🕷The Chinese missile that will fall on the planet 😱❓❗ Apple hardware processors ❓❗ Unfortunately, Samsung has stopped Samsung S8 updates ❓❗

07.05.2021 at 05:30 pm


🕷 The Chinese missile that will fall on the planet ?! Apple hardware processors !? Unfortunately, Samsung has stopped Samsung S8 updates ?!

Hello guys to our new article on the latest tech news by the short, goodbye Samsung S8! 😭 Because of the rapid development of devices tax, and old devices, even if they are very advanced, may expire quickly due to this daily development. The Galaxy S8, which was released during the year 2017, came with the Snapdragon 835 processor, and Android 7, and it continued to update until Android 9, today, Samsung raised it from the update list completely! So, if you are blamed for the Galaxy S8, it is time to search for a new device, if you are interested in this update, but if you are not interested in this update, then it’s ok.

There is a trial between Apple and Epic Game! Because of a problem that is not new between the two companies, the famous and well-known Epic Game Fortnite company, they did not like the idea that Apple takes 30% profits, only on sales made from the Apple Store, and to clarify, Apple takes your profits only when it exceeds a million annually, but if it were Less, they will take 15%, I love legal issues And of course Epic Game applies to them 30% because their profits are in the millions, and Epic says that it fights in the name of all companies, applications and developers that are exposed to injustice of 30%! But this is not true, because last Tuesday there was a session between the two parties, and Apple’s lawyer asked the president of Epic, would he accept a private deal only for Epic, and his response was definitely yes! 😅😅😅😅

In the coming articles I will tell you who will win, it is clear that Apple will win, but we want to know the details, and what are the winning sales as well.

It is necessary to update Apple devices, only Apple’s explanation has updated its devices and asked its users to update it as soon as possible, we are talking about update 14.5.1 for the iPhone and iPad and also for the hour, update 7.4.1, the Mac will have an update of 11.3.1 and we know that the update The latter provided privacy, but some users, despite updating their devices, did not activate some specific features, so a new update was required, and not only this problem, the main problem is in the Safari engine for iPhone and iPad, so the new update will close the vulnerabilities that allow malicious websites without being scanned, then This is a very important update, and it doesn’t help if you don’t update it with my friends.

We expected I saw the iPad Mini 6 at the latest Apple event, but nothing! But we are sure that this device will be released in the second half of this year, as for the design, there are two leaks, the first leak which says that the device will come with a 9-inch or 8.4-inch screen, and there is another leak, which says that the design will not change from the old designs! 😭 The difference will only be in the edges that will be smaller, and that will be really frustrating! 🥺 But let’s wait and see!

Now let’s talk a little bit about the Chinese missile !? 🤯🤯🤯 Last week, China launched a 21-ton space rocket, which is a project to compete with the International Space Station, and with this missile, humans will live in space and carry out several experiments there and things are normal, but unfortunately this 21-ton rocket, is completely out of control. It can fall to the ground, and it can cause some problems, No! They are disasters!

The question now is: Where will this missile be located? In fact, no one knows, everyone wishes he fell into the sea, and there are scientists from Harford who say that the subject does not need all this fear! I mean, the percentage of the missile falling on you, much less than the percentage of your winning in the contest, win the million dollars because two days before it fell, scientists will be able to determine the location of its fall, and the countries that it will pass through there is Latin America, Niger and some other countries. Market will tell you In the upcoming news articles about the developments of this missile. God bless everyone.

🕷 See you soon on the next reviews guys.😉

🤡 China made all the inhabitants of the earth wear the muzzle! And now everyone will wear the head hhhh hhhhh hhhhh