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29.04.2021 at 04:30 pm


Of course you know about the iOS 14.5 update. Every now and then Apple sends updates that bring fixes and enhancements. updates enhance the performance of iPhones and iPads. But this new update is totally different. It brings lots of great features. It is very important to download it for the security purposes.

And also to enjoy the list of benefits it brings, which I’ll review in this review. Let’s start.

First, let me start the suffering iPhone users face every tim they want to unlock the devices while wearing a mask. Face ID is great, but it doesn’t recognize your face when you’re wearing a mask.

We had to wait until the passcode shows up to unlock the device. And after typing in the code, the device unlocks. But this problem has been fixed now.

The new update supports unlocking the device using the Apple Watch. But it has to be supported and unlocked. And then you can use your iPhone normally.

The supported iPhones are iPhone X and above. This feature is found in Mac devices even though they don’t come with Face ID. The glasses is a bit foggy now. But how do you do this?

You should update the watch to WatchOS 7.4 And you should update the iPhone to iOS 14.5 And then go Face ID settings, where you’ll find a new option to unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch.

And once the iPhone realizes that your’e wearing a mask, the Watch will unlock it. But you should look at the iPhone while wearing a mask and then it’ll unlock using the Apple Watch. It’ll also be very secure.

Because if the Watch notices something wrong, the iPhone will ask you to enter your passcode.

Why am I still wearing the mask?😅

The same thing applies to the iPhone, where it’ll also ask you for the code. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to take off your mask.

This is not true. Apple will ask you to enter your passcode through out the day. The new update also brings support to the AirTags, which was announced last week.

AirTags are small trackers. You can track your kids, expensive things, pets, cars or even accessories. It is a new product from Apple.

Similar to Samsung’s SmartTags. But Apple added their own taste to them. It comes with either 4 pieces set or 1 piece.

With the new update, you can pair these trackers to your iPhone. If you don’t update, you won’t benefit from them.

Let me remind you, I’ll be conducting lots of tests with these devices. Let me know one of the scenarios and I’ll do it. Stay visite us.

Siri now supports more voices. Since Siri was announced, we know that it is a sound of a female. But this time, Apple brings a number of new voices. It is a good thing, but I think Apple should focus on developing Siri, instead. Especially in our region.

After that, they can bring us new voices.

Some of the audios they’ve brought are nice, though. One of the main important aspects of the new update is the app tracking. The OS will ask you to agree or not if an app wants to track you outside of the app. The plan is that this feature will be enabled now. But according to Apple, it’ll be fully functional in summer. Because they’ve given the app developers time to adjust to it.

When it is fully functional, I’ll make a review about it.

Also, the Shortcuts app has been developed. The design is still the same, but they added newer things to it. This app offers excellent choices but you’ll need to get used to it.

These new shortcuts are about rotating the screen, and taking screenshots. You can also switch between SIM cards using it.

This new update also supports dual 5G SIM cards. iPhone 12 supports 5G.

And for sure upcoming iPhones will support it, too. Before, it only supported one 4G SIM card and another 5G SIM card.

The new update supports dual 5G SIM cards. And you can also activate both of them.

Also, you can make emergency phone calls using Siri. You can also contact emergency contacts added to the Health app using Siri.

In case you’re in an emergency, God forbids, you can ask Siri for help. They also added new emojis. And updated the News, Music and Podcast apps.

The update brings support to PS5 and Xbox S controllers. You can connect an Xbox controller by pressing on the pairing button until the LED flashes.

And from the bluetooth menu on iPhones and iPads you can pair the controller. The same thing applies to PS5 controller, where you can press the pairing button and the left button together.

Keep pressing until the LED flashes blue, and from the bluetooth menu on iPhone or iPad you can pair it. Make sure the game supports external controllers. And through the advanced settings of the game, you can check the controller map.

You can then adjust the buttons to benefit from the controller. There’s a lot of content coming for the AirTags. Stay tuned.

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