🕷Master & Dynamic MW07 headphones Review❗ Alternative AirPods🤪

Review 146: 20.04.2021 at 00:00 am


🕷 Would you prefer a better headphones than AirPods and Samsung Buds?

This is the Master Dynamic MW07. Let me introduce it to you. In the past few years, many companies have been competing with Earphones. This headphone is from a company called Master Dynamic.

This company is known for making headphones and audio department. There are many features that come with this headphone. For example, the build quality is very high.

The case is made from stainless steel. The ear buds are semi circular and come with bronwn and black colors.

Every bud weighs 9g. The case weighs 67g. By the way, the earbuds are IPX4 water certified. Which means they resist rain and splashes. Every bud comes with 10mm driver called beryllium drivers.

These drivers will help the buds produce better sound. It also supports aptX. Usually transfering data using bluetooth is very limited, but this technology has its own algorithms to produce high quality sound. It also reduces its size to make it clearer.

Huge companies like Apple are trying to implement this technology. The earbuds support bluetooth 4.2 and the connectivity is up to 20m, I experimented it, and it worked just fine even after 12m away from the connected device. The buds come with buttons that will help you control the content and sound.

For example, the right bud has only one button, and it is for playing and pausing audio. And if you click it twice, it will skip to the next content. If you click it three times, it will take you back to the previous content. But if you click and hold, it will activate your smart assistant, whether Siri or Google Assistant.

The left bud has two buttons for lowering and increasing the sound. The battery inside lasts for 3.5h, and a full charge takes up to 1.5h. The case recharges the buds for 3 times or 14h.

The case has a USB-C port, and it charges in up to 40 minutes. The case has light sensors to show you the amount of charge left.

Green color means the battery is fully charged, yellow color means the battery is half charged, and red color means the battery is low.

Let’s start with the fit and relax. I’ve tried for 2 hours, and I haven’t felt pain in my ears, Unlike other headphones, where after half an hour, I feel pain in my ears.

The buds will work automatically right after you wear them, but if you remove the right bud, it will stop working.

We experimented the audio, and I heard details I couldn’t hear with other headphones.

The pass is also excellent. There is a significant difference between these buds and others available in the market.

The buds don’t come with a noise cancelling mic, and the performance is okay compared to other headphones. I noticed that it doesn’t support ambient sound, which enables you to hear your surroundings while wearing it.

It also doesn’t have a dedicated app, and pairing it is manually. It is a bit disappointing considering its price and competitors. The box contains a small bag for the case, eartips, USB-C cable and USB to USB-C adapter.

The price of the headphone is 290 usd. Other currencies are available on Amazon. It comes with different colors, like black and brown, marble, blue and other colors.


it is comfortable, and the audio experience is excellent. The design is cool, and the case is made from stainless steel.

The buttons are physical, which is great for people who don’t prefer touch input.

The mic is good, but I wished it had noise cancelling. Not having an app is disappointing, considering its price.

The battery performance is good, but I wished it was better.

The stainless steel is great, but it scratches easily. It is great for audiophiles. You can watching movies and listen to content using it. The performance is really cool.

Having a case means you won’t run out of battery and you can watch more content. You will hear all the details using this Master Dynamic headphone. I think it is really good for audiophiles. It is a good replacement for AirPods and Samsung buds as the audio is great, but not the mic.

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