🕷Let’s know more details about Google Home Hub together ❗❗😉

Review 162: 05.05.2021 at 05:30 pm


🕷 The small smart screen from Google. Let’s know more details about Google Home Hub together, Let’s also find out to add another perspective to your life with this screen.

In 2018, Google released Google Home Hub. It offers a lot of features like personal memories and weather. It is also a tool to control your smart home with devices that support this device.

The device looks like a tablet that is glued to a base. The base color is orange and it is made from fabric. The screen is 7 LCD. It support touch input and has Full Range Speakers. It also has light sensors that help reduce brightness and control color temperature, The device supports Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

The device supports Google Assistant and Chromecast. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android, and other assistants like Siri. You can create voice commands that will be very helpful for you. It also supports broadcasting to other devices. You can also play anything you’d like on the device itself.

You can also show your daily memories. I’ll discuss this later in this review. You can ask it about the weather or you can just interact with the screen with touch input. It will show you your schedule and weather if you customize it. With this device, you can control other devices like Philips Hue and 2nd gen Arlo cameras.

You can control these devices using Google Assistant. You can control it with voice commands or with touch input. It also has limitations. Google Home Hub supports Google Home app. You can set up the device from the app and it will let you control it from there. If you set up your voice, no one else can use the device except you.

You can also add other people to control the device. You can also enable guest mode. With the app, you can also control the screen of the Google Home Hub. You can choose what photos to appear on the screen.

The screen will dim when the light in the room is also dim. The screen doesn’t have a front facing camera. Meaning there won’t be reason to be afraid for your privacy.

The only thing you should be concerned about is the Mic.

The device supports many multimedia apps like Spotify and Google Play Music. By the way, the sound produced with the Spotify app was somehow good.

You can aslo broadcast photos to the device using the Google Photo and Photo Recall apps. It comes with multi colors like black, charcoal, red sand and green.

This Google Home Hub is a supporting device. It will not be an alternative. Arabic content is very limited in it, while the English content is huge. You can ask it to show and help you with recipes.

It can also search for Youtube. It is similar to the Google Assistant on your phone. It has a screen to you show you videos, photos and others. It is a cool addition to your smart home. It alo runs Android.

It is great if you have a smart home with devices that support Google Home. You will fully benefit from it. If you don’t have these devices, it is a great addition in your home too but as a watch with notifications and search engine.

Other than than, there won’t be any other reason to buy it. Google is still updating their Assistant app. They are also updating devices with software rather than hardware but still needs a device like this.

This is the end of this review guys, Peace be upon you all.

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