🕷New iPad Pro trackers and a new color for iPhone 12❗ Summary of the 2021 Apple conference 🤪

22.04.2021 at 00:30 am


🕷 Apple announced a number of new devices. And it is clear that their event was mostly about their M1 CPU. And they announced a new iPhone 12 with a new color.

🕷 Since when Apple does that?

Apple’s event ended and they announced a number of new devices. And in this new news article, I’ll tell you a summary of the event.

First of, they announced two versions of the new iMac. One comes with the M1 CPU with 7 GPU cores., And another version comes with 8 GPU cores.Both versions come with the M1 CPU.

The new design is beautiful and looks like the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. And it comes with beautiful colors.

The cameras, mics and keyboard have all been developed. Also, the mouse and touchpad have also been developed. The new device comes with lots of enhancements.

They enhanced these features to help users with online meetings and content watching on these new iMacs. I’ll review the device when it s available. The pre-orders for this device will start in 30th of April.

And it’ll be officially available in mid-May. The 7core GPU version starts from 1497 usd. And the 8core GPU version starts from 1714 usd.

Let me now discuss the second device that is the iPad Pro. They recently announced a new iPad and now they announced a new one. But this one comes with the M1 CPU.

Apple has been using this CPU in most of their new devices. There are two versions of this iPad. There’s the 11\ » version and the 12.9\ » version. The main difference is that the bigger version comes with a Mini LED screen. Both come with the M1 CPU.

Pre-orders will start from 30th of April. And it’ll be available in stores starting from mid-May. The 11\ » WiFi version costs 870 usd.

The price increases with more features. The 12.9\ » WiFi version starts from 1197 usd. Both devices support 5G.

There’s a version that comes with 2TB of onboard storage. The USB-C now supports Thunderbolt 4. This means that it’ll support higher data transfer speeds and can be connected to external monitors. It’ll also be compatible with external accessories.

Apple also announced a new Apple TV 4K. It comes with the A12 CPU. It supports better colors and enhanced technologies.

You can adjust the colors of the external screen using an iPhone. Users can edit the colors and choose between them. The device will be available in 30th of April. It’ll cost 198 usd.

There’s another HD version that costs 163 usd. The Siri Remote Control will cost 67 usd. This remote will work with both versions.

Apple also announced AirTags, which we were very excited for. They’re a small circular devices that can be attached to keys and different devices and bags.

You can use it with any device or product to easily find it in case you lose it. These products will be able to connect a number of devices so that you can easily find them.

There’s also a community help feature from Apple community to find lost devices. I’ll tell you about full details in the full reviews.

Each device costs 43 usd, but a pack of 4 costs 116 usd. It’ll be available in 30th of April.

I’ll buy a number of these devices and test them. And I’ll give you the full details about them in the reviews.

This has been the summary of the Apple event. This is the end of this fast review.

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