🕷PlayStation 5 achieves high sales❗ The return of the CES with their visitors ❗ And Next iPhone SE with a screen hole …😉

05.05.2021 at 07:30 am


🕷Apple and its iphones in new colors, and what is the status of Sony phones that are still there? The PS5 certainly broke the numbers in its sales, and finally the Tesla accident!🤦‍♂️but why should we talk to Tesla? Because there are dead people! Who was the reason? Let’s Begin:

Hello my friends, firstly I am sorry about the delay, because these days I am moving from my old home to the new one, I hope that it is a good omen for me! 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to this new article on the latest developments in technology and science.

CES is back, and opens its doors to everyone next year, and it is considered one of the largest and most famous exhibitions, which presents us with new technology, will return next year on January 5th. And certainly from many large companies that the exhibition will allow the attendance of people, such as Amazon, Google, Intel, Samsung and others … But the question is, are the attendees ready? The last edition of the exhibition attracted around 170,000 visitors, so will the number of attendees increase in this next session?

And yes, Apple has released iPhones with new colors, for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, and they are available since April 30, I will review them soon on our blog, and they are really different colors, the purple color is very beautiful, and if we compare the purple iPhone 11 purple With iPhone 12 purple, no, there is a big difference in color, and their version of this color came because the iPhone 12 was a great success, and so was the Mini, despite some old rumors that the Mini will disappear! 😴😴 But there is an iPhone 13 mini coming during the month of September.

Deep Vik technology was subjected to Dutch politicians by an unknown fraudster, who made fake videos with the official of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and this deceiver impersonated a famous Russian dissident, and the same fraudster subjugated politicians from Ukraine and Latvia, although there were no damages from these fake conversations, except Countries are now studying how to avoid such fraud in the future. I understand that it is an excellent technique, but how were these meetings coordinated ?! 😅😅 On technical concerns develop and must be attended because not only good people use them.

Twitter offers a tip feature for voice rooms, so that you can give tips to speakers and content creators! I do not have an account on Twitter! So I’m not getting any tips now ?! 😁😁😁

Twitter did not announce anything about this, and did not specify a specific limit for the tip! Twitter is tracking ClubHouse plan ! 🙊

Android 12 with a new look, the Google IO fruitfulness approached, and sites that published the titles of articles that revolve between Google and developers, in a Wear session there were discussions, so will we see a complete development of the system for wearable devices?

There’s something exciting about a session titled: Create your first tile on wear, meaning create your first Wear grade! Will there be a collaboration between Google and Tile? And the second thing that we talk about, is that Google encourages developers to take advantage of the Google Assistant, with applications more.

Tesla accident! I’m talking about because it has something to do with autonomous driving! So that Tesla had to come out with a permit to clarify what happened to protect its image and not to fear self-driving, this accident occurred in Texas about two weeks ago, there were two people in it during the accident, and investigations confirmed that the owner of the car and not the driver were in the driving seat! 😱😱 And their husbands talked that the deceased used to talk a lot about autonomous driving, and since no one was sitting in a leg seat, a disaster! Is the problem that you are trying to test driving a fully automatic car without a subscription ?! The fact that the car is driving itself alone does not mean that you are sitting behind the driver’s seat, and it is usual for the car to walk! More attention must be paid, this is related to our souls and not a game!

Although the pilot has an automatic driving system, it is necessary for the co-pilot to sit in the cabin, as technology and its guest facilitates our lives and not entirely dependent on it! 😅😅

Going to Sony, it sold 3.3 million PS5 units during the year 2021, which only 4 months passed by. Instead, PS5 sales are now about 7.5 million units! This is slightly higher than PS4 sales, taking into account the shipping conditions, the krona pandemic for this year, and the global economic situation, knowing that Sony sells the PS5 at a lower price like it did with the PS4 sales! Because the real gain for Sony is in the subscriptions, especially the Plus subscription, as well as the games that have increased in demand in this generation, and increased by 17% at Sony in general, and this matter is supported by certain reasons such as home isolation, there is nothing important externally because of the Corona pandemic!

But there was a slight decrease in sales of Sony phones, Xperia sales during the year 2010 reached 2.9 million devices, and the number is weak compared to the monsters that dominate the global market, as well as less than Xperia sales in previous years, but despite the small number of sales, the percentage of profits increased ?!

🤡 How’s that, man hh hhh hhh ?

Sony saved the production cost a lot, so despite the modest sales figures, they gained a lot.👏👏👏

We are used to Xiaomi copying Apple, even in advertisements, but this time I see that the opposite happened! I could be mistaken, but this is what I see frankly, leaks make sure that the iPhone SE will present a full front screen, with a hole in the middle! Side trigger fingerprint, without Face ID! And in the back there is only one camera! Just like the previous iPhone, this looks exactly like the shape that Xiaomi presents, no?

However, the topic remains empty just as it will, waiting for the next Apple conference.

🕷 The end of this news article, I will be late in these coming days in writing many reviews daily due to my change of house😜, but I promise you more and more articles and technical reviews soon, there are many news and reviews that I am looking forward to writing. Thanks guys.🙏

See you soon on the next reviews and news…

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