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28.07.21 at 05:00 pm

🕷 Nokia wants to sue Oppo, and LG can’t anger Samsung and won’t cooperate with Apple. And the full specs of the upcoming Pixel 6 have been leaked. You’re welcome in this News article. your Coffee and Let’s start.

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Peace be upon you all. 5G is the new approach for smartphones. It’ll soon become the standard for all devices. But the question is, which country is the best in 5G speeds?

And I am discussing speeds not coverage. Germany is in the fifth place with speeds up to 120Mbps. Japan is in the fourth place with speeds up to 124Mbps. UK is in the third place with speeds up to 126Mbps. Taiwan is in the second place with speeds up to 135Mbps.

South Korea is ranked number one with speeds up to 450Mbps. This year, there are nearly 610 million 5G enabled device. It’s expected that the number will increase next year.

Especially that mid-range and entry level devices have started to support 5G now. Thus, more users will benefit from 5G technologies. Do you use 5G? Is it important for you? Let me know in the comment section. In a previous reviews, I discussed cloud solutions from Oracle tat help with increasing efficiency, reducing expenditure and saving time. The topic is easier than you expect. You can read the article to know more about it.

Nokia is expected to sue Oppo. Nokia and Oppo signed an agreement before. This agreement allows Oppo to use Nokia’s patents, UI elements and other security features. This agreement was signed back in 2018. The agreement recently expired, and Oppo doesn’t intended to renew t.

Nokia doesn’t like this. They’ve prepared a menu of their patents and are preparing to sue Oppo in Europe and Asia. A Nokia representative confirmed that there are other ways to solve to this problem with Oppo. Nokia signed agreements before with lots of companies.

These companies include Samsung, Apple, LG and Blackberry. Thus, they make profit from their patents. If these patents helped Oppo become more popular, then Nokia has the right to get a share of Oppo’s profit. It’s clear now why Nokia wants Oppo to renew the agreement.

According to Nokia, if Oppo doesn’t pay now, they’ll then pay later.


🕷In the previous News article someone asked a questions on our Mail: What do you mean ears have different sizes?

🕷 Sometimes, ears can have different sizes. Try it. Some of you might find that their ears have different sizes. With the right silicon tips, headphones will become more comfortable to use. Your ears could have different sizes.

Another question: I had a car accident and one of my teeth broke. ( Thanks to God for your safety), then. But after that, all the ads I get are bout dental clinics. Does that mean that my data are leaked?

🕷 Let’s be rational. Algorithms are smarter and more powerful than conspiracy theories. Those who don’t understand algorithms believe that it is a conspiracy theory. If you search for something or visit a dental clinic, your device will think that you’re interested in this topic. Even if you you visit a place near a dental clinic.

Or you were with a number of people and all of you searched for a dental clinic at the same time. This could be the reason. Algorithms are smart. Algorithms think that your interest is dental clinics, and that’s why you get these ads.

How does algorithms know that you’re interested in a topic? If you see an ad and stop for a second or two to see its content. That’s how algorithms know that you’re interested in something. They don’t know that you had a car accident. Rather, they know your interests.

Let’s stop with this conspiracy theories. Algorithms are smarter than we think.

In the previous articles, I asked you from which company did Apple copy the navigation bar. there were lots of comments about it.

Some users said it is from blackberry, others said it is from Android 10, which is fairly new. The system is the WebOS, but the device is the Palm 3. This device was issued in 2009.

In a previous articles, I discussed why Samsung is Angry at LG, since they wanted to sell Apple devices in their stores. This came after LG officially withdrew from smartphone market. It is norma for LG to sell devices in their stores. But if LG sells Apple device, then Samsung sales will be affected.

Samsung’s domination of the 5G in Korea will be affected, too. I discussed the 5G speeds in Korea at the beginning of this episode. Apple could dominate the market in 5G in Korea, since all the iPhone 12 series support 5G. Basically, Apple is number one worldwide with 5G. These are the statistics.

Apparently, LG will back down from their offer. They officially announced that they’ve postponed the offer temporarily. They also stopped training their employees on Apple devices. By the way, LG wasn’t under legal obligation to stop it. But there was a lot of media pressure of LG. from people, distributors and traders.

Imagine that Korea is number 1 worldwide with internet speeds. We’ve discussed this at the beginning of the article. 5G enabled Samsung devices dominate the Korean market.

LG wanted to offer services for Apple, which is the direct competitor for Samsung. It is clear that there will be more consequences regarding this topic. Let’s wait and see.

Pixel 6 series have fully leaked. I won’t discuss the design because I did in previous articles. In this article, I’ll discuss the specs.

I know that the device isn’t available in our region, but it is from Google, Android’s owner. It’s not hard not to discuss their products.

The regular Pixel 6 will com with a 6.4 AMOLED screen. It’ll also come with dual rear cameras: 50MP Wide camera and 12MP Ultra Wide camera. It’ll also come with 8GB of RAM, and either 128GB or 256GB of onboard storage.

The battery will be 4600mAh. It is a huge battery from Google for this category. The Pro version will come with a 6.7 POLED display manufactured by LG. We’ve mentioned LG a lot in this review.

The front facing camera will be 12MP, and it’ll come with triple rear cameras: 5MP, 48MP and 12MP. Google promises 5 years of software and security updates. It’s said that Google is developing their own CPU, but it won’t be as powerful as Snapdragon CPUs. But let’s not forget that Google’s approach is different. They rely on AI.

Could we see a competitor device from Google, especially that their last competing device was the Pixel 2. The only exception is photography. Google is the king of photography, for a long time now. I am excited for these Pixel 6 devices and their cameras.

How will these cameras perform?

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