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21/03/2021 at 05:00 pm

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How was a teenager from the US able to steel Apple’s Twitter account?

And why did Samsung stop the Note series?

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I’ll start with a new feature that Instagram will implement. This feature will stop adults from messages teenagers on the platform. According to Instagram, the app can be used by those above 12 years old.

There’s something that needs explaining. If teenagers don’t follow adults, these adults won’t be able to send a direct message to them. This feature comes after lots of problems Instagram faced with some users who try to phish and message with teenagers.

With this feature, adults won’t be able to send direct messages to teenagers. Teenagers will receive notifications if an adult, who they don’t follow, has messaged them. Which is something great, and I wish all platforms to support this feature, since it solves two problems: Teenagers will be more protected on social media platforms.

The second is that there will be regulations for direct messaging on social media platforms.The problem is that users don’t show their real age when they register on social media platforms. Parents are the ones who are responsible for making social media accounts to their kids. If they do this, then they’ll show the real age of their kids, thus automatically protecting them while using these platforms.

Snapchat conducted a search about the app in the Middle east . What’s great is that the app is the pioneer in this area when it comes to views and followers and the amount of spendings that happen through the app.

What’s shocking is that 90% of the users in KSA for example are between 13 and 34 years old. 90% of this percentage depend on the app for their daily messages and calls.

It’s shocking that teenagers depend on Snapchat for chatting. It looks like archiving texts and messages isn’t important for them. This has pros and cons, though. The research shows the amount of popularity of the app in Middle east!

Huawei will start to collect royalties from companies that use their 5G patents in their devices. It’ll collect patents from Apple, Samsung and other companies as they use their 5G patents in their devices.

The same thing happens with companies such as Nokia and Ericsson as they collect royalties from other companies. Each device that uses their patents will have to pay 7.5 USD for Nokia and/or Ericsson.

Huawei decided to respond to the US pressure on them by collecting royalties from companies. Huawei will earn 2.5 USD for each device that uses these patents. Huawei is still competing, and they’re still gaining profits.

Hopefully, Huawei will be able to compete again, where they start to release new yearly devices. The competition has been obstructed. One of the devices that got hit the most by competition is the Note from Samsung.

Officially, Samsung won’t release a new Note in 2021 confirmed by the company’s CEO in meeting with shareholders. He said that there won’t be a new Note this year. Samsung usually release a new Note device in August in yearly basis.

The CEO confirmed that the series hasn’t been discontinued. Those who think that the series has been discontinued are wrong. It hasn’t been discontinued. The CEO confirmed that there won’t be a new Note device this year only, and that next year, they might release a new device. It is a good thing. The series will continue, It’s better than cancelling or discontinuing it.

For me, this way is better. It’s better to be late for a year and then bring a device with more and better technologies.

In this case, it won’t be discontinued, and it’ll come back again better in 2022. Don’t you think that this is a step done by Samsung to test the market since the S21 now supports a Stylus?

There were rumors that the Note series will be discontinued, and Samsung \to know the reaction of users and whether’s they’d wait for it or not. If they don’t wait for it, then they’ll discontinue it, and if they wait for it, then they’ll bring back next year.

This was said by Batman.

Actually, it is true and wrong at the same time. I see that the company wants users to adopt the S21 Ultra since it supports a Stylus now. But I don’t expect that this technology will be adopted well.

The CEO’s statement will convince users to adopt the S21 Ultra with the Stylus. It’ll also pave a way for the new Fold with Stylus support, since it’ll be released in the second half of this year.

This is Samsung’s roadmap for this year. Notice that in August, there won’t be a Note event, rather, they’ll an S21 FE event.

This series is part of the S21 family. It’s a bit confusing. It is strange, but it shows that this series has become popular.

I know lots of people who bought this S20 FE devices. Indeed. What Samsung has done with this series is great. If you notice, the A22 devices will support 5G.

Ok, let me explain my point. The price of the A32 almost is 293 USD. The A22 device will be cheaper than the A32.

Samsung could release devices that cost less than 293 USD with 5G support. The only devices in all markets that cost less than 290 USD and support 5G are from Motorola. Even Xiaomi didn’t do it.

This means that Samsung is focusing on 5G and wants to bring affordable devices that support it to users. This year, Samsung will focus on the A series more than premium devices.

What do you think of this analysis?

Let me know what you think Heros.

Let me now discuss the American teenager who was sentenced to prison by the court.

This teenager was behind the hack of popular Twitter accounts last year. He hacked Bill Gates, Apple and other popular figures’ accounts. He then published tweets asking followers to donate Bitcoins for charity.

He was able to collect 100K USD worth of bitcoin, but now I think it worths millions of dollars. He was sentenced to three years in prison as he confessed for the crime he did.

As I promised before, I’ll show you details on how he was able to hack these accounts. It was social engineering more than programming.

He was able to convince one of the technical staff that he works for Twitter’s IT department. He indeed was able to convince the employee and was authorized to access these popular accounts.

The process included some hacking, but the main point was social engineering. Through it, he was able to fool the employee.

Let me confirm that social engineering applies to communities that are more connected than any other communities. Because in our communities, we trust each other. But you should know that smartphones not to be trusted.

Anyone who messages me on my smartphone asking for something isn’t to be trusted. But when I see the person and speak to them, only then I trust them. If someone messaged me on one my social media accounts asking for things they’re not known to ask for, then I don’t trust them. I should make sure of their identity so that I won’t be a victim of social engineering.

As usual, Cavair announced a 1KG of pure gold that has a technology attached to it. The price of the gold is nearly 80 or 90K USD. But it comes with a device that costs 2000 USD, and the final price of the product becomes more than 160K USD.

The companies released 7 copies iPhones and 7 copies of S21 Ultra devices that come with 24 karat gold body. If you buy the device that’ll cost you around 133.297 USD, it’ll be shipped to you with a personal courier.

And because 24 karat gold is easily scrunchable, it’ll come with a cover, too. Imagine paying 133.297 USD for a device that’ll come with a plastic protection cover!

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🕷 Thank you Joker, yes, I remember that Cadillac once released a car that came with an iPad. You buy a car and they give you an iPad. Wow, thanks.

There’s a website for the company if you’re thinking of buying one of these devices. Imagine someone pays this amount of money for this device! God help us all.

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