more.

The device comes with 5 mics that offers satisfactory performance with video calls. It also offers great performance while recording
audio and during meetings.

The box contains the iPad itself, 20W charger and the charging cable. The first thing you should do with the device is to protect your investment.

Protect it with a cover. The device expensive.

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Now Bro, Let’s discuss the prices:😨


the M1 CPU offers high performance and beats most of the competition. The Mini LED screen offers high performance for watching content and content creators.

5G support makes it suitable for mobilization and making video calls with high resolution.


The Mini LED screen isn’t found on the 11 version. I have no idea as to why!

The price is high, especially the accessories. The high price makes you rethink whether you’ll need the Magic Keyboard.

Evaluate your needs before making a decision. It’ll be an excellent investment if you need the high performance.

The last point is that the battery on this iPad isn’t the best.

10 hours could be suitable for lots of users. But you should also evaluate your needs, because charging the device will take time. But with the 20W charger, the charging speed will be okay.

This new iPad Pro is on another level. Lots of other companies compete with different tablets. But Apple competes with the regular version, the Air version and the Pro version.

Don’t buy it if your needs are to surf the web and watch content. The iPad Air could be way better for you for these tasks. This M1 version offers high performance processing power, It can be used as a tablet and laptop.

With this device, some MacBooks might be discontinued.

How many iPads have Apple released this year?

Starting from today to a year ago, how many iPads have they released?

What’s happening?

😇 Honestly, the device is powerful with a powerful CPU.🔥

Ok Boss, Guys, Evaluate your needs, and if you like this review, leave a comment and my coffee is over guys☕! This is the end.

🕷 See you soon on the enxt review.😻