🕷Still 9 reasons to buy the iPhone XR🙊

Review 94: 26.03.2021 at 05:00 pm


🕷 Yes, i think still 9 reasons to buy the iPhone XR instead of the iPhone XS or XS Max. Let’s know these reasons together!

Hello guys, There are reasons to make this device an excellent choice to buy instead of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

1- The first reason is what make people make up their minds: the price:

iPhone XR is 200 USD less than the iPhone XS, This price different is significant. Maybe with the other 8 reasons, you will make up your mind and buy it. This price difference comes with a price too, the difference between the devices isn’t significant, though.

The onboard storage starts from 64GB. If this storage is good for you, the phone would be a great choice.

2- The second reason is the phone colors: iPhone XR comes with 6 different colors: black, blue, red, orange, yellow or white. New colors are special for the XR!

The phone has a glass back with aluminum frame. It doesn’t come with stainless steel frame like the iPhone XS and XS Max. Phones covers from Apple include a transparent one. This cover will show the color of the phone. You will be different.

3- The screen of the XR is bigger than the screen of the XS. It also doesn’t have big bezels just like the XS.

The screen of the XR is 6.1inches. It is bigger than the screen of the XS. It is also 0.4 smaller than the screen of the XS Max. If this screen size is suitable for you, then you will get a bigger screen than the XS.

The screen of the XR is LCD not OLED: According to Apple, this LCD screen is the best LCD screen in the market. OLED screens are known for their resolution and saturation. It is a known thing. We’ve seen this OLED screen on phones like the X, XS and XS Max.

The LCD screen doesn’t come with 3D touch feature, but how many of us use this feature on their phones?

Oooh 3 D Touch❗ , I’am, no no, you no❗ ❗ I don’t know😹

🕷 Look Catwoman, Tech enthusiast people love to use, but ordinary people don’t.

4- The front camera of the XR is the same camera on the iPhone XS and XS Max. All the features on the iPhone XS and XS Max, like the animoji feature, are supported on the XR.

The software of the camera module on the iPhone XS and XS Max is the same as the one on the XR.

5 –The fifth reason: if zooming doesn’t make any difference for you, then go for the XR as the camera on is the same as on iPhone XS and XS Max which is 12MP, It is a wide angle lens that produce the same pictures.

The missing camera on the XR is the telephoto lens camera. This lens is used for zooming. If you don’t care about zooming, then you will save 200 USD. If you care about the performance of the XR and iPhone XS and XS Max, then keep smiling and visit OTTO Magazin hhhhh. this reviews is on the magazine guys.

6- If you want to take about the performance of any phone, you should talk about the CPU: XR will have the same CPU as the iPhone XS and XS Max: A12 Bionic SoC.

Why is this important? Investing in such a phone means that you will get lots of updates just like the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Let’s discuss the 7th reason, which is the most important: the battery! Battery efficiency is better than the XS and XS Max. It reaches up to 15 hours of usage. No other phone from Apple gives this battery performance.

The screen is less than the XS and XS Max, it has one lens, but Apple adjusted somethings so that the CPU gives better performance, which simply means the performance will last.

The 8th reason is about sim cards; The phone supports dual sim card, the first one is eSIM and the second is physical nano sim card. It is the same thing on the iPhone XS and XS Max. you can activate it on your phone.

The last reason could be really important for some of you: or for me no?

which is Apple’s ecosystem will work with this phone. Once it was released, it got the name of a budget iPhone with full features.

All features on your iPhones, Macs and Apple Watch will work on this phone.

The price is 200 USD less than XS, but still not a huge investment for you guys, i think! hhhh

If these reasons mentioned in this fast review don’t mean anything to you, then this phone couldn’t be suitable for you. i’m sure hehhhh

If these reasons like more colors, onboard storage make a difference, then it is great for you. i’m sure.

Don’t forget that any smartphone from Apple, Samsung or Huawei is an investment. You should opt for a device that can perform and last long. You should buy a device suitable for work and personal use.

Guys, as always, Choose a device according to your needs. Don’t buy a phone to show it off!

See you soon on the next reviews, there is so so many reviews and news, i love my job.😍😍

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